Thursday, September 11, 2014

A baptism and Koto Tua

I love you more than...CAMPING!
I've gotten to be such a city slicker these days, I need some good camping! And I'm telling you right now so you can hold me accountable: I will not die before I get to be a river rafting guide! Ok sorry, that was random. Sister Sheff's random brain...
Cleaning the Baptismal Font
One more random thing... Wanna hear some of my personal theories? I decided Indonesia is where the tower of Babel used to be. Like for reals. The oldest city in the world on record is apparently in Java. There are over 500 languages STILL spoken and yet no one can figure out the root of Indonesian. It's got a mix of Malaysian, Dutch, English, Arabic, Fijian, Javanese, Tagalog, Portugese... you name it! SO that's my theory... It makes so much sense right?

Bro Hanking, the younger brother of Sister Lely, me and Sister Olsen
But we had a great week OBVIOUSLY! IBU LELY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!! I still feel like Lely's baptism was a dream. Did that really happen? It was such a delightful day. The whole chapel was just glowing. And to see her little brother (also in his late 60's) baptize her after he has been trying since the 70's to get her to learn... it was just fantastic! Now we just need to keep that momentum going before her confirmation. I don't know why that whole week in between just scares me so much! Well anyways, we are going to be bombarding Sister Lely with the Spirit before this Sunday.
Sister Lely's baptism and "all the girls"

My personal goals this last week were NO EXCUSES! NO WHINING! And I'm loving that goal so I think I'll stick with it. I just need to keep a light attitude and soak up every minute of my mission. Not let whiny missionaries get me down you know :) I am so sick of whiners! So many excuses, so many "I hate..." phrases, so many negative thinking phrases... Instead we should “Fix it up, wear it out, make due or do without!” I think we need to take responsibility for what happens and never convince ourselves that our investigators are any less than golden! Don't let me ever complain ok? I hope that I can make that a strength of mine and a standard for those around me.

All I can say is Heavenly Father is seriously blessing us! We couldn't do any of this without Him. This will be another week where we only have 3 days in our area and so we NEED to be guided in using that precious time. Later this week we head to Surabaya!
Mission leadership council last week
 Hey I need to head since we have a good P-day activity planned but I will try to hop back on later and finish my email :)
Love you lots!
<3 Sister Em Sheff

I’m back. So today we went to Kota Tua (old city) and took a ton a pictures! I also realized that I skipped a few weeks when I sent you all those pictures last week. I'll send what I can next week since the card reader won't work. 

Riding bikes through Koto Tua

Does this jeep look familiar?

I loved all your pictuers from this week! Joshua is so huge! And I was laughing sooo hard! Your email was great this week! I love all the little tidbits of everyone’s life! BYU won! Elections, ACT... Mom lunches! And I love that you met all those “Indonesians” at the get together at the Johnsons! Will you take a picture of all the RM's that you meet? Parker, Lauren, Bransen. Andrew: with the ACT math part, seriously, do the easiest problems first and just mark C for the impossible ones but circle them so you can go back if you have time. Memorize a few of those standard equations and you will be great! I loved the Dad Quote about prayer! I really need to be better at that! I think that is already one of your strengths Mom and I wish I could say it was one of mine. Thanks for your prayers for Lely everyone, and Jacob especially! It really helped!
WOW! You bought tickets! Now what? Haha I just kinda picture this magically working out without us having to plan anything... oh yeah... life isn't like that. Well lemme know what you have for suggestions!
I guess that's all I can think of!
Never be weary in well doing! Make me proud :) Sheffield's do hard things! Suck it up buttercup! CTR! Take luck! There's a fly in your eye!
<3 Sister Emily Sheffield

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