Monday, June 30, 2014

Love you more than...

flying Dad's big kite at Porter Park in the springtime in KC! :) There are so many kite flyers here. Do we still even have Dad's old kite?

So this week was amazing! It was seriously a great week! Haha but it is so funny how my emails sound either happy or sad all depending on how my Monday morning went and this morning we got stuck in traffic with an annoying taxi-driver trying to drive us in circles to get more money so I am warning you in advance if I still seem tense. Haha but don't worry, I didn't even yell at the taxi driver, just told him off kindly :) Don't you love being a missionary!

Well we went to Medan last Tuesday! It was a good flight and the airport was so nice. We then got in a train to go to the city then got in a sidecar of a motorcycle to get to their house! I think the only transportation we DIDN'T use that day was a boat and a bike!

Wednesday I got to go on splits with Sister Zabriskie from St. George (not sure if they're related to the Ogden zabriskies) and a soon-to-be-sister-missionary Mei. We had a lot of fun! I loved getting to work with Sis Zabriskie and since I was with her a month or so ago, her language has gone leaps and bounds! Medan has a lot more Christian people but we didn't have time to get to all our appointments. We did get to try durian though! Haha seriously the weirdest fruit ever and it smells terrible. It is covered in huge spikes, then you chop it in half and have to take out the slimy pieces fruit with a big old pit in each one. It's like custardy tasting with a little bit of stink to it. Definately takes some getting used to. We went out with the mission couple too. Medan only has 4 elders, 2 sisters and a mission couple out on that entire island of Sumatera and they only see visitors like once every 3 months so it can seem pretty lonely.

Thursday Sister Believe packed us a lunch of fried rice and apples and cookies. She is so sweet to us and it was so good to see her again. Sis Believe goes home a month after Sis Allred, so this might be one of the last times to visit her! Oh wanna hear something funny? In the taxi on the way to the airport, guess what song came on? The end credits song from Anastasia! "Love is the song and I wanna keep goin, life is the river I wanna keep flowin" (actually I don't know the words at all haha) but Sister Allred and I were like "we know this!” Oh and our flight attendants put on a show for the kids since it was their last day of school. I think I want to be a flight attendant some day. Getting off the plane I was feeling SOOO congested and sneezy and ringing ears after the flight so I took a Benadryl then took a nap!

Friday: I got your letter with all the pictures! LOVED IT! The photo strips and the picture of Andrew & Dad wrestling were my favorites :) after District meeting I finally made a trip out to the doctor. Sis Manalu (the RM) went with Sis Allred to our appointment then Sis Suryani and Sis Manurung went with me to the doctor. HOLD IT! DO YOU REALIZE I met every single one of my companions this week? Except Sis Jibson but I saw her just a couple week ago! Whoa! The Jakarta district alone is made up of sisters that have alllll been my companions at some point! Haha sorry. Mission life is so weird and things like that are really exciting. I love that here, at least in our mission, the missionaries all know each other so it feels like a family. And after they go home you still see them all the time! It was fun to spend a little bit of time with Sis Suryani/Manurung as we tried to convert everyone in the health klinik :)

Saturday: we visited a member (which is sooooo rare in this ward since they all live a million miles away) and it took about 2 hours since the traffic right before fasting month is insane. The medicine I have makes me drowsy though and so we were a little out of it when we visited. Funny story! I was giving the closing prayer and I wanted to say protect this family from "worldly influences" which would be "dunia wi" but I said "dunia roh" instead which means "the spirit world" Haha so I said "please protect this family from the spirit world... sorry! the worldly influences". Darn medicine haha. Later we met with an investigator at her shop. She has a hard time focusing mainly because she just loves Americans. But one funny thing is that here people like to show off us missionaries as their bule friends by taking us to really bule places to eat and buying us food. So we got a free meal at Pizza Hut! (that is like a nice sit down restraunt here.)

Sunday was the official start of Rhamadan (idk how to spell that... the Muslim Fasting Month). It was a really "sepih" (quiet) day in Jakarta and even at church. No investigators, no new members. I taught the lesson and there were only 2 other class members besides Sister Allred and our Ward Mission Leader. Oh and the AP's flew to Bali to baptize some kids... I know right?! The nice thing of fasting month is that no one likes to be out and about during the day while they're fasting so traffic is so quick!
But we realized that we didn't meet very many investigators this week and we taught almost NO lessons. (I'm going to whine for a second so you know what a missionary's thoughts sound like) After feeling so busy this week how can we have almost no lessons? How is that possible? OK ok so maybe we were traveling for 3 of the days and maybe I was sick and yes the traffic was terrible but come on! Where are our investigators? How come no one came to church? Leli is not really progressing like we hoped. And Vita-- well we decided to not contact her for a week and wait for her to talk to us so she would realize what she was missing w/o the gospel and she didn't... until just this morning actually! Isti, our golden investigator who wants to be baptized decides to not answer any of our messages or calls. Even our new members are all out of town. But this week will of course be better than last. I am feeling healthier and we will have more time in our area. Sister Allred's only goal is to have faith. Whew, we can do it! I keep going back and forth with thoughts like "Don't worry, just have faith, it'll all work out!" and "Come on! What else do you want from us?! Just get baptized already!" Especially with Sister Allred's mission clock counting down, we are feeling some pressure to see some baptisms.

I love this gospel more than anything else and it breaks my heart to pass by so many people every day that don't get to feel this peace and joy from the gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to bring back every fruit and blessing of the gospel into this last dispensation and that the Book of Mormon is scripture that was preserved for our time. I know that this work will continue to progress even if we don't and that someday, everyone will acknowledge Christ as the Savior.

We are having Mission Leadership Counsel tomorrow and *drumroll please*  we are going to get our group facebook account! Haha bring it on!
Have fun at the cabin and don't break any noses ya?
PS did I ever mention that my old investigator from Jogja got baptized?! Atin! Remember her? She finally got baptized! Hooray!

Quotes of the week:
"Faithful people have high expectations" -Me ;)
"True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behaviors. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior." -President Boyd K. Packer

Give everyone my love for me! Take a ton of pictures and send them to me! Joshua stop being so huge. Samuel stop being so cool! Andrew too.

<3 Sister Sheff

Monday, June 23, 2014

Missionary Guide of what to Bring

Missionary's guide of what you need in Indonesia Jakarta Mission:
(I get asked a lot about what to bring
PS this is just from my opinion so don't get mad if you have heard otherwise)

Ok so someone asked me about getting medicine... I know that our mission president's wife as well as the mission doctor in Hong Kong are pretty good at getting you any kind of medicine you need. As far as allergy medicine though, maybe bring it? But the hospitals here aren't too bad and the mission will definately take care of you.

Things you DO NOT need to bring that you thought you really wanted:
Extra shower stuff... shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. You can find that all here. Most of the same brands too. Unless you're suuuuper brand picky, don't worry about it.
Hangers... DO NOT! seriously every house I have ever been in already has a ton and even at the MTC. It is a huge waste of space/weight. Bring a couple if you want but don't even worry about it.
2 year supply of makeup... Indonesia is more western(american) every day and so you can find a ton of regular makeup brands here... not like you will even want to wear makeup haha. (Oh and just a side note, your jewelry will start to go a weird rusty color so don't bring anything too fancy.)
Office supplies... Your new favorite store will be Gramedia! Haha don't worry they have everything you could imagine, journals too.
Umbrella... I didn't even use one since I was usually riding a bike anyways. Plus you can find it all here. You can get a rain poncho here too.

that you DO want to bring:
AN EXTRA CAMERA BATTERY! This is the single greatest thing I brought on the mission (thank you Dad!). Every single Pday mine is the last camera standing because everyone else's camera already died. Don't let it happen, buy an extra battery.
Black hair elastics... they don't have the same kind here. They've got all sorts of hair elastics but not those good ones w/o the metal. (but you can find bobby pins, hairbands etc.)
Laundry Bag especially for the MTC.
Tampons... sorry but I had to say it. Indonesians only use pads. Nuff said.
Pday clothes... like something you would wear to do laundry or go to some ruins or to hangout in that aren't your workout clothes. I only brought one pair of kapri pants and I wish I had a pair of jeans or something.
Unopened garments... every 3-6 months it is so nice to be able to wear a new pair of garments. Don't open them all right when you come but try to save some for later. They'll get pretty yellow out here.

Optional (things I'm glad I brought):
A bag weigher. This is a flying mission and it will save you the hassel if you can just know how much your suitcase weighs, before you get to the airport. But it is just a commodity and not too essential.

Random things:
Yes you will have a washing machine, no you will not have a dryer.
I don't even use bugspray any more (the mosquitos get tired of your blood ;) haha)
I wear Mesh and Carinessa. (if you know what I mean) But a lot of people like silky's and cotton/poly.
No matter what you wear, you will be hot. And after a year, wearing a sweater won't even phase you.

What I told one sister about clothes/fabrics:
"So I haven't been the best at experimenting with fabrics because what I have is what I brought... haha but I love this dress from Down East that is like cottony but stretchy. THe one thing I have realized is that I LOVE is fabrics/patterns that don't show stains/sweat as much. I have a pretty turquoise linen skirt but riding my bike made me have a sweaty butt (awkward I know) so I stopped wearing it. BRING CLOTHES THAT ARE YOU! I brought a lot of stuff thinking "wow I'm gonna be in the jungle, I need to bring heavy duty camping clothes" but especially with P-day clothes I wish I had some more of my old favorites that I left at home. We wash in a washing machine then hang dry but all of my clothes have lasted no problem. I like the skirts and things I bought from Sister Missionary Mall. I also like these layering shirts from DownEast that are basically belly shirts but so nice to add for sleeves or neckline w/o being too hot. I like dresses because they are easy. I like skirts with pockets because...well duh! I like simple cotton shirts with fancy embelishments because they look nice but are way comfy/not too hot. Thin but not see through was my motto for shirts and it has worked!"

Hope this helps a little! Good luck and see ya soon :)

Love you more than...

...Indonesians love giving away food. They LOVE giving away food. Haha lucky us because we have both run low on mission money and so the free food is a definate miracle! Funny story actually! The other day we had been feeling a little sick with a coldish/flu and went out to go proselyte but Sis Allred was fasting right? So we pass by one lady frying some bananas and start to talk to her and what does she do? Give us warm fried bananas of course! Then we go around the corner and see some men loading things in a truck and stop to talk to them. Turns out its a catering business and they invited us in to sample this vegetablely salad thing then after I ate some, we told them we actually had to leave... so they gave us 2 more bags of it to take home! Indonesians love to share and love to give. They are so sweet!

Anyways... how was Lake Powell?!?!?!

Highlights of the week:
Monday- we had a surprise lesson when an investigator of the elders made us an appointment on P-day haha. We'll take the lesson!
Tuesday- We were riding the bus out to an appointment and I fell asleep (like always) but when I woke up, my Kitab Mormon wasn't on my seat anymore so either someone stole it or I left it there... either way I hope it gets read!
Wednesday- we had a sleepover with Sister Jibson! She flew in to get her Kitas and needed someone to stay with her at Senopati so the three of us had a sleepover at the mission home :) AND I got to see my old MTC group!
Thursday- MY ONE YEAR IN INDONESIA MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to visit Vita and Heny (heny got sick and couldn't fly back to Kupang yet) and President gave us an awesome book about missionary work. We had an amazing day of lessons and contacting and ended the night by eating a celebratory meal at an Indonesian Restaraunt. Nasi Kuning, Es Campur, Rujak Buah and Es Krim. SOOOO delicious! Haha but I decided since I am an old hat an being Indonesian, I would eat a whole huge red cabe and then felt like I would puke the rest of the night :) but it was worth it and I didn't even get sick!
Friday- we got to see Lely and she is doing well. But Sis Suryani goes home so soon and it is starting to sink in!
Saturday- We were teaching an investigator and her friend shows up and turns out to be more interested in the church than our investigator! I also started a water fight that night and I totally beat Sis Allred :) You would be so proud mom!
Sunday- we had a great day! We got a referal from a newly baptized member and she accepted a date to be baptized as well!!! She is amazing! Pray for her! Her name is Isti (short for the word istimewa which means special!) And Busway was free because it was Jakarta's Birthday and we got cheesecake because it was E. Collett's birthday! We also had a member from Utah show up and her name is Liz. She is interning here for 3 months and is an RM! She and Sis Manalu are going to be the best fellowshippers ever!

Today we are going to go to a member's house from the english ward. It should be fun :)
I LOVE YOU ALLL! Sorry this was so short. President wants us to get off. But one last thing. I am going to Medan this week! That is every missionary's favorite area so we are STOKED! Also Sis Manalu is from there :)
OH! ONE last thing! You know how I sent that scripture a while back D&C 31:9? Well I was reading more "laden with sheaves" scriptures in Alma 26:5-7, D&C 33:9, D&C 75:5... you know what Sheffield actually means? Sheaves in the Field! And after reading Alma 26:5 I realized "sheaves" in the scriptures meant the harvest! Aka converts! COOL RIGHT?!
LOVE YOU LOTS! Be safe and be good!
<3 Sister Sheff

PSS next year I am definately going to lake powell... already called it!

Release Date

Dear Brother and Sister Sheffield,
Sister Sheffield’s release date is 26 November  2014.  We have an opportunity to see Sister Sheffield often since she is  serving in Jakarta.  She is a lovely young woman and we enjoy her enthusiastic personality.
Sister Lisk
Mission Secretary
Indonesia Jakarta Mission