Monday, August 25, 2014

Filmed a couple of "music videos"

Love you more than...allllll the packages in the world. 

I just got yours today! I was glad to see the pasangan (the match) for my sandal... but Sister Donald loved the granola (I gave her a snitch) and she was wondering if you give away the recipe. (PS I sent a letter with Sister Allred so maybe you will see her soon and can ask for it. Hopefully she doesn't eat the candy first! Haha)
Monas (monument Nasional)

Lets seeeee... did I tell you our email time got cut? So I am even more stressed about what to write! I tried to take notes in my planner so I'll give you the highlights.

More Monas 

~Last p-day we played futsol and I got a good ol’ knee scab. I think my legs are always bruised and scabbed but I seriously LOVE playing futsol!

~Lely is doing well and getting ready for her baptism! She said the other day that she has been feeling a little bit (what is it in english......) like wavering? But then she also said that she can see how Satan is going to try and stop her from being baptized. AMEN! We made invitations for her to give to family and friends and passed some out in Relief Society. I think it helped reassure Lely that she can do this and it will all work out in the end. I know the LemPer (Relief Society) was so excited for her decision and already planned the musical number! 

~This week they had the final decision of whether or not Jokowi would become president later. AKA no one wanted to meet with us on those days. But we had some fun proselyting! 

1. We rode a bus as far as we could and then rode back. Just talked to people like usual haha.

2. We went to a sidewalk and Sister Olsen and I just sang hymns and passed out pamphlets/cards. Haha it was so fun! It was hilarious that some people would hear us singing then run up to take a card and yet others would start to grab one from us until they saw a picture of Christ then turn away. Either way, effective or not, I think we enjoyed a break from the norm.

~Vita... we had a terribly heartbreaking lesson with her. I don't know if she really has the desire to keep learning or get baptized. It is the worst feeling in the world to see people start to fall back when you have seen their potential. Maybe this is just not her time. But I love her tooo much! Ahh #missionaryproblems
Me and Vita

~FUNNY STORY! So on Friday night we got home like right at 9:30 and were trying to unlock our door when the key broke in the lock! Well no one is open that can fix it so we had to take a taxi over to Senopati (mission office) to sleep, but President and Sister weren't even home and we didn't have anything to spend the night... no toothbrush... no change of clothes... haha it was awkward and weird but nice to sleep in a good bed eh? Anyways the next morning we finally got someone to come over and fix it and they changed the lock in like 5 mintues... Too funny!

~We had a lot of people at church on Sunday (4) and two of them are Muslim. I love how much Heavenly Father blesses us. I don't know if I deserve all this but you know it has nothing to do with me. This is between Heavenly Father and our investigators. I am just lucky enough to help teach them more about the truth. :)
~For P-day today we filmed a couple "music videos" for our youtube page... look out for those later! :)

This next week we are heading up to Medan! We are going to try to get to all of the sisters in these next 3 months. I'm excited to see everyone again!

My spiritual message of the week :) Sister Olsen was sharing this idea with me the other day. Christ called fishermen. He needed people to cast in their bait and wait for those interested to come and listen. But all of the fish have been caught. Now He calls hunters! We have to find the people who are ready. Long gone are the days of easy fishing, now we must get to work and find the elect. Those who are searching for the truth. Not easy but so much more fun right? :)
Love you all! I hope that school went well the first week and that you are getting used to waking up to an alarm clock again ;)
Give everyone my love! ONWARD EVER ONWARD!!!
<3 Sister Sheffield

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