Monday, August 25, 2014

Filmed a couple of "music videos"

Love you more than...allllll the packages in the world. 

I just got yours today! I was glad to see the pasangan (the match) for my sandal... but Sister Donald loved the granola (I gave her a snitch) and she was wondering if you give away the recipe. (PS I sent a letter with Sister Allred so maybe you will see her soon and can ask for it. Hopefully she doesn't eat the candy first! Haha)
Monas (monument Nasional)

Lets seeeee... did I tell you our email time got cut? So I am even more stressed about what to write! I tried to take notes in my planner so I'll give you the highlights.

More Monas 

~Last p-day we played futsol and I got a good ol’ knee scab. I think my legs are always bruised and scabbed but I seriously LOVE playing futsol!

~Lely is doing well and getting ready for her baptism! She said the other day that she has been feeling a little bit (what is it in english......) like wavering? But then she also said that she can see how Satan is going to try and stop her from being baptized. AMEN! We made invitations for her to give to family and friends and passed some out in Relief Society. I think it helped reassure Lely that she can do this and it will all work out in the end. I know the LemPer (Relief Society) was so excited for her decision and already planned the musical number! 

~This week they had the final decision of whether or not Jokowi would become president later. AKA no one wanted to meet with us on those days. But we had some fun proselyting! 

1. We rode a bus as far as we could and then rode back. Just talked to people like usual haha.

2. We went to a sidewalk and Sister Olsen and I just sang hymns and passed out pamphlets/cards. Haha it was so fun! It was hilarious that some people would hear us singing then run up to take a card and yet others would start to grab one from us until they saw a picture of Christ then turn away. Either way, effective or not, I think we enjoyed a break from the norm.

~Vita... we had a terribly heartbreaking lesson with her. I don't know if she really has the desire to keep learning or get baptized. It is the worst feeling in the world to see people start to fall back when you have seen their potential. Maybe this is just not her time. But I love her tooo much! Ahh #missionaryproblems
Me and Vita

~FUNNY STORY! So on Friday night we got home like right at 9:30 and were trying to unlock our door when the key broke in the lock! Well no one is open that can fix it so we had to take a taxi over to Senopati (mission office) to sleep, but President and Sister weren't even home and we didn't have anything to spend the night... no toothbrush... no change of clothes... haha it was awkward and weird but nice to sleep in a good bed eh? Anyways the next morning we finally got someone to come over and fix it and they changed the lock in like 5 mintues... Too funny!

~We had a lot of people at church on Sunday (4) and two of them are Muslim. I love how much Heavenly Father blesses us. I don't know if I deserve all this but you know it has nothing to do with me. This is between Heavenly Father and our investigators. I am just lucky enough to help teach them more about the truth. :)
~For P-day today we filmed a couple "music videos" for our youtube page... look out for those later! :)

This next week we are heading up to Medan! We are going to try to get to all of the sisters in these next 3 months. I'm excited to see everyone again!

My spiritual message of the week :) Sister Olsen was sharing this idea with me the other day. Christ called fishermen. He needed people to cast in their bait and wait for those interested to come and listen. But all of the fish have been caught. Now He calls hunters! We have to find the people who are ready. Long gone are the days of easy fishing, now we must get to work and find the elect. Those who are searching for the truth. Not easy but so much more fun right? :)
Love you all! I hope that school went well the first week and that you are getting used to waking up to an alarm clock again ;)
Give everyone my love! ONWARD EVER ONWARD!!!
<3 Sister Sheffield

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Love you more than...

 [Emily] time! (what my mom and I would call it when I was little and we would lay on my bed and talk)
 HAPPY 17 AGUSTUS! Hari kemerdekaan Indonesia Raya! Merah putih merdeka!
Indonesian Independance day

PS why do I feel like using my real name is a swear word? Haha but I have this ongoing list of "You know you're on a mission when..." Wanna hear a few?
   you feel the need to pray before everything eg. brush your teeth, shower, exercise, run downstairs
   you automatically refer to anyone by Sister or Brother (especially when you don't know their name)
   your every sentence includes at least 2 acronyms eg "I just got off the HP with the DL and he told us the ZL's said ZTM is going to be after MLC but lets make sure we WPS before then."
   the biggest gossip you hear is about moves
   your English sounds worse than your other language
   you complain that personal study is ONLY one hour!
   you look forward to Mondays
   you can tell the age of an Elder by the whiteness of his shirt
   you worry about and discuss "the world"
   you're a total church geek and love it
   you use the word "trunky" to describe every missionary older than yourself
   you've fallen asleep while sitting up in a chair and teaching someone
   your real name sounds funny (or like a swear word haha)
   you actually fasted for 24 hours
   you have the Liahona and General Conference issues memorized by cover and talks
   7 AM is now "sleeping in"
Well I think that this week has been extremely weird. Last week I was with Sister Allred meeting her family and since then we have had 14 more missionaries come in, a mission leadership conference, a zone meeting, sleeping at the mission home with one of the new sisters, and 3 people that said they want to be baptized next month. Whew! 

Last weeks F.H.E. with Keluarga Allred

Best news of the week: IBU LELY IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED NEXT MONTH! SEPTEMBER 5... 6... or 7th... uskup says he wants it on Sunday so probably the 7th. We are fasting and praying for her so that all of her family, money, church or whatever problems, won't get in the way of her getting baptized. It was such a great lesson! We ask her if she's been reading the Book of Mormon and she said "YES! And guess what verse I just found! Alma 34:33. "do not procrastinate the day of your repentance" and then goes on to tell us that she has been thinking about getting baptized on her birthday September 5th. Wahhhhh so excited! Like honestly what an answer to prayers! PLEASE pray for her! It needs to happen!

All the busy-ness has been good for me to adjust. Haha I need to get back into the "not sister allred" mission mindset. We just have kindof been together since Jogja last fall. But how cool that we keep having so many investigators at church and progressing towards baptism and now we just need to baptize four a month and we're happy!

My awesome companion Sister Olsen, me and Sister Ingersoll

Funniest thing of the week: we met up with an investigator that's impossible to ever find and when we sit down to teach her she keeps telling us all these lovely, empty things about how much she loves being at our church (never been) and how she has already finished the Book of Mormon (doesn't know who Nephi is) but anyways.... She said the closing prayer and prayed to US! The sisters! Apa the heck!? It wasn't in the name of Christ or anything but she just goes off about like "Thank you Sisters for all that thou has blest me with..." We were so caught off guard that when she said Amen we were like "uhhh do we 'amen' that?" 

Also another funny thing is when this brand new elder says "Sister Sheffield, you're like a celebrity! I stayed up every Sunday night to read your blog" Haha maybe I could start giving out signatures eh? Haha

Other cool things: ~we met Tante Bella's neice on Saturday, she came to church on Sunday and wants to be baptized in September!
~Met with Vita and her dad! She is slowly coming back to a good point in learning. Still love her to death!
~We got our new pass-along cards printed! So weird to see the real thing! After all this time of working on them... 
One scripture before I finish. Alma 30:34. "And now, if we do not receive anything for our labors in the church, what doth it profit us to labor in the church save it were to declare the truth, that we may have rejoicings in the joy of our brethren?"

I love Indonesia! :)
Can't wait to hear about Powell and Samuel's birthday! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA! You're not really "little" tornado anymore ya? Make sure you flour him for me Andrew! And happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Thanks for falling in love :) remember how the mission makes you excited for future? This week I am excited to be a mom with little kids and me and my husband being super poor living in a tiny apartment. What great memories from when I was a little kid! 
KEEP GOING STRONG! Bertahan sampai akhir! (translated: Hang on till the end) Have a great first week of school! Love you to the moon and back! Give everyone my love
<3 Sister Sheff

Pictures: PS sorry I forgot to bring my old memory card since I just started this new one so... this is all I have for now
1. Last week's FHE with Keluarga Allred ;)
2. HAPPY 17 AGUSTUS! Hari kemerdekaan Indonesia Raya! Merah putih merdeka! Indonesian Independance day

3. My awsome new companion Sister Olsen, me and Sister Ingersoll 

Love you more than...

Wallace loves cheese (hope you get that one haha- for those who don't know it is "Wallace and Grommit", some Sheffield favorite movie characters)

Arrived August 11, 2014

THANK YOU FOR THE PANTS AND NOTES AND THE TREATS! It was weird to think that it only took a few days to go from your hands to mine... it did make the world seem that much smaller to meet the Allreds! :) Needless to say, after 14 missionaries going home and meeting Sister Allred's family, it will take time to adjust to the new things. One cool thing is that I just finished a journal and a memory card so not only do I have a new companion but a new journal, new memory card and a new fresh start in our area! The best is yet to come right? ;)
Haha I am still dying that you have done the most cliché things since I've been on my mission! Went to Italy (ANDREW), bought a boat, gone to lake powell now for the 3rd time (ya I've never gone... remember?). It's ok.... I'll forgive you!
Josh what an awesome talk! Did you watch the patterns of light Mormon message? It's got the same theme!
School is starting?! I loved seeing your schedules! Joshua is going to be in HS and Andrew a Senior?! Get crack-a-lackin boys! I'll be excited to see what the new Sheffield Legacy will be haha. And you both have awesome, really hard schedules!
SO Samuel what are you doing for your birthday besides lake powell? Are you going to have a party with friends too?
ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWW You are going to be on a mission in like a year?!?!?! STOPPPPP! No one is allowed to grow up anymore! Samuel, that includes you! No more birthday! No cake, no ice cream, happy birthday (brian regan haha)
Jackyson is going to be at BYU and this time I will get to see him there! Elder Waltman is living there... what if they are in the same ward?! Small byu world.
Dad is a working machine! I don't know how you do it! Seriously! But one doctrinal question... we talked yesterday in Gospel Principles about priesthood organizations... where does a High Counsilman fit in to that? Aaronic, Melchesidek? Also what kind of things do you do for the Humanitarian board?
PS great missionary work this week! Keep it up :) I'll be praying for you!
Quick rundown of events of the week and then I'll fill in with some stories:
Monday- Ate with the district, chatted with president, met with a former investigator.

Tuesday-  printed pictures, met with an inactive and her adorable kids, found a bus stop named Salvation haha
Halte Keselamatan (Salvation stop)

Wednesday- Got our AC fixed, met with a former investigator who contacted us again out of the blue and wants to keep learning! met with a facebook referral, met with a new member, got our sink fixed and ate with a member family and a bunch of RM's.

Thursday- Had a service morning at a school for under-priviledged with the Lucherini's!, met an awesome new investigator at their house, went to visit a elderly member, ate over-priced-not-even-delicious crepes.

Friday- made crepe breakfast (turned brunch) with the District, had our last district meeting, met with Ariel/Alyssa/Alex for an aweeesome lesson, got on facebook, went to English Class, got our Book of Mormon returned, taught a great class, took a million pictures and did some packing.

Saturday- met Sister Olsen at the church, did some proselyting in some Kampong (like a village neighborhood?), packed some more, went to Senopati and had a farewell BBQ and testimony meeting (very exclusive party that I don't know how I got in to haha), slept at Senopati

Sunday- Met investigators at the bus stop, had FOUR INVESTIGATORS AT SACRAMENT (Ibu Lely, Pak Yordan, Pak Bel and Ibu Ester), had an amazing day at church, went back to Senopati, freaked out for about 2 hours, met the Allreds and said goodbye to everyone, got a little teary eyed, went home, planned a bit and slept.

OK so maybe I don't have a ton of time left to fill in the details... but one miracle was to see everyone go home. It made me do a lot of self-evaluation: what do I want to say in my final testimony? What do I want to have overcome or what stories/miracles do I want to see? What will be my mission legacy?

I have been loving reading from Acts lately as well as Mosiah... if you haven't ever tried reading the Book of Mormon with the New Testament, DO IT! It is amazing!
K I am out of time so I will talk to you next week :) be safe and take a ton of pictures of powell for me!

One last thought... A TON of our investigators are broke. We can't help them with money but the gospel is the one solution that will outlast any earthly treasure. Read Acts 3:2-8 Gold and silver I have none, but what I have I give unto thee
Love you to Kolob and back! :)
Make me proud!

<3 Sister Sheff