Monday, November 25, 2013

Love you more than...

...warm chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk! (thank you mom and Sis Allred's mom for sending dry mixes like this!)

Wow another week has passed already. Here we go again- weekly summary!
Sister Allred and I are making rice krispie treats
Last P-day I already talked about but after getting home that night Sis Believe and I had no appointment so we had a mini FHE and I decided to finally use up all those marshmallows you sent from a while back and I made rice krispie treats! No recipie so who knows if they were even legit, but they were SOOO good! One was a PB and the other (since we ran out of rice krispies) was mixed with Sis Allred's corn-flakes-ish cereal and cranberries. I bet no one cares about my cooking adventures but they are a big deal here since we have like no real appliances and western ingredients. So I always feel like letting you know when I make something from no recipe ;)
Tuesday: Kinda a random day. We found a "rumah makan manado" (Manado food restraunt) for Sis Believe and it was fun to see her light up at the menu! And two strangers payed for our food because Sis Believe was talking to them about Manado. That night we visited Pak with a new fellowshipper and Pak opened up sooo much. He started to tell about his son's death and was crying. But he seems to get more sure every time we visit that he doesn't want to change. Oh I am kinda losing hope but at the same time so hopeful that he will change his mind one day! That night after visiting a non-active member, I saw lightning bugs! YA! lightning bugs in the rice fields!
We found a Manado food restaurant for Sister Believe
Wednesday: a rough day. But played soccer in the rain with Sis Mannullang for the morning workout time. We caught another rat in the cage! And a member made this soup and was trying to explain it for us... it was corn chowder! Haha, something so simple but so delicious out here on a rainy night.
Playing out in the rain for our morning workout
Thursday: another rough day. But you know Sis Allred said that in the MTC a speaker said the best lesson you learn on your mission is how to do things when you don't want to. I think that is the secret to life! Love people when you don't want to, workout when you don't want to, say your prayers when you're dog tired, apologize when you don't want to, keep your mouth shut when you want to argue, wake up at 6:30 when you want to sleep forever, have patience/forgive/let it go when you don't want to. Sheffield’s do hard things! I think that's why one of my favorite scriptures is D&C 64:33 "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." Just do those little things. Don't get tired of it! Needless to say, our lesson with Pak was less than anticipated and he did not get along with the fellow-shipper we brought this time. Sis Hastu shared a cool analogy that reminded me of the Mutual theme from 2013: fish swim in the sea but don't taste salty... they are in the sea but not of it ya?
Friday: a much better day except the start of a new adventure. ALL the water in our house died! Just like last week! And we were calling EVERYONE to get someone to fix it but no one could. We visited an old pioneer of the church here in Jogja and turns out he had fallen that morning and it was pretty bad so we called the elders to come give him a blessing and it was the sweetest lesson. Bro Margono was crying and I was and Sis Believe and his daughter (I'm not sure about the elders but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt haha). I LOVE THE PRIESTHOOD! That night we got permission from President to shower at Sis Tjandra's house that night and man what an adventure!
Ist lesson you learn as a bike riding missionary - how to bring
10 pounds of groceries home on your handle bars
(PS things missionaries wish they could tell you "Please don't make us eat seconds. This actually is our third meal we've eaten in the past 5 hours. Yes it is delicious but that doesn't mean I want 2nds/3rds" haha)
Saturday: We had to wake up at 6 to go back to Sis Tjandra's and shower.... haha the grandma kept laughing at me working out in their kitchen and then she bought us breakfast. Donuts and gudeg (traditional javanese rice, cooked jackfruit, eggs, tofu). I love Indonesia! Another hightlight... I tried to watch the restoration video in ASL while waiting for an investigator... I didn't remember as much as I hoped but oooo I love it! Oh and Pak gave us an official answer. He will still continue to recieve us but (after explaining some war movie with ties to Exodus) he knows that he has no desire or need to change his life or habits or beliefs. What a heartache, and if he wasn't so awesome and if we didn't already make a goal to give him a baptismal commitment next week I would probably have been sad. BUT we still have that goal to achieve so bring on the powers of heaven! That night they fixed our water too though.
Sunday: I SPOKE IN CHURCH! They assigned me “Decisions for Eternity” by Russell M. Nelson from October 2013 General Conference. Hahaha wanna hear the funniest part? So I was really nervous because I had studied and planned pretty well in English but using only Indo was daunting. I guess I was more eager than I thought to get it over with because I started to speak then the 2nd counselor in the bishopric tapped me on the arm and said, “Koor?” (Choir). HAHAHA! I had almost skipped them in the program so after everyone laughed a ton and I started to joke about it I gave them consent to sing first ;) But then I was almost embarrassed to start again! Haha but the talk I think went pretty well. I focused on how we have been given the knowledge to know good from evil (Hel 14:30-31) and that we know what we should do in this church (3 Ne 27:21) so just do it! (Mom: That day in RS we were discussing from the may conf. liahona and mom just using your copy makes me feel all emotional inside. Just a lil part of you out here with me). We visited an inactive who told us that they are too old and have already done what they needed to in this life so now they just get on the train and ride to heaven (they are only 53) but they love having us come and love talking about the gospel. 
Cooking adventure--Yesterday night I used one of Sis Barnard’s taco spice packets and had bought some chicken the other day and then a member from Jakarta gave us real lettuce and I used some of my mayo/milk to make a “dressing” and pulled out an attempt at taco salad! It was delicious if I do say so myself! Then sis Allred made broiled chocolate chip cookies (the oven part of the oven doesn’t work so the broiler is the best we can do). The Indo’s were laughing at Sis Allred and I because when we talk to each other it is in like bahasa campur (mixed languages) but both the English and Indonesian are terrible so basically we are the only two who get it.
My attempt at taco salad. Made possible by Sister Barnard
(before she went back to Australia) and lettuce from a member
Today: we woke up to no water… AGAIN! Sheesh who knows… this house is WAY expensive but yet so broken down… The Sister Trainers are coming later tonight to do exchanges tomorrow which means that I will get to be comps with Sis Manalu again! I LOVE HER! Sis Donald (President’s wife) sent me ingredients and recipies to make a pumpkin pie and a pudding pie for thanksgiving so we’ll see how that goes! I wish you all the best thanksgiving ever. When you all say what your grateful for this thanksgiving, tell them that mine is “I am grateful for a family founded in the gospel that supports each other and makes it easy to do what is right (even thousands of miles away)”
The guy fixing our water at the house as we speak (hopefully)
 Tay's farewell sounds so good and you all look so beautiful/handsome. Jacob you look so sharp in the bowtie! I am so excited for her! Ahhh she is going to be a miracle worker out there! Man I love that our surburban is unbeatable! Keep on truckin Yuki! Haha ohhhh Werdna.... (weak and girly). I am going to figure out your question and I'll get back to you! 
 P.S. I have an announcement... I love my family! Period!
Sis Sheff

Remember when we thought those garlic toast flavored chips were weird...check this out!
My front door
View from my front door
(Meredith sent a picture like this from her apartment, so I had to send mine too.)

Monday, November 18, 2013

A week of little miracles

November 17,2013

I love you more than….our family's song! "Let it go... let it roll right off your shoulders, don't you know the hardest part is over?" P.S. that is a great missionary song!
SO we had a few miracles this week! LITTLE miracles (but these small hours, these little wonders... still remain... heehee)
Tuesday's miracles: I got my Christmas package sent to you guys! But ya... um... it should be there in maybe... February? I'm so sorry! I really did try! But I also got package from Grandma that day and 2 letters from you and a letter from the Hedricks! Another miracle is that even though the kitchen and my desk flooded from the rain, all my talks were fine after I dried them so nothing got ruined permanently!
Borobudur. This place looked like paradise. 
Wednesday: well this is a funny story. I'm about 2 bucket-pours into my shower and then all the water died! In the whole house! So the miracle is that the owner found the spot where the rats had been chewing the wires and fixed it without it taking all day! Next miracle- we have one inactive member that we have caught literally running away and hiding from us when he sees our bikes coming down the street BUT we ran into him on his way fishing. Even though we didn't get much time to talk to him, we got to talk to him! And the miracle is that he didn't run hahaha. Another miracle, we prepared a message for one investigator about the temple but she cancelled. Turns out we ran into a newish member who was considering getting her temple recommend and our message was just right for her! Another miracle- You know that Pecel Lele place I always talk about and eat probably 3x a week? After almost 5 months of me begging, they gave me a t-shirt! Haha one of their legit, from their closet, workers only, tshirts! That was an awesome miracle for me even though it sounds so dumb. 
My new favorite t-shirt. Brought to you by my
best friends at Sedyo Mulyo's Pecel Lele.

The last miracle of the day! We went to a part-members house and wanted to share a short message with the mom, and non-member 22 year old daughter. Well the daughter, Gina, started asking allll these questions about the church, some of them about the usual stuff (I was already baptized in the catholic church why do I need to be baptized again) but some of them about how she can get the temple to be sealed to her dad who has already passed away. The miracle is that she told us she feels comfortable asking us missionaries because she hasn't trusted the missionaries like she trusts us. WADUH! (translated: WOW!) Four months I've been trying to build a relationship with her that would allow her to feel open with us about religion and soften her heart to the church then BAM she said that she does feel comfortable with us! I think she felt the Holy Ghost too! So worth getting home late.

Thursday: Best miracle of that day was having one of our appointments go better than expected. When you expect someone to get slightly offended but then really love your message and get the promptings from the Holy Ghost, then that is a miracle! Also Elder James got in a bike wreck the night before, on the way home from our appointment with Gina, and had to get stiches on his forehead so maybe it is a miracle that we didn't fall too?

Friday: We had a trip to Semarang (about 4 hrs away) for a Zone Meeting. The miracles of that were from the lessons learned! I have been thinking about promptings from the spirit and that was the theme of the meeting! Also then our driver (we rented a car for the Jogja district) got lost on the way home but miraculously after 6 hours, we made it home! Haha it was a really fun day too and I love getting to hear from the other missionaries in the zone.

Saturday-Today: President came to Jogja with Sister Donald! That is a miracle because they are seriously angels. They are the coolest and so inspiring and so much fun and so amazing and just everything that is good in this world! They are SO powerful and SO full of the spirit! They bought us so much food this weekend I thought that I was in heaven. Krispie Kream donuts from Jakarta, cookies from Australia, Nanamia's Pizzeria, Raminten's (our 2 favorite restraunts in Jogja), McDonalds and more chocolate and paid for taxi's and Borobudur and everything in between!
President Donald, Sister Believe and I on one
of the many wonderful excursions with Pres. this weekend
Borobudur needed some LDS flair.
Sister Believe and I standing in front of Borobudur.
Largest Budist temple in the world, I think.
In Indonesian temples are referred to as candi, so this is Candi Borobudur.
Jojga, Jojga, Jojga (it's got to be President's favorite city)
Our district.

Another miracle- Saturday I was feeling flu-ish but after a quick nap at the church I was ready to go again and we were able to visit a non active family. 

Sunday at church Gina came to church with her mom and came to Gospel Principles with us missionaries! Miracleeee! Then another miracle is that when Pres/Sis Donald and Elder/Sister Lucherini came to inspect our house, they shared the best and most wonderful message from 1 Corinthians 1 (especially vs 10) that just brought the best spirit into our home. We needed a good boost and let me tell you, when president prayed calling upon the blessings from Heavenly Father as the President of the Indonesia Jakarta Mission, there was not a dry eye in the house. I love President Donald! 
A picture of Mt. Mirapi (which apparently erupted a little this morning
 and raining some ash near Solo - cool right?!)

That night after flooded kitchen problems again and chasing a rat out of the garage, I made homemade popcorn on a rainy day! And it was good too ;) I was so proud of myself for figuring that out since I don't think I've made popcorn on the stove since the Logan cabin when I was 4... Miracle! 
Today we were spoiled to death! President asked us if we wanted to go to Borobudur with him for P-day! Miracle! He never does that! But it was the best day ever!!!! We went to Borobudur and a silver factory, a chocolate factory and a basket factory! All the sisters rode together and Sis Donald is going to send me ingredients from Jakarta to make a pie for thanksgiving! Ohhhhh I could rave about them forever but we have an appointment later tonight. SO I have to go! 
I took this picture so mom would do a painting of it for me.
Read Alma 17. I loved the way they described their missions in vs 5. They sufferend much in both body and in mind... I think all missionaries do. But they were the best missionaries ever and those "scars" both spiritual and physical that they had and I will have, are what will make me a better servant and follower of Christ for the rest of eternity! Also read Moses 7. I read until vs 51 and was so touched, did you know Heavenly Father weeps when we don't love his other children? When we don't repent? Oh I love this gospel and I love these small hours, little wonders, small miracles that happen every day! Gotta goooooooo!
Jangan perna sedih karena saya mengasihi anda dan injil ini menyenangkan! (which translated: "Don't have sad because I love you and the gospel is fun!)
Be good and be safe! Praying for you always...

~ SIS Sheff

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fishers of men

Nov. 10, 2013

I love you more than…
rain! And man do I love the rain :)

So this week, our mission President let us move P-Day to Tuesday because it was a holiday, so even though we emailed on Monday, we spent the rest of the day working and then Tuesday went as a district to some beaches. It was really fun and pretty. We even contacted a few people about english class! That night we Bule's were thinking about all the "You know you've been in Indonesia for a while when..." things that we could think of. We love Indonesia! But it also is great to be somewhere that makes you appreciate all you had at home too.

Baron Beach

Wednesday: Get this... Pak (who is 60ish remember) said the most smart-alek thing ever. We have been trying every thing to get him to even see the church building within a 5 minute walk from his house. So when he said that he didn't have a DVD player, we said we could watch "Finding Faith in Christ" at the church because there was a DVD player there. Then he said, "Just like Christ told the disciples, 'blessed are those who see and believe but even more blessed are those who don't see and still believe' I don't need to see that movie at the church. I'll just believe you." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just get out of your house and go to the church already! Haha he is too smart for his own good. That day in english we played the "telephone" game and that was hilarious. Then that night... I taught a family how to use a toaster. And they are a really wealthy family too! But it was a great chance to work on the daughter who is still not a member and a little resistant to learning with the missionaries. That was a first though. FUNNY STORY! That daughter is doing a promotion for a skin whitener so she had me and sis believe try it too... I used skin whitener!!! Haha, well if that isn’t the epitome of hyperbole. Luckily it didn't do too much and we just tried it on our hands any ways.
Learning how to use a toaster

Thursday: I am learning how to live in a house with 4 girls. So different than home with all brothers, but so fun! I also am seeing some things in my growth that make me think of promises in my patriarchal blessing. It makes me excited to think of my potential on this earth.
Sister Believe and I at Baron Beach

Friday: 6-MONTH-A-VERSARY! I also sang happy bday for you Mom and prayed extra hard for your trip Dad. Here when it rains, people usually wait for it to stop so it makes a good chance to try and contact people. That night we had a forever long choir practice.
Saturday: Well it was another first for me. A strange man came up to the church steps, stole a Book of Mormon from Sister Believe's bike and started to read it while he rolled doobies on the church steps. Haha new investigator? I also was thinking about Mosiah 4: 17-18 (16-21) and realized that one sin I might not have thought of before is the "serves him right" sin. I should never with investigators, companions or anyone think "serves them right" or "I told them so" or things like that. Christ would've still shown them compassion at every second.

Sunday: Ward Conference! We had to be at the church at 7 to start playing the prelude. I was the pianist for sacrament meeting, played 2 of the choir songs and sang a solo in the other song at the same time I was the chorister for that song. My voice and piano playing has DEFINATELY improved since my mission and the song that I got to sing the solo with gave me and everyone else Goosebumps. It is a Sally DeFord song but Sis Peni translated it from "Make us One" to "Bersatu" and whoa! Made me want to cry when I hit these high notes then the whole choir came in singing "bersatu" or unity. Whew! Made all the practice worth it to feel that spirit from the ward. Then we were given a ton of food that day which is the best missionary blessing :)

The District at Baron Beach
Sweetest jumping picture ever, looks like a scene from the Survivor Show

I have a gospel question for you dad! We were talking about the celestial kingdom. Those who inherit the kingdom of God... do we all inherit the same kingdom? Or just a part of it? And how does that work with becoming creators of kingdoms?
And sister believe sudah mulai rencana  (translation: have started to plan) her trip to the church history sites haha
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I HOPE THAT YOU ARE DOING SO WELL! Sorry I don't have a ton of time to respond to your email but keep up the good times :)
Kasih kekal dan abadi! (Translation:The eternal and perennial)

<3 Sis Sheff

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week is my six month mark!

Nov 3 2013
I love you more than… 2 months early Christmas package! 
Hahahaha can you even believe it? I got that package in like 2 weeks... soooo now I have to just stare at it but we did eat one of the more melted packages of PB M&M's last night. (Editor's note; the last packageI sent took 2 1/2 months- so I wasn't taking any chances this time!)

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM! I wish I could do something for you but you boys need to give mom big sloppy jaloppy kisses for me ok? Remember the Indonesian birthday tradition? The birthday person gets flour, eggs and water dumped on them? Haha we'll do that when I get back :) I have come to realize and LOVE all of our families traditions and Indonesia traditions now too. I want to have a million traditions in my family when I get back. Speaking of which... this week is my 6 month mark! I only have 1 year left to serve the Lord as a full time sister missionary in the Indonesia Jakarta Mission!

Halloween sounds like it was fun! Ours was pretty average besides eating candy corn that you sent the other week and other candy. Also Sis. Allred dressed up as Sis. Believe and Sis. Manullang like me. It was pretty funny! Sis. Manullang had her hair braided and kept saying, "apa the heck!" and was writing quotes in a little notebook. They said I have too many quirks that it was too easy haha. After english class that night we were eating dinner and YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN IN INDONESIA FOR A LONG TIME WHEN... you watch a rat climb in and out of the place you are eating and it doesn't even phase your appetite. I think I talk about the rats every email haha. Then the power went out when we were about to teach a newer member so we were sitting outside in the dark learning/teaching with a flashlight and her ipad. That's kinda Halloweenish ya?

We had a "Sheffield Restaurant" clean out the fridge meal to brake the fast yesterday consisting of melted Peanut Butter M&M's, mango, made perkadel (fried mashed potato balls), juice from a fruit I don't know the name of, eggs and made cookie dough from a package Sis Allred had gotten a while back. Funny story! I went to put the pan in the oven and BOOM! fire explosion! I guess the fire in the gas oven had died but the gas had kept going and since there were potatoes boiling on the stove it made the gas catch on fire. Scared me and Sis. Manullang half to death! Singed a few hairs on my elbow too but nothing bad happened. Learned our lesson though since this was our first attempt to use the oven. But after that we just ate the cookie dough :) 

"See that little hill on the side of the town,
Go up and climb it and turn back around"
Song I love about missions named "A call to Hear" by Peter Brienholt

Also taught the sisters how to waltz last night. You know the song “A Call I Hear” by Peter Brienholt about his mission? He sings a line, "I remember days when we laughed so hard" and it made me want to have days like that on my mission too. You asked about laundry, we have a small washing machine in the house then just hang our clothes out to dry on drying frame things.
Jojga district at Zone Conference (PLD)
We had PLD last week and we have been much more motivated since. Elder Gong is such a sweet man. He complimented me on my prelude playing and said Ogden is a great place to be from. We also have a new mission goal- selalu minta referral! SMR (always ask for referrals!) Referrals -> baptisms -> wards -> stakes -> temples -> blessings for the people in Indonesia! He really focused on the Atonement. I feel like I am just understanding the Atonement! So simple, but why am I just wrapping my head around it now? According to my studying and understanding, it has 2 parts which everything falls under: victory over spiritual death and over physical death.
Here is Sis. Sheffield's doctrine of the Atonement! Victory over spiritual death comes from Christ's role as our Redeemer when he lived perfectly then suffered for us. It means we will be forgiven if we follow Him and are faithful. Only those who do repent and keep their covenants will be able to receive the full effects of this gift. The sacrament water is representative of that blood spilt for us. Victory of physical death came from the role of Christ as our Savior. He was crucified then resurrected and every single person will receive that gift of resurrection to be able to stand before God and be judged. The sacrament bread is representative of His body and that sacrifice.
It was so great to meet with Elder Gong and his wife (who spoke of her mission in Taiwan and how she overcame troubles with a tough companion. Great talk!) as well as President and Sister Donald. I love our President and wife. Who else has rubber band wars with their mission president? And he is so motivational! On the train and bus ride back home, we were ALL contacting people. Elder James was so impressed that as our District Leader, he bought us all dinner. Scooooore. And like always, sleeping in the hotel with a hot shower and big fluffy bed was way nice.
Caught in a rainstorm and basically felt like we had swam in our clothes
It has rained everyday this week and some of my books got wet from a leak in the ceiling but besides that I have loved it! Sometimes it makes the power go out in parts of the city too and it makes me just want to play in the rain! The other sisters keep teasing me that I act like a little kid when it rains. I guess Indonesians are used to it but it is like wonderland to me!

Congrats on the grades! Seriously Andrew is on the right track for BYU! Don't let little things get in the way of that bud! Joshua is sounding so grown up. I called it, he is going to change the most! Samuel and Jacob! I have been thinking about you guys every time it rains because I need my rain buddies! Or I guess for you guys it is now snow haha weird! Jacob I am SO grateful to you and that you fasted for me. It has helped me so much this week! Mom and dad, I was so touched that my name was on the prayer roll in the temple. The temple seems like such a distant thing, but Elder Gong kept talking about it and also said that I needed to know how many prayers are said every day in the temple for me. Dad, I am praying for you for your trip to Jordan! Last week you asked about the call to prayer here in Indo... you know I don't really hear it anymore! I hear it but it is biasa saja (just normal). I also have been listening to the songs from when you sang in priesthood session at the conference center and trying to pick out your voice :)
I HAVE A T.L. (compliment) FOR YOU ALL! Sis Allred said, "your family sounds so cool! All your stories and traditions."

I think that's about it for my week! Word on the street is that we are getting a curriculum for english class soon which should be different. And maybe the Jakarta sisters will start using Facebook in January or December.
I love you forever and always. Keep up the good times, look for missionary opportunities and make me proud! Laugh a lot for me and tell me all your funny stories.
<3 Sis Sheff