Monday, September 15, 2014

Love you more than...

…Being in the Manado sun!

Me and Sister Jibson (my companion from the MTC)

Well we are writing you from the warnet in Manado! (and I apologize because that means no pictures ugh) I am in heaven up here with these sisters! Sister Narko and Sister Jibson have got to be some of the greatest sisters around! Well now that I think of it, all of our sisters are!

The Khoe sisters from Indonesia (but basically Seattle, haha)
We just finished splits in Surabaya (east java) last week and I was loving my time there with those sisters! Sister Ah Wong and Sister Manullang. 

While on exchanges with Sister Manullang
That was Tuesday afternoon until Friday morning and then we got up at 3:30 AM on Friday to catch our plane, went straight to the mission home to facebook then have a district meeting, when on splits with some sisters who were baptized in America and just visiting home before going back to college (Amanda and Carolyn), had English class then went to bed. Saturday was a full day of work (investigators, inactive members, member referral visits and facebook proselyting). Then Sunday we packed our suitcase before church, at church had Sister Lely's confirmation and ward conference, had a meeting with our WML (ward mission leader) then left straight for the airport. Our flight was delayed which means we got to Manado last night (Sunday) at about midnight. 

Bukit Kasih

Then we woke up early today to get up and go hike this amazing hill with a huge cross at the top. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO GET OUT OF THE CITY AND INTO THE SUN! You never see the sun in Jakarta with all the pollution and since you spend 70% of your day stuck in a bus in traffic haha. I have a major sunburn starting and it feels amazingggggg. BUT I am tired as can be and running on smiles and positive energy right now. I LOVE THE MISSION! I LOVE INDONESIA! I LOVE IT ALL! 
Me and Sister Allred at Bukit Kasih
at Bukit Kasih
On the spiritual note...
I am going through the point in the pride cycle where I need some humbling. Our statistics aren't doing so well and I know I can't blame that on being out of our area. Without going into specifics, I need to focus more on my prayers, journal, relationship with my companion and feasting on the word to hear the voice of the Spirit. 

Taking a break from hiking Bukit Kasih

So I guess I'm at the "mengakui" (acknowledge) stage of repentance. Oh how much I need my Savior! Speaking of which, I was reading this TERIFFIC talk by Elder Neal A Maxwell titled "O' Divine Redeemer".
"How dare some treat His ministry as if it were all beatitudes and no declaratives! How myopic it is to view His ministry as all crucifixion and no resurrection! How provincial to perceive it as all Calvary and no Palmyra! All rejection at a village called Capernaum and no acceptance in the City of Enoch! All relapse and regression in ancient Israel and no Bountiful with its ensuing decades of righteousness!...
He lives today, mercifully granting unto all nations as much light as they can bear and messengers of their own to teach them. (See Alma 29:8.) And who better than the Light of the World can decide the degree of divine disclosure—whether it is to be flashlights or floodlights?"
I had just been studying that chapter of the Kitab Mormon, Alma 29 and also was impressed by that same verse 8. "For behold, the Lord doth grant unto all nations, of their own nation and tongue, to teach his word, yea, in wisdom, all that he seeth fit that they should have; therefore we see that the Lord doth counsel in wisdom, according to that which is just and true." This country is receiving light exactly as the Lord plans. And look at how much it has increased in the last year alone! I hope that I can do my part. Today sister Jibson and I were talking about missionaries who go home as celebrities in the eyes of the members and investigators. Even though I hope that I make friendships that will last and will have made a difference, I hope also that my mission can be just a mission focused on others and serving the Lord. I don't need the recognition or reputation. What I need is to make some changes in my life and be worthy to bring the Light of the Gospel to whomever the Lord has prepared. How great is my calling! 
Ibu Lely is facing some trials as her friends start to question her decision to change churches and be baptized. "Anda tidak setia" they tell her. (you're not faithful) But I am ever impressed with the way she has stood on her own testimony and really has found answers to her own prayers and questions. She has a testimony and a change of heart! Even so we will need to stay close. 
I am so excited to hear the Ogden temple gets rededicated next weekend!!!! SO JEALOUS! 
Ahhhhh real world is hurtling towards me and I am not sure what I am even supposed to have you do for that. I still need to plan for my future yet I feel like it is going to just fall into place without me giving a second thought. Haha oh missions. Make your perspective so different than before. A 180 degree turn.
I got your letter this week mom and it was just fantastic! I don't know if I have ever mentioned though, whenever I get your letters the bottom is torn open. I think maybe from the mailing process and hopefully not from thieves but if you could tape all the edges of the letter and not just the seal, that would be better. You mentioned an itinerary? But it wasn't in the envelope :/ so if you could, I would love to still see it :)
I hope you have a faith filled, spiritually strengthening, miraculous, fantastic, positive week! And with lots of sunshine! LOTS of sunshine! (can you tell I've missed seeing the sun? haha)
Give everyone my love! SAMUEL! You HAVE to teach me how to play the guitar! and I love the batik tie :) JOSHUA! You look like such a stud muffin with those glasses and congrats on the elections and eagle scout!! ANDREW! what kind of batik shirt? Like really traditional? And what size are you all? JACOB! I love you! MOM! You're the greatest! DAD! You're my rockstar hero! :)
Saya doakan anda selalu,
Translated: I always pray for you

Sister Sheff

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