Monday, September 1, 2014

No letter... but a picture is worth a thousand words

Family Home Evening with the Subandino's (emeritus 70)
At an investigators house (above the sewer... very humble circumstances)
Do you have these in America? It's called a Tongsis (tongkat narsis... aka a selfie stick)
Trying to catch a taxi in the rain after P-day... every single week! Seriously if Janice's theory is right,
my husband will be soooooooo attractive from all this rain
Eating with the district
Teaching some little kids
Me and Sister Allred (she is going home soon)
Last picture with my old companion Sis. Allred
First picture with my new companion Sis. Olsen at Pasar Baru

In Medan holding the durian fruit
New project idea: Build one of these awesome side carts
The Medan district (the elder in the middle with a blue tie
and not folding his arms is my Ogden friend, Jamie Stokes, cousin)
We found this last night "one mission, one for all" cool eh?

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