Monday, August 4, 2014

"Last-time things" for Sister Allred

Love you more than...Sunday's! 
Nothing can beat a wonderful Sabbath day with those you love and your church family. Especially on a fast Sunday after having eaten and feeling so full (of food AND the spirit!)

Well I apologize in advance because this email will be scattered... just like my thoughts!
I usually try to plan what to write, what profound things can I share that my family will need to hear or that will strengthen testimonies. But today I don't know what to write! Sister Allred goes home this week. That hit us on like Wednesday last week? We were with a new member and she says, "oh I'll be out of town for 2 weeks so I get back on the 12th." Then Sister Allred is like "wait. I won't be here anymore..." That's when we realized that it really is coming quickly. So many "last time" things and people and experiences. We have so many plans and things to get done though! People to baptize! Souls to save! There's no time for Sister Allred to go home! But I will be staying here and Sister Olsen will come replace Sister Allred. Everyone seems shocked that I will still be in Jakarta and still be a Sister Trainer, but I feel just so calm almost like I knew it was coming. It will be so different to be in Jakarta with a different companion but who knows? Sister Olsen may be the key to our investigator's hearts :) Needless to say I am going to miss Sister Allred. What other time in your life do you consistently spend 24 hours a day with someone, 7 days of the week? And we have been in the same house for like 8 months of my mission so far! But one funny thing: at the MTC Sister Jibson and I joked about opening this area called Manado, which is like heaven's paradise on earth, since there had never been sisters there. Well it has already been opened for sisters for a few months and sadly we weren't the ones who did it! BUT Sis Jibs is moving there! She has served off of Java twice now! Spoiled I know :) I am just so lucky I get to travel and visit her up there sometime!

So it was holiday for the Muslim religion last week which means everyone and their dog left Jakarta to go home. And of course no stores are open, no investigators can meet and then our AC broke, we ran out of water, end of the month (no money) and the sink started to leak... But it didn't bother us a bit! We bought huge water bottles every night from a 7/11 type store and turned on our old fan and found some people to teach!

What else? We met some really interesting people this week! We always meet such varied people, from all religions, all walks of life, all backgrounds, all jobs. We go from meeting with a hobo to then stopping at a mansion to check on a referral. I love the mission! We really are just sifting through the nations, finding those who are searching for the peace that comes from the truth! 

One kinda cool experience! We had some people cancel so we stopped by an old investigator's house but of course she wasn't there. But as we went to leave, the security guard looks at us and says, "Kitab Mormon? Joe Smith?" We were like... Ya that's us! So he goes back to his little post and grabs this Kitab Mormon off the top of the TV. What the?! So turns out he used to learn with the elders a long time ago (it was the old printing of the Kitab Mormon) and would bring all his friends to church too but since his wife didn't agree, he wasn't baptized and stopped being visited since. So just goes to show, Heavenly Father does have a plan for us and even when one person isn't home, another investigator is!

Sorry, President just interrupted us and so my times about up! But a few last things. 
1. President: "Don't doubt. The second your mind starts to doubt, shut it out. Who says you can't accomplish that great thing? The Lord says HE is bound when we are righteous. If we are righteous, we can absolutely call down on the power of Heaven and Heavenly Father is bound to help!"

2. I love my family! No but I really really mean it! Dad, have I told you lately how great you are? Every single day, working like crazy and all so that I can be here on a mission and the boys can take tennis lessons and so you guys can make memories at Lake Powell (when is that by the way?) You are the greatest!
Mom! I am soooooo excited about your new calling! I still remember the games, activities and fun songs you taught us when I was in Primary! And awesome FHE lesson the other day! I love it!

3. The blessings of the gospel are real. I am happier when I read my scriptures, say my prayers, go to church and keep the commandments. I really do feel cleaner and happier when I repent and try to change. Families who live the gospel together are blessed for eternity. Those aren't just good things to write on a bookmark, those are FACT!

Keep on doing what you're doing! I think you all are growing up so much and so are your testimonies. Did you check the family search website last week?
Give Jess a huge hug for me when she gets home!
Harap Allah sertamu selalu! Kasihku kepadamu,

Sister Sheffie

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