Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Love you more than...

Wallace loves cheese (hope you get that one haha- for those who don't know it is "Wallace and Grommit", some Sheffield favorite movie characters)

Arrived August 11, 2014

THANK YOU FOR THE PANTS AND NOTES AND THE TREATS! It was weird to think that it only took a few days to go from your hands to mine... it did make the world seem that much smaller to meet the Allreds! :) Needless to say, after 14 missionaries going home and meeting Sister Allred's family, it will take time to adjust to the new things. One cool thing is that I just finished a journal and a memory card so not only do I have a new companion but a new journal, new memory card and a new fresh start in our area! The best is yet to come right? ;)
Haha I am still dying that you have done the most cliché things since I've been on my mission! Went to Italy (ANDREW), bought a boat, gone to lake powell now for the 3rd time (ya I've never gone... remember?). It's ok.... I'll forgive you!
Josh what an awesome talk! Did you watch the patterns of light Mormon message? It's got the same theme!
School is starting?! I loved seeing your schedules! Joshua is going to be in HS and Andrew a Senior?! Get crack-a-lackin boys! I'll be excited to see what the new Sheffield Legacy will be haha. And you both have awesome, really hard schedules!
SO Samuel what are you doing for your birthday besides lake powell? Are you going to have a party with friends too?
ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWW You are going to be on a mission in like a year?!?!?! STOPPPPP! No one is allowed to grow up anymore! Samuel, that includes you! No more birthday! No cake, no ice cream, happy birthday (brian regan haha)
Jackyson is going to be at BYU and this time I will get to see him there! Elder Waltman is living there... what if they are in the same ward?! Small byu world.
Dad is a working machine! I don't know how you do it! Seriously! But one doctrinal question... we talked yesterday in Gospel Principles about priesthood organizations... where does a High Counsilman fit in to that? Aaronic, Melchesidek? Also what kind of things do you do for the Humanitarian board?
PS great missionary work this week! Keep it up :) I'll be praying for you!
Quick rundown of events of the week and then I'll fill in with some stories:
Monday- Ate with the district, chatted with president, met with a former investigator.

Tuesday-  printed pictures, met with an inactive and her adorable kids, found a bus stop named Salvation haha
Halte Keselamatan (Salvation stop)

Wednesday- Got our AC fixed, met with a former investigator who contacted us again out of the blue and wants to keep learning! met with a facebook referral, met with a new member, got our sink fixed and ate with a member family and a bunch of RM's.

Thursday- Had a service morning at a school for under-priviledged with the Lucherini's!, met an awesome new investigator at their house, went to visit a elderly member, ate over-priced-not-even-delicious crepes.

Friday- made crepe breakfast (turned brunch) with the District, had our last district meeting, met with Ariel/Alyssa/Alex for an aweeesome lesson, got on facebook, went to English Class, got our Book of Mormon returned, taught a great class, took a million pictures and did some packing.

Saturday- met Sister Olsen at the church, did some proselyting in some Kampong (like a village neighborhood?), packed some more, went to Senopati and had a farewell BBQ and testimony meeting (very exclusive party that I don't know how I got in to haha), slept at Senopati

Sunday- Met investigators at the bus stop, had FOUR INVESTIGATORS AT SACRAMENT (Ibu Lely, Pak Yordan, Pak Bel and Ibu Ester), had an amazing day at church, went back to Senopati, freaked out for about 2 hours, met the Allreds and said goodbye to everyone, got a little teary eyed, went home, planned a bit and slept.

OK so maybe I don't have a ton of time left to fill in the details... but one miracle was to see everyone go home. It made me do a lot of self-evaluation: what do I want to say in my final testimony? What do I want to have overcome or what stories/miracles do I want to see? What will be my mission legacy?

I have been loving reading from Acts lately as well as Mosiah... if you haven't ever tried reading the Book of Mormon with the New Testament, DO IT! It is amazing!
K I am out of time so I will talk to you next week :) be safe and take a ton of pictures of powell for me!

One last thought... A TON of our investigators are broke. We can't help them with money but the gospel is the one solution that will outlast any earthly treasure. Read Acts 3:2-8 Gold and silver I have none, but what I have I give unto thee
Love you to Kolob and back! :)
Make me proud!

<3 Sister Sheff

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