Monday, October 28, 2013

"Sometimes hard work isn't measured by the drops of sweat that fall"

Oct 27, 2013
I love you more than...

...Kue pandan coklat! (Pandan-chocolate cake! If I could, I would ship a whole crate of it to you guys!)

This week I'm going to try emailing just as like a story and not day by day. Highlights of the week... 

Attending my first Muslim wedding

We went to a muslim wedding! It is the daughter of an inactive member, she looked soooo gorgeous. They go all out with makeup and costuming. It was way different the way they said so many prayers and had so many formalities but Sis. Allred and I couldn't take enough pictures haha. And of course everyone kept teasing how weddings make missionaries trunky (especially sisters). I'm just glad I got to see a wedding here because some people go home without ever attending one!
During proselyting this week, we tried contacting some cow owners, picked some berries with a long stick, and the typical way of contacting people- buying food! When we run out of places to go sometimes we just stop and buy a drink or juice or snack from a street cart and try contacting the customers/owner.
Proselyting to the neighbors
I am basically the ward pianist these days and it kinda stresses me. But I think I'm getting better at sightreading! Haha the other day I was accompanying the YW at Sekar's baptism (THE WINOTO'S YOUNGEST! Turned 8, got baptized and confirmed this week!) but anyway all of my music fell on the floor so I just like stopped playing and they stopped singing and I was like, well what can you do haha. They also had the primary program and it was so cute! It felt just like a program from our home ward.

We have a new elder in the district and Elder James couldn't be more proud of "his son". Elder Sadiyono was here for two days and they already have a baptismal date, a couple new investigators and tons of lessons. We went to McDonalds for ice cream the other day and it was just so funny, this group of missionaries praying over their ice cream and trying to not watch the TV's or hear the radio.

Pak is continuing to progress and agree with/accept the lessons. What is holding him back from the true church? Why doesn't he just come to church? Just once? We have been focusing on a family that is part member, part inactive and there is a lot of hope in their progress too.

Some of my "Only in Indonesia" moments of the week: One of the richest members of the ward inherited the Barnard's toaster and asked us to show her how to work it – only in Indonesia. There was a rat just sitting at my feet during this one lesson we had at a lady's shop – only in Indonesia. I have a cold sore that showed up last P-day but there isn't a word or even good explanation in Indonesian because no one ever gets them– only in Indonesia. Weaving through traffic on bikes just chatting with each other and realizing that it doesn't even phase you– only in Indonesia.

Last night Sis Manullang was watching The Other Side of Heaven so I joined in and it just made me cry. I think it is probably like Mothers on Mothers day: you feel so motivated but start to think of all your weaknesses and question why you can't be like them. (But I don't know, I'm not a mother haha) I want my mission to be like his in the movie! I want to go home absolutely changed. Sis Baantjer said to me, "sometimes hard work isn't measured by the drops of sweat that fall" and that has really made me think. THIS MISSION IS SO HARD! Seriously it is draining and every second a rollercoaster. But it helps me refocus on my purpose. This week we are meeting Elder Gong from the Asia Area Presidency in a special Zone Conference. He asked all missionaries to prepare a lesson on the Atonement. It has been such a blessing to just study the Atonement! This is what I know: Christ's suffering triumphed over spiritual death, and His resurrection over physical death. We get to have personal and physical contact with the emblems of that sacrifice every week with the Sacrament. We are here on earth to learn how to achieve celestial glory. The Atonement is for our mistakes but also for any sadness/suffering we feel. I am so grateful for the Savior and Redeemer.

I love you all! I am learning a lot! But that is what Heavenly Father knew I needed at this time in my life. Thank you for your love, prayers, support and example.

Utah’s getting snow? What is that? Haha this week it has started to cloud over and rain a few times which makes it feel like a sauna sometimes but it is not nearly as hot as last week. You planted bulbs. Did Andrew help you plant the tulip bulbs? PS I got 3 of your letters this week and they were wonderfulllllll! Mkasih banyak! I love the pictures, the banner and the letter from the Sheffield gathering!
How is life? Halloween this week! Your costumes are going to be awesome! Joshua should be Vector from Despicable Me!! Haha it'd match his pumpkin! But I forget, does he even wear orange? I love that your normal week is still so funny and busy. Sounds like there are lots of new friends in the neighborhood and ward. And from all over the world!  Speaking of all over the world... I am happy to have you come pick me up OR to come here next Christmas! It seems so far away that maybe it's hard to know what is better for you guys but either way I'm happy! (The whole family coming would be soooo cool. Way more expensive but I would get to play at the beaches too haha.)

Kasihmu selalu!

<3 Sis Sheff

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love you more than....

Oct 20, 2013

…you love me! HA! top that!

OK well for the week! It was a roller coaster what else? In the words of my mission president, "I know when you are on the serious side when you sign your name Sister Sheffield instead of Sister Sheff."

Monday- Klaten was good! We have been trying to teach a referral from there but the past 4 times we've tried she has had to leave so we are still patiently waiting for the chance to start sharing the gospel with her! All the members came and that really made the Winoto’s feel good. Traffic was bad coming home because of parades to start the Muslim holiday. Rough night but always better in the morning.

They're back! Sister Training leaders to do exchanges with us
Tuesday- It was the Sacrifice day for Muslims! I didn't watch them sacrifice the animals because the Sister Trainers came, but I watched a video later and it is pretty crazy! It made me understand the Old Testament waaaay better. But anyway, Sis Manalu and Sis Baantjer came to do exchanges! Oooo it was so good to see them. Felt so carefree with them! ALSO they brought my 2 packages from you! THANK YOU x 1,000,000! I loved the Halloween stuff and the talks and the snacks! I am rationing them so they will last longer :) They brought so much life to us and I went on exchanges for the day with Sis Baanjter. So good to just talk to her and teach with her. That night we ate at a member's house. Cool because all the sacrificed meat is given to basically the entire country of Indonesia so I ate sacrificed goat and cow! Ha-ha that's a first!
Last picture with the Barnards and Elder Kusumarmanto
Wednesday- A lot of cancels and then having to teach English alone now that the Barnards are leaving. We got lost on the way to an appointment and spent 1.5 hours riding around haha. But luckily it was the evening so not too hot.

Thursday- The sister trainers headed back to Jakarta :( we had a morning appointment then weekly planned. We have been better at learning about each other and how to work together! We taught about the priesthood with Hastu that night.

Friday- IT WAS 40 DEGREES CELSIUS so about 104 DEGREES FARENHEIT! Add onto that the humidity and riding around on our bikes forever and fasting and I honestly thought I was going to die. We made plan A-E and maybe it was a blessing they all failed until we headed back to the church to study in the air conditioning.

Saturday- Stake conference so we all piled in a tour bus with the ward and drove to Solo! I wish I understood more of what they said. I feel so fluent until we get to big meetings like this. It was a good time though and I learned a lot. We got home so late though and so tired!
Bus ride home from Solo
Sunday- stake conference was broadcast for the whole Asia area and again I wish I understood more. They had translated it into Indonesia but Elder Hales and Holland spoke and then Primary Pres. Stevens too. But that night we visited a member and I tried fried shrimp and shrimp with green beans... aren't you proud? Still hate shellfish but I did it. Also it was so funny! It was the birthday of a member so after church they went outside and hosed him down in his church clothes! What a Sheffield move! I love Indonesian traditions :)

I loved the talk you sent, “The Very Root of Christian Doctrine” and I can’t stop thinking about it. Read it again when you get the chance. SO GOOD! I have to go so I will talk to you next time! Sister Manullang says hi. Give everyone my love. I am always praying for you!

TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYlor got her mission call?! I have been praying for her all week.... She is too inspiring to not change the whole mission out there. Leaving December 4th! That means she will get back just before she turns 21. OOOO she is making ME wait for HER now! Haha that little scamp!
You'd be so proud, I didn't even get trunky reading all the fun things you're doing for fall break! (well only a tiny bit). So funny because we are planning on playing tennis today and I am stoked! Fun UEA stuff! ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Knew it was coming! Still freaked out... but I was going to ask about that. Hahahahahaha! I expect him to write me a letter now! Samuel's field trip looked so beautiful! I heard that the U.S. government is really on edge right now, which is so weird to hear about but have no part in it at this time. I have gained such a testimony that the Promised Land talked about in the Book of Mormon is America. I know that. I know! So it is weird to hear about all those type of things. What is important to me is that the church can still grow and function. As long as that is fine, let the world try to do what it wants... but we will be the winners in the end!
DAD! I had this flashback the other day. Remember when we used to try switching parts in Sacrament, you would sing soprano and I'd sing bass? I still laugh thinking about it! hahaHA!
I also wanted to ask you guys... are you still thinking about coming to pick me up next fall? I know it is still far... but I really think you should :)

PS haven't taught Pak this week. but we'll see.
<3 forever! Sister Sheff

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I love you more than....

Oct 13, 2013
Creme Brûlée (proof that it exists in Indonesia)

...creme brûlée! (which I HAD this week! Ya! I know! I'll get to that later)
Monday: we found out Elder Kusumarmanto is transferring. It always feels like a member of the family is moving when transfers come! Sis Believe and I had a chance to strengthen our companionship and we have been much better at being one after that.

Tuesday: We went to visit a member family and talk about member missionary work. It was cool because their son just got back from his mission in Indonesia and both of the parents served so we taught for like 10 minutes and just listened to them give us good advice and their testimony of their missions for the rest of the visit. They both talked about companions and how you should only see the good in your companion and forget what ever else anyone has said or whatever else you are tempted to think negatively. I also liked that they talked about your mission as just another test you are going to pass, not full of trials but lessons to be learned. It was funny because we were riding home on the bus and Sister Believe tried to write her testimony in a Book Of Mormon and leave it on the bus for a person to find. She grabbed my arm and we almost started to run off the bus and from the bus stop but the worker ran after us!! "Mbak! Mbak! Buku anda!" (Miss! Miss! Your book!) haha so that failed but we laughed pretty hard. We're going try again today

Wednesday: The Elders prank called as an old investigator from the previous Sister Missionaries when we were planning our day and it was too funny! We were going through the area book and trying to find the address on a map... the whole shebang. I also got a letter from Mom and from Sister Jibson! I am always so humbled to get mail, to think that you guys even take time to write me! Sheesh I'm so blessed.

Well we went to my favorite investigator, Pak! He has not had coffee or a cigarette for 2 days! He told us that he believes the Book of Mormon is true and that all we teach him is true. BUT doesn't want to come to church or be baptized because he already was baptized in a different church and feels like it was legit. AH! Someday soon! Then we had some bike troubles (what's new?) on our way to an English class but it made me think that soon the Barnard's will go home and who will help us with all our bike problems, hospital visits, far away investigators? Mission couples are the glue here! Anyway we had another experience with one of our new members. She is the only member in her family and they told her to quit going to church. That happens WAY TOO often here and it always breaks my heart. It really is a test of my faith and theirs as they decide what is most important and I have to trust that Heavenly Father has a greater plan in store than what we can see.
The sister's at Nanamia's restaurant
Thursday: So it was Sister Manullang's birthday and we went to Nanamia's Pizzeria (this might be my last time there since the Barnard's go home soon!) Well they had a new menu so I HAD to try the creme brule and it made me a tad trunky... mom it was SO good! It was so much like yours! Even had the vanilla bean at the bottom! But this one used egg whites, so just a little different texture but sooo good! We also had a cake for her and I learned that in Indonesia it is tradition to give the first slice to the person you respect the most and is a great honor. Ha ha I usually say if it's your birthday you eat first but that must be my American side :)

Friday: After UCP and district meeting, it started to rain! First time in a while too! Nothing makes me more excited to work :) Even though we had cancelled appointments and a presumably "golden" investigator turn out to be maybe not so interested in the church and all those things, Heavenly Father sent the rain and friendly people and smiles to me. It reminds me of that conference talk from the Relief Society (R.S.) session by Pres. Monson about that lady who just wanted a loaf of homemade bread and an almost stranger brought one "on a whim". That is how Heavenly Father comforts me out here is through almost strangers who maybe don't even know they are helping me.

Saturday: Speaking of conference... it is like the superbowl for missionaries! The biggest event! We had an early morning appointment before then went the church. They watched in Indonesian upstairs and the 5 of us bule's watched in a room downstairs on a computer. Kind’a like two different worlds but I'm so glad we got to watch in english! Makes it so much easier to recieve inspiration! And how do I even begin to summarize my favorite parts? I really like Elder Edward Dube's talk about work. "It is not where you serve, but how" seems so applicable to my mission. I also really liked Uchtdorf's talk with dad's favorite quote "doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith." Then the afternoon session, I liked so many... hard to pick! I liked Elder Timothy J Dyches story about that woman who prayed "Jesus, I cannot forgive him. Give me your forgiveness" which is when she recieved that ability. Then he said, "it is not on our own goodness, forgiveness or even repentance that we are healed. It is on Him. In His own time. In His own way. In His own will." Then from the R.S. Session I tried to find mom and grandma Anderson in the audience, but no luck. I really liked that they all focused on covenants. Since I can't go to the temple right now, I want to focus on the Sacrament. I also loved what Sis Linda S. Reeves said about the Provo Tabernacle being gutted by a fire in what seemed like a tragedy until 10 months later it was announced as a future temple. We also sometimes might feel burned down to the ground but it is just so we can be prepared to house the Spirit of the Lord and be worthy of His commitments. And of course liked Pres. Thomas S. Monson's quote about prayer and love. "God's love is there for you when you are happy and sad. Whether or not you are worthy. It is simply always there." Have confidence in your prayers! PS I saw 7 friends in that MTC choir!!! After conference we went back out into the "real world". We had a few appointments fall through after that but I got a letter from some members in Jakarta and from Hailey Daniels. Again, Heavenly Father sends people to show me love, just when I need it!

Sunday: I liked Eyring's talk, about the women who had a grandson in prison and asking God “why”. And then she immediately heard "I gave him to you because I knew you could and would love him no matter what." We can't force people to choose happiness. I also really liked Elder Scott's perspective of the fathers of the Army of Helaman. I really like that he said keeping their commitments with God, did more to protect their families than anything they could have done on the battlefield. I liked what Elder Terence M. Vinson said about learning to rely on Heavenly Father instead of expecting him to remove our trials, "I have used all my strength!" "No you haven't. You haven't had my help yet." I loved it all! So sad that it is over. I just want the spirit to be as strong as that all the time! But we went to a member's house after conference ended and I played the scripture story grab-bag game with them. Also, have I already said that I am going to learn the guitar when I get back? I am! There is nothing cooler than singing hymns to a guitar.
The most INDONESIAN picture I've ever taken
This is next to the Barnard's house.
So overall this week was just another great rollercoaster here in Jogja! Today we are headed to Klaten for the birthday of the Winoto's daughter (who is turning 8!) and to teach a hopeful new investigator!

To answer your email... I HAD NO CLUE TAY WANTED TO SERVE BUT SHE JUST EMAILED ME! I have been thinking about her so much this week too!
 I can't believe you finally bought a boat! It is like the most cliche thing that the family buys a boat when their oldest is on a mission (Jackson too eh? haha) But I'm excited for the memories later.
There are no seasons here. That just dawned on me this week. I keep forgetting that holidays happen or that weather changes or the trees. Maybe that's why I'm terrible at writing because it doesn't feel like time passes... it is all just one big day! Same activities, same weather, same food, same clothes haha
I would LOVE to be forwarded other missionaries emails! I don't get them and it is so hard to take time to write each other... but I don't really have time to read them all online... but I still want to know what is going on in their missions!
I love you all and I kept thinking about you during conference (like the family choir or talks about families). You know it is really cool that we can still keep in touch and it is fun to think of the memories we will make when we get back home. There is nothing wrong with that! It is great to plan! But I also think it is so cool that we can be having experiences, fun times, hard times and learn away from each other. I think it is motivating to be apart and yet to strive to make our time together someday even better... someday in heaven too!
Keep achieving big things and keep having good times! Saya bersyukur bahwa saya anggota di keluarga ini dan saya bersyukur saya memiliki pengetauhan mengenai kehidupan/keluarga kekal.
Hark all ye nations hear heaven's voice!
<3 Sis Sheffie

Monday, October 7, 2013

Spiritual highlight of my mission so far

Kawit's baptism last week
Halllooooo!!! OOO we are so jealous that you've already seen conference! It is this weird feeling like, "right now, the prophet is speaking" and we are itching with anticipation! It is like the world already knows, the words are already out in the open but it is just us that haven't heard them yet. But we are watching it this Saturday and Sunday at the ward. I think the Barnards will help us watch an english version too. Hooray! I FINALLY got my english copy of conference from spring so I am going to read the entire thing before Saturday, wish me luck! I am so much more excited for conference as a missionary. Like SO much more excited!
I'm great! I have no clue about those pictures I had trouble with last week. I saved the card with the virus because Elder Barnard said maybe I could recover something from it but I would so much rather try to figure that out in english later instead of here and now in Indonesian. I might buy another flash disk soon, but you can get all that stuff here. I like what you said about compensating for pictures... (that maybe there is a reason, just like getting lost sometimes.) I wonder what Heavenly Father has in store for compensation ya?

This week:
Monday- we walked to the church for our crepe day which was beyond delicious! I even made a mushroom white sauce for the savory people and there was ice cream, nutella, strawberries.... ooo! Then we got our bikes fixed and new helmets (amazing how good that feels). I got 2 of your letters too! 

Crepe day! I'm a chef in the mission field

Tuesday we had an interesting day with a lot of cancelled appointments. 

Wednesday: It was sister Believe's bday! We had some more cancelled appointments, but had our usual english class at CPT's club and also taught Pak! Then we tried to proselyte a bit and went to the restaurant "Raminten's" for Sister Believe's birthday dinner!

TO BE CONTINUED! I have to go translate for the Barnards real quick.
I'm back... So Wednesday we squished 8 chairs around a 4 seater table and brought a cake for Sis. Believe's 21st birthday! Everyone thinks she is like 15 and I am like 25 so it is funny to tell them she had her 21st birthday.
Sister Believe's birthday
Thursday we had an early morning trip to buy cold medicine for Sis Allred then started WPS (weekly planning session). It is the most disliked part of the mission, I think for every missionary. It is long and you have to learn to communicate and have to figure out what Heavenly Father wants you to do and whew! You know it is kinda cool though that Sis Believe and I are the most unified when we are teaching. It makes the planning and cancelled appointments feel like no big deal. English class was crazy because all these little kids showed up with no parents and that is not allowed but I taught them Do As I'm Doing and The Eensie Weensie Spider, so if nothing else, at least I was entertained :) OH! I also started your Family Home Evening scripture story grab bag! I just started collecting things so it is still really lame but what are some suggestions of things to put in there? It is hard to buy toys and things if I only want one...
The mission zone
The "real" zone
Friday: After UCP, we went to the train station and headed to Solo for a mini PLD (Zone COnference). Elder Gong from the Asia area presidency will be here on the 30th so we met with president and the zone now so we could do interviews and all the regular PLD things before Elder Gong's visit. I LOVE zone conference. 
Me and my companion Sister Believe on the train to zone conference

Train ride back from Zone Conference
(the train is my 2 favorite colors: coral and turquoise)

President is the most motivating person ever and after interviewing with him you just want to get out and help the work! I also love his wife so much. She made us all banana bread and was talking about the fun ideas she has for PLD with Elder Gong. P.S. I ate a cracker that tasted literally like fish food. I think it is what they use to make them. Disgusting. Then we headed to our hotel (another reason I think we should have PLD every week). It is brand new and so nice that we kinda just stayed in reading scriptures and listening to hymns and sharing thoughts with the other 2 sisters. But when we went to get Sate for dinner, I rode in a Becak for the first time! It is one of those carts with a guy who bicycle pedals behind it. I just feel awkward and like guilty the whole time, regretting all the junk food I've eaten and thinking about how lazy I am compared to him... haha not my favorite mode of transportation. Like riding in the cart at trek. Funny story! We were listening to the song "Rock-a-my soul in the bosom of Abraham..." by Mormon Tab Choir and Sister Manullang thought they said "Makan Bakso in the bosom of Abraham" translation= "eating meatball soup in the bosom of Abraham"
Saturday: So basically President caught the building on spiritual fire and made us all so eager to get to work building up a kingdom in Indonesia. It was the spiritual highlight of my mission so far. "Jesus Christ is the reason, faith is the power and obedience is the price. Believe in this work!" And then the hymn how firm a foundation. And then we had a testimony meeting which was just awesome. The train ride home was nice and air conditioned and I got that letter from Gma/Gpa Sheffield so the whole day was great.
Fast Sunday: Kawit was confirmed and then we taught a referral from Klaten who said she had harships in her life so she came to church to pray. Very touching. P.S. there are some members who said they are going to talk to the stake president to change the rules and let missionaries ride motorcylces… haha not gonna happen buddy. Then we taught Pak with a member and it makes me so anxious for the day when he opens up his eyes and realizes that this is the ONE and ONLY true church and that he WANTS this! Then that night I finished fasting with some of Sister Allred’s vacuum-packed muddy buddies. Lucu ya? :)
Today we helped the Barnards sell their car in prep for them going home to Australia in a few weeks. Then the district treated ourselves to a lunch at mcdonalds and went shopping at Malioboro. All three of our appointments for tonight cancelled... weird because that NEVER happens hahaha. So not sure but we will make the best of it!
McDonald's for lunch today
I have been so inspired by our mission pres. "There is gold in the area book. The previous missionaries may have sifted through and taken out the big chunks of gold but we can't think the rest is just piles of dirt. Keep sifting. Use every tool in your bag." Every chapter of Preach My Gospel, every piece of technology that will soon be given to missionaries, every member, every record in the area book. 
Thanks dad for the scriptures. I always love studying them throughout the week! To answer your questions: How is your spiritual growth? This is another stage of growth for me. A time for me to focus back on myself and fix what I can. I am growing so much everyday but it makes me realize that there is still so much left to learn.  What have you learned from the Indonesian people? Inventiveness, how to make things work from nothing. How to get by with nothing or how to forget about things that don't really matter. Their culture? Everyone is a beloved person. Help that old lady to her seat, give that homeless man some water. Also, smile at everyone Your companions? We all have our different perspectives and missions are a time to learn how to be a good spouse later. A time to learn how to sacrifice some things and just let them have their way sometimes. God loves your neighbor just as much as he loves you.
Ha HA Ha HA, These are instructions of how to use a toilet in the
nice restaurant Raminten's... I about died laughing
Well that's it for my week! I can't wait to hear from you and from the prophets this week! Both should be 4 stars... 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! 
So glad everyone is doing well! So Grandpa Sheffield is feeling a little better? Cousin Nate at BYU :) too fun. Random but how are the Parry's? Jill/Jason? Also how is Jenisy's baby? I was just thinking about them today, do you have a picture of the baby? I just got the back-to-school letter from Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield and it makes me feel so important and special to know that another one is coming now that it's conference season. CAN'T WAIT FOR CONFERENCE! 
Haha so funny about joshua and i'm impressed with samuel's new skill. So funny about your "wardrobe malfunction" mom, you have a funny story to tell, haha.
Selalu dan selamanya,
Sis Sheff
3 Nefi 13:33 "Tetapi carilah kamu lebih dahulu kerajaan Allah dan kebenaran-Nya, dan segala sesuatu ini akan ditambahkan kepadamu."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I love you more than "roti bakar"

September 29, 2013
OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOSHHHHH! I was about to send my email and the whole thing just deleted! I tried to hit shift + A but I hit ctrl + A and it is ALLLL GONE! OH MY GOODNESS! I was completely finished with it! 50 minutes worth of email time! WHY DOES STUFF LIKE THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?!?!?!

Well there goes allllllll of my email and explanation for the week. SO I am going to have to make this really short and just summarize.
Kawit was baptized by his son (and newish member) Bro Winoto. It was really special to see it. Also in church Hastu was confirmed. But with all these baptisms, we have to start finding new investigators. We had an investigator from the hospital pass away this week and it was sad but not really because I know she is learning with even better teachers now in heaven. But it seems like appointments are cancelling left and right and our bikes keep breaking and things keep happening. Mission life, but we are emotionally and spiritually, doing much better this week.

Thank you for your prayers and fasting. I feel like I am just learning to cope better this week until I hear about the prayers and fasts in my behalf then I realize it has nothing to do with my ability to cope at all. It is the faith of others.

Missions focus on basic doctrine and layer up your testimony. President called an impromptu Zone conf. this week in Solo (P.S. Sis. Jibs got transferred to Medan last week so I wont see her again... sad ya?) and asked us to bear our testimony. He said a testimony is something you know and how you know it. I have been thinking so much about that this week. There has never been a point in my life when I didn't know this church was true. But here I am learning WHY it is true for me and HOW I know it/apply it. Like with the story of Peter walking on water which has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, but now I am just starting to be able to put myself in that situation and see that Christ will always be there to help us, but we have to have believe. We have to have faith to call to Him. Or with prayer, I was studying about the word Amen which means firm/true. Christ was referred to as the Great Amen (Rev 3:14) cool ya?

After losing every picture from August, I realized that maybe more important than pictures, are the lessons I am learning. What I write in my journal. What I teach, who I serve, and what I learn to help my future family too. (thanks for the thought about manna Dad. I am really going to work on that!) But we had some funny times this week when Elder James flipped over his handlebars again, when 2 people gave back pass-along cards when they heard "mormon" and when we had bike problems 4 days in a row so we have been stranded and walked up and down Jogja and had to double up on bikes.
Dad: you are my hero to have the job you do. What a spirtiual talent to be able to serve others in a field where life is fragile and sad things happen often.

Mom: I love that you met Pres. Utchdorf and Sister Dalton! And God uses us to bless other people, even the former YW general president!
Andrew: On the ACT, all the questions are only worth 1 point so do all the easy ones first and just mark the hard ones C. If you have time, go back to the hard ones.
Joshua: You get an officer jacket at Mt Ogden? Too cool!
Sam and Jacob: sheesh I feel like that is my life too! Congrats on the wolf though! Keep up the soccer and score a goal for me!
So sad to hear about Grandpa Sheffield. He and grandma have too much service left in them to get sick! I will be praying extra hard for him (them) this week.
Give everyone my love! Sorry that my luck has shortened my email this week!
<3 Sis Sheff
PS I thought about some more Christmas ideas so even though this is late remember this for when Andrew serves or something. Photo calendar, dry mixes of favorite cakes/cookies and pretzels/nutella. Just not gum :)
P.P.S thanks for the pictures!

We visited the Gembira Loka Zoo last week and here are some pictures
Sister Believe is terrified of snakes so she just held my arm haha

Don't worry, I still followed my mission rules and didn't really kiss it
Elder James with the snake (his mom will love this)

E is for elephant

and E is for Elders too

The sisters at Gembira Loka Zoo
Elder James - forward this to his mom
This is the biggest spider I have ever seen! It should have a cage of its own