Monday, March 31, 2014

I love you more than...

Mormon Chick-Flicks! Haha books and movies included

But I just got thinking about that because guess what...
WE ARE GOING TO BE ON CONFERENCE! Like the in between little segment/show thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They came and interviewed the missionaries from Jakarta and said it will be for their conference story! AHHHHHHHHH! I am so excited to see it later! Wahhh it was so weird... They had us go to the church and then also wanted to film us contacting a little bit. (Talk about pressure!)
SO anyways... I am even MORE excited for conference. As if it wasn't already like the superbowl for us missionaries! Haha and all the other districts are so jealous that WE are the ones that got interviewed. So keep an eye out for it ya?

Sis. Allred, Sis. Jibson, Sis. Reilly and me (don't you love our vests? Safety first!)

Oh and tell Grandma happy birthday for me! Make sure to give her big squeezes and sloppy-jalopy kisses. I was laughing with Sis Allred the other day that before we came to Indo, we both thought it was going to be like India with Indian food and culture. Ternyata (it turns out) NOT AT ALL! But I am planning on the day when Gma and mom and I will go to the Food Network Kitchens on a NYC trip for her birthday :)

Mom- I think we will get the women's conference in a week or so. I still like conference in English because I get so much more out of it. But we tried to share a spiritual message in english the other day and all of my gospel vocabulary is rusty. Maybe that's a good thing though. I really really really love and support the priesthood and think it is such a blessing to receive all the priesthood blessings without the responsibility of looking after it. I think your Trek Lesson sounded cool too! AND I have thinking about Disneyland Hot-dogs all week thanks to your email last week haha. OH! I have apporx. 27 TL's for you... Sis Allred has been quite complimentary of our family lately so you better start collecting TL's!!

 Pictures won't send, So no pictures this week. I'll send some next week.

So for my week. WOW I think it seems like a year ago that I emailed you. We went to Malang on Monday. Traveling empties your wallet and eats up sleeping time, but I have enjoyed every second! We got to meet with the mission couple on Monday for dinner and then we did exchanges with the sisters on Tuesday and Wednesday. Malang is so green! And so fun. The sisters are blowing up the work there and have so many investigators and baptisms. It was almost TOO much fun (aka loss of sleep) to be with them all and especially my MTC companion Sis Jibson! So we got back to Jakarta on Thursday and since then have just been trying to do what missionaries do-- find, teach and reactivate! We keep finding really cool people but we haven't started teaching them yet so hopefully we will be really busy these next few weeks. Oh ya! President doesn't want us to travel again before PLD (zone conference) which is mid-April. So now we are in Jakarta for a while! Pray for us that we can find some real investigators! We came in with none and are on the search for a good solid family that can build up the ward here. Sad day today, because a member passed away all of the sudden. They took her to the hospital last night for being sick, then this morning she went into a coma and an hour later passed away. I don't know what I would do without the gospel. It is the only thing that is SURE in this life. Christ and His only true church. I was so lucky to be asked to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday on my favorite topic again! Guess what it is? The Importance of Sacrament! Ohhhh how grateful I am for the Sacrament! I seriously have grown to appreciate and love that sacred ordinance since I have been here. So of course, being the Sister Sheffield I am, I spoke too long in Sacrament and gave the other speakers like 5ish minutes each. But I think that I was able to share what they needed to hear.

I love in Luke 19:10 it says Christ's mission is "to seek and to save" and so is mine! We all should be more focused on seeking and saving those in need.
Keep up the squirt gun fights and scripture study! I love you all!

Dad- how was Mexico? And being back home (which maybe feels more hectic than traveling!) I was thinking about how often we will be flying as Sister Trainers and realized you fly all the time! You must be pro! I have a request for you though... will you send me a few mission stories? I just am so curious! Who was your favorite investigator ever? What was one of the most stressful times? What is the best thing you learned from your mission president? Companions? Time in the office? And yes I think Andrew should do something so that he can keep improving his ACT score. It could help him not only get in to BYU but get out of his math score! I think about how the ACT score only lasts for 2 years and can you imagine if he had to try to retake it after the mish? Better if he could get his dream score now.
Andrew- Keep praying for and working towards BYU! Don't ever think it is too late. Make sure you keep your resume updated too ya? I think your idea Just Drew It is AWESOME! Keren banget! Luar biasa! Memang mantap! Pastih menang dong! (Awesome! Amazing! Indeed, steady! Pastih win)
Joshua- Squirt Andrew with the squirt gun for me ya? I seriously think you look SOOO tall in every picture! Stop! I am going to be so short when I get home! Ya ampun, anak siopo iki? (Oh my gosh, iki siopo son?)
Samuel- How are you bud? I've been thinking about you a lot this week and just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE YOU!
Jacob- you're so sneaky with the quarter trick! Why didn't I ever think of that? Haha but it sounds like you will be the best piano player of us all soon!

<3 Retsis Ylime Edialeda Dleiffehs
Editors note: I put this phrase into Indonesian translator and it came up with nothing, and I was perplexed what it said. Then Samuel walks into the room and says "that's Emily's name backwards. Sister Emily Adelaide Sheffield" Way to go my little Padawon. Ha ha, I thought it was a foreign language!

Another Editors note: About 2 months ago we read a conversion story of a young man in Jakarta, forwarded to us from another Indonesia missionary family. We were SO INSPIRED! He truly is an exceptional young man. Emily is now friends with him in her new area of Jakarta and shared his story with again, not knowing we had already read it. But how wonderful to see a picture of him. So the following is his conversion story.

My Conversion Story

By: Kristoffer Aleksander
From: Jakarta, Indonesia 

This is Aleks, we just keep praying that his parents will let him get baptized soon
My name is Kristoffer Aleksander and  I live in Jakarta, Indonesia with my parents. I’m the only child in the family.  My story begins when I was about 14 years old. That time, as usual, I accompanied my Mom to the grocery store nearby our apartment. I still remember that Mom told me to looked for the milk section and get her 2 cartons of milk. When I was looking for the milk section, I encountered a mid-aged couple and they were very clean and neat. I could see that the man was wearing a white shirt with a tie and black long trousers and the woman was wearing a very neat dress with a long skirt. However, the one thing that I noticed from both of them was their name tags. I could read the writing and below their names it says “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”.  I was curious about it, as it was my first time to encounter a couple that carried the name of Jesus Christ in their name tags. I was also curious about the name of the church because it was my first time to hear it.
Then after we finished with our monthly shopping at the grocery store, we went home. Then, when we arrived home, I had the desire to conduct some research about the name of the church that I read on the couple’s name tags. I found two links that provided me with the information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Those links are and Since then, I started to do some more research about the church from both of the websites and also from other sources.   
I was raised in the Catholic Church all my life. Most of my family members have the same faith. Since I was child, I always felt God’s influence in my life and how He’s always there for me. I love Him very much with all my heart.  Since the first time I glanced my eyes at that couple that I met at the grocery store, I could not stop to do more and more research about the LDS church. It became like a hobby for me. I continuously watched the general conferences, listening to the talks from the general authorities, watching Mormon messages and all those stuff. Even until now, I still can’t describe the feeling that I had at that time. It was just, every time I heard when the speakers from the general authority shared their testimonies; I could really felt the spirit in my heart. There was peace in my heart when I listened to the testimonies of the member of the LDS church. I was also astonished by the teachings and also how the members of this church practice their beliefs. One of them is that family can be eternal.
Time passes by very quickly. It didn’t feel like that it was almost two years since the first time I met the couple at the grocery store. I always have been watching the talks, church news, church events, Mormon messages in that two years period. One day, I had a conflict inside my heart. That conflict was, whether I will always remain in the current situation or to tell my parents regarding my true feelings about the church which I know that this is true and to contact the missionaries. Then, I decided to call the missionaries by myself before talking to my parents. I searched the number in the internet and finally I called the number that I found. This elder picked up the phone call, but because I was very nervous, I hanged up on that call. There was just a huge desire in my heart that told me to redial that number again if I want to know the truth.  Then, I called the same number and an elder, his name is Elder Earls picked that phone call and we had a little chat over the phone. I asked him an e-mail address that I could contact and asked regarding my question about the church. He gave me an e-mail address and I sent a message to that address. The next day, I received a reply from another elder. His name is Elder Kelton Jenkins. He was the online missionary that preached the gospel in the referral center in Provo, Utah. He told me that considering my age was still below 18 years old, if I wanted to learn more the church, he and his companion needed permission from my parents.
I decided that I really want to learn more about this church and so I asked my parents.  At first, Mom thought that it was a joke, but then I told her that I was serious about it.  To be honest, it was the scariest moment in my life asking my parents about it. I told her the feeling inside my heart and that I gained testimonies regarding the LDS church that it is true. It took them for a while to think about it. Every night, I prayed to Heavenly Father so that He would soften Mom’s and Dad’s heart and to pour Thy holy ghost upon my parents as they would give me the permission to learn more about the church. Then finally, they gave the permission and it was truly the happiest day of my life. I started to learn more about the church with Elder Jenkins and Elder Jorgensen through Skype.  When I had some extra questions, I would also go to with us. There I found Brother Carlos that provided me comfort and amazing answers. I also made couple of meetings with the local missionaries and we would meet at my place or at the mission office. That time, the missionaries that taught me were Elder Earls, Elder Yarkasi and Elder Norris. It was such an amazing experience.
The first time I received the Book of Mormon from the missionaries, I was very much excited about it. The night after I received it, I prayed and I read the Book of Mormon. I could really feel the presence of the Holy Ghost when I tried to ponder the messages it contains. I testify with all the surety of my heart that the Book of Mormon is true.
I still remember very clearly the first time I went to the church. The members and the missionaries were very kind and with an open heart they welcome me to partake the sacrament and to join the classes. I could feel the Holy Ghost very strongly in my heart. It was just something that even bigger than my heart. There is one thing that you can’t ever deny and that the church truly is the house of the Lord. It was truly the happiest day in my whole entire life.
Knowing that I’m converting to another church, I received variety of responses from my family members. There were some that support me however there were also some that discouraged my decision in converting. Even for the first couple of months, I had a lot of fights and arguments with my parents. It was truly one of the hardest times in my life. There were just moments where I felt completely alone. I still remember that one night I broke down crying because of all the pressures and the tensions. I was just holding as tight as I can to the Book of Mormon that the missionaries gave me. It was truly the only thing that provides me comfort. Then, I opened the Book Mormon and try to find a random verse that maybe could calms me down. When I opened it, it referred to 2 Nephi 8:7 which says; “Hearken unto me, ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart I have written my law, fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings.” This verse provided me so much comfort and strengthening my faith even more in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
One day, when I came to the mission headquarter here in Jakarta; the missionaries that taught me at that time introduced me to the new mission President and his lovely wife. His name is President Donald and his wife’s name is Sister Donald. When the first time I met them, I could see Christ through their eyes. They truly resemble Christ-like attributes.  President and Sister Donald have helped me a lot in many different things that I can’t even describe with words anymore.  They invited me to meet the church’s general authorities. They literally made my dreams come true. One of that dreams was meeting the general authority from the church. I met Elder and Sister Gong from the quorum of the Seventy and also Elder and Sister Funk from the second quorum of the seventy when they came to Jakarta. Meeting them was just incredible. I couldn’t even describe it with words.  President and Sister Donald taught me a very important lesson. That lesson was, we need to always pray for the people that we love, say their names out loud and ask Heavenly Father to soften their hearts therefore they will start to have desires to come unto Christ. This teaching is based on their magnificent example as President and Sister Donald always pray for each of every missionary and the investigator by saying their names. It is a lesson that I will always remember for the rest of my life.
Sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to other people and how it will bless their life is one of my favorite things to do.  This gospel has brought true happiness into my life and I want others to have the chance to feel the peace and happiness that gospel can bring into their lives. One of the biggest goals in my life is that I really want to serve a mission and to be a full time missionary. Bringing more souls unto Jesus Christ is the best work and experience that there is not enough words to describe the joy.  One thing that is very special about our faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that, we always trust the spirit and Heavenly Father’s plan. We can make the decisions that we won’t ever regret by trusting the spirit. When we trust the spirit, everything under any situations will work smoothly. In this church we also believe in change. People can change. There is no word “too late”. Everyone is capable of changing to be a better person in their life and to follow Jesus Christ.
Living the words of wisdom and apply it my daily life has blessed my life very much. Living according to standard and always showing good examples has blessed not only my life but also the life of others. It is alright to make mistakes, however we need to learn from those mistakes and improve every single day.  I testify that when we keep ourselves worthy and also live according to the standard, it will bring us true happiness and it will surely bless the life of others. Remember to always be there for Christ.
Until now, I’m still learning with the missionaries. There is one condition that my parents asked me and that is I need to turn 18 years-old in order for me to get baptize. Right now I’m still 17 years old, so I’m still waiting for that time to come. However, between now and then, I will continuously remain clean and keep myself worthy to receive the baptism. I promise when I’ll turn 18 years old I will get baptize as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Even though I’m still not officially a member of the LDS church, I’m proud to say that I am a member of the LDS church. Every day in my life, I will always live the word of our beloved latter-day prophet, President Thomas S. Monson and that is “Dare to be a Mormon, dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm and dare to make it known. I truly am grateful for the supports and prayers from everyone around me. I’m also very grateful of the missionaries that teach me so many valuable lessons, their supports and prayers. I could see Christ through the missionaries.

 I testify with all the surety of my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church that restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I testify humbly regarding the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I know that God lives and he loves every each one of us. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is our savior and redeemer. I’m immensely grateful to know that we still have a living prophet and he is our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. One thing that I can learn from all of these is that in the name of Christ everything is possible. Do not ever give up on your dreams. I testify all this things only in the name of Jesus Christ, our master. Amen

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love you more than...

traveling the world.

I am going on my first trip today as a Sister Trainer for exchanges and so we are going to the airport soon. That's why my email will be short and flustered. Maaf! :)

I feel that at this point in my mission, everything has changed for the better-- a complete 180. We have had more baptisms in these last 2 months than in the whole first half of last year. Our mission has gone LEAPS and BOUNDS since I got here and it is because of an amazing mission president who works tirelessly and expects his missionaries to do the same. New life goal: marry a mission president. (you know what, let's just shoot for nabi and see where we land.)
Oh PS nabi is indonesian for prophet
The JakartaDistrict for the farewell of Sis. Situmorang and Elder/Sister Kusumarmanto
JAKARTA! I am quickly adapting to the city life. I feels I am living in New York City in a fancy apartment and working for some huge company but just a little bit different-better. I am a missionary in Jakarta. Basically now I am the most spoiled ever, chillin’ at the mission home and traveling the entire mission to do exchanges with the other sister missionaries. AND our apartment has hot water! :):):):):) Hot showers are to die for. All the Elders are jealous because we are so spoiled as the Sis Trainers because we have hot water. We always joke that we are the A.P.W. = Assistant to the President's Wife. haha :) And we are SOOO bule (american) here. I have Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries for breakfast and I pulled out my real shoes (not crocs) but they gave me massive blisters in the first 10 minutes.
Sister Allred and I in our high-rise fancy-schmancy loft apartment
But on the spiritual note... This is a new phase in my mission and it is the greatest feeling ever. I have been so impressed by the talk “Becoming a Consecrated Missionary” by Elder Callister and have not been able to think of anything else. That is my greatest desire. And now I have a dream comp, a dream calling and I think I have finally reached the point where I can let go of myself and get to work. And oh how the miracles have come! I cannot even describe this feeling, it's like my potential is all cooped up inside and I'm just starting to tap into it. I'm improving what I already have been doing. My prayers have improved, my focus has improved and my work has improved. Sister Allred and I are so blessed to work together here in Jakarta and have so much potential in our big city! Sis Allred and I aren't here in Jakarta the whole week so the little time we have left is always busy.

With some oe the Jakarta 1 ward and the A.P.'s (assistant to the president)

One miracle: The other day Sis Allred prayed in the morning to find a family of 5 with 3 little kids and after waiting for 2 hours for our bus which never came, we talked to this lady and she starts telling us how she wanted to talk to us but had no courage. She met missionaries a while back but lost their card/pamphlet and has been trying to contact them ever since. Long story short, she is an answer to that prayer and we are so excited by all the potential and miracles we are seeing flood us everyday.
the ugly version
Funny stories... well I found out that I thought when I said "oh sayang sekali" which SHOULD mean "so sweet" that it actually means "how unfortunate" so I have basically my whole mission been telling every married couple or little girl that they are very unfortunate.
K I have to go. I'm always praying for you and can't wait to skype in a few months to check up on you all! Give everyone my love and hugs and if you have any good ideas for us as Sister Trainers or any advice as missionaries: LET ME KNOW! :) We would love to hear it. I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I love my family!

<3 always Sister Sheff

Monday, March 17, 2014

I love you more than...

the smell of a new Disneyland hoodie!
(Being cold/wet/tired so you buy a fuzzy/warm/new mickey hoodie and then eat a big ol' ice cream cone from the parlour on main street)

Waiting out the rain (sometimes you just gotta wait)

So! Here's for my week.

Tuesday it rained and then rained and then rained and then after that rained some more. We were riding to an appointment and got to this part of the road where it had flooded over our bike pedals and we were laughing SO HARD! There were almost no people on the road because they were all on the sides taking shelter under the buildings-- I'm sure they all were watching us in awe as we just took off in this monsoon, laughing our heads off and wearing these flimsy lil’ ponchos. 
A few if the zone members at ZTM
Wednesday- We went to Jogja for ZTM (zone training meeting) and I got to see Elder Murphy from my MTC group for the first time since we got here! Brings back such memories. We talked about the difference between Abinadi and Ammon as missionaries. Would anyone say that Abinadi wasn't succesfull? Heck no! And we shouldn't be so quick to measure our success by the number of lessons/baptisms either. I also sang “O Divine Redeemer” with some help from Elder Kusumarmanto and I think the spirit was really strong. Lately president has been stressing sacrifice so much. And what are we willing to do gain our hopes/goals. I love how the excitement just pours from all the meetings we have, especially when they share about what President's vision for the mission is. The mission is changing so much all the time and I just pray that I can help it keep growing. 

Thursday- I found out the biggest news... I LEAVE FOR JAKARTA TOMORROW! Yeah they failed to tell me that little detail. And I still, as of 3:30 pm, do not have my airplane ticket for tomorrow. Pokonya, saya agak berstress. Plus I am the worst at packing in the world. But we had a kinda frustring week with Mbah. He is just so dramatic and we haven't quite figured him out yet. We are starting to focus on his granddaughter so hopefully she will drive him to get baptized. But we ended the night with some Roti Bakar (glorified toast) ENAK! :) that fixes everything!

Friday- We taught a potential investigator with the Elders and he refused to go inside the church to be taught so we pulled chairs out to the parking lot. It was funny and a little awkward. PS there is a member in Solo who started a shake stand called “Wisco” and we are obsessed. We go there just about everyday... if it ever comes to Utah I think I would die!

Family Home Evening with the newest members of the Solo 2nd Ward

Saturday- We had a Malam Keluarga (family home evening) with some new members of Solo 2nd ward and it was SOOO sweet. The priesthood holders with the not-yet-baptized-father of the family blessed their home and the mom, Sis Magdelena, was in tears. She has SUCH a great desire to make her home a place to feel the spirit as a family and learn about the gospel together. I can't wait to do that with my future family :)

I am so excited to see what these two do in their life in the church

Sunday- Kartika and Reza got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! I was in tears as FOUR people were baptized in the Jebres ward. It was already an emotional day to have to say so many good byes but to end it on a baptism was the greatest miracle of all. I love the people in Solo. I hope and pray they will stay strong forever and never lose sight of the importance of the gospel. I hope they get their temple soon! 

Our dearest K. and R.
with my companions Sis. Manurung and Sis. Fisher

You should hear Indonesians sing hymns. They just sing their guts out and it fills the room with power and the Spirit. I'm so worried to go to Jakarta! Big, busy, expensive, hot, crowded city. But you can never deny that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each of us to learn what we are supposed to learn in this life. 
Jebres Ward had 4 baptisms in one day
AHHHH Hurrah for Israel!
We were given the talk "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" by Tad R. Callister at our zone conf last week. It is amazing. I have this eternal-internal struggle about being satisfied with myself and my effort and my work but I LOVE this quote from the talk. "I do not think the Lord expects immediate perfection of us, but I do believe He expects immediate progress, and with that progress comes consecration." (I also LOVE that talk because he says that they used to wrestle as part of FHE each week... haha good we're not the only ones!)

I hope that you have a safe and fantastic week! Next time I email you I will be in Jakarta! Are you freaking out? Because I am! I love you lots and I pray for you always. Give my hugs/sloppy-jaloppy-kisses/love-pats/dog-piles and love to everyone for me! Be safe in Mexico Dadio! 

I feel like I didn't really respond to last week's email so I'm gonna do that now too!
Dad- I love your ideas for the trail of faith! I think that is such a cool way to get them prepared! Are you in mexico right now? (Selamat menikmati Meksiko! Hati-hati ya?) Oh and I had to tell you...Dear Dad, I'm turning into a cereal girl!
Andrew- It's called triage... every question on the act is only worth 1 pt so go through and answer the easiest ones first. If it takes you more than 30 sec, pick C and move on and then go back to all the C answers if you have time. Seriously saved me when I tried that! But I think the Jr Prom theme is legit! How was that movie anyways? Ugh I'm turning into such a fuddy duddy... PS Take luck! I heard this week is Tiger Esteem :) don't stress! Just enjoy it and take a million pictures! 
Joshua- I seriously am LOVING your bahasa! It was perfect too! Saya merindukan anda juga dan memang saya takut anda sudah lebih tinggi dari pada saya... Are you playing singles or doubles? 
Samuel- Tell Lucy I'm sorry for eating dog ya? How is she doing? Give her some love for me! Your science experiment sounds so stinkin cool! I want to see how it turns out ok? 
Jbug- when did you get so funny? Oh yeah... since you were born! You are such a hoot. But you are going to be an even better missionary than me someday :) 
Mom- don't scare me like that! I saw the word tumor and about died! Sad to say I’m glad it’s just a migraine. Sheesh... you-knowa-what-imeana? :) Hearing from you lifted my spirits! I am such an ordinary missionary but you make me sound like Sister Superwoman herself. You know what? I have been struggling so much this week with exactly that question you asked me! "How do you not get really GRUMPY when people don’t choose the right? And how do you tell people they need to do better?" But your solution is so much better than mine. Just be the example of how to be better and they can use their agency to follow! I have heard so much about the movie "Frozen" in the last week alone. Sis Fisher said that sometimes we are a little blindly optimistic as missionaries with our investigators like the snowman who says "Summer! I want to have summer! mmm popsicles!" haha I probably slaughtered that quote though. I have no clue!

Kasihmu selalu!

<3 Sis Sheff