Thursday, September 11, 2014

better late than never

Love  you more than...
Sorry this email is late! What happened is that the internet shut down in the mission home while I was writing the email so it was not able to send or save and until now the internet at the mission home wont work! So don't worry, I'm alive and all is well! Haha :)
SOooooo hows it going? I love that you got to go to the homecoming and meet everyone! How was the missionary/family's get together? And how fun to take a quick trip up to Island Park aka heaven! :) I have been praying for you all soooo much this week. Not sure why but this week more than ever I just really have been thinking about us as a family. Even across the globe, I know we are still eternally tied! And Heavenly Father is definitely keeping an eye out for each of us.
Well the highlights of the week were going to Medan on splits, making a music video for fib and then an awesome lesson in Sunday school.
MEDAN! It is so fun to get to see into another missionary's world for a minute and see their work. I learn so much from these Sisters and their investigators! We also met some wayyyy cool people on the plane and even gave away an English book of Mormon! Sister Believe goes home soon so it was nice to catch up with her as well. I went on splits with Sister Wigand and she is SOOO cool! She was at BYU-H before the mish!
I also loved that we made that Come Unto Christ music video (I assumed you saw it haha mission moms and all) and it already has so many hits! Facebook is growing! It's getting better and I'm starting to like it more which brings me to the next highlight...
WE HAD THE BEST-COMBINED LESSON YESTERDAY! The AP's taught the whole ward about how to use social media to hasten the work and if you could felt the spirit in that room... I think every ward in the world should have a lesson about it. During that lesson we had all the members with their ipads and smart phones and they were liking our pages and sharing it with friends and the talk from Elder Bednar about Sweeping the earth as if a flood of goodness... SOOOO great! I really enjoyed it!
We are seeing some great things here in Jakarta! Our members are figuring out how to be better missionaries and we are learning to be better with our time online!
SIster Lely is still planning on being baptized next week but it will take a lot of prayers. PLEASE pray for her! I couldn't bare to see this not go through. She needs this and her family needs this. I think it's been a rough time for her since she decided to be baptized, but man, the blessings are just going to overflow when we can stick through to the end. :)
"The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulation of others." -Tryon Edwards
I think at this point of my mission, I have gathered a lot of information. Lots of things that I've figured out and yet I need to get DOING them. SO my goal for the last few weeks is to be a DISCIPLined DISCIPLe :) I feel like sometimes you get this testimony building experience and "level up" on one idea... maybe prayer for example but then after a while you have to learn and grow more with prayer. We are never done learning. Ya maybe we have already heard it all before but now we are hearing it again and need to be better about the DOING.
PS I just talked with Tasi, Auntie Amy's cousin, a few days ago! Smalll world :) But anyways she says that they will be in Jakarta on December 10-20 if we wanted to stay with them it would be best during that time.
I love you so much and it kills me that I can't send a ton but I hope you have a spritual "level-up" week. Pray for us here in Jakarta. Its a real transition period and its gonna take some strength :)
Haha I always want to end my emails like we end lessons... "ada tambahan lagi atau pertanyaan yang mau disampaikan? Kalau tidak ada..." 
LOVE YOU! Make me proud! :) Brush your teeth! Take luck! Give everyone a hug for me!
D&C 35:24

<3 Sister Emy-emy-emy-emy-emy-emy Sheff

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