Monday, October 28, 2013

"Sometimes hard work isn't measured by the drops of sweat that fall"

Oct 27, 2013
I love you more than...

...Kue pandan coklat! (Pandan-chocolate cake! If I could, I would ship a whole crate of it to you guys!)

This week I'm going to try emailing just as like a story and not day by day. Highlights of the week... 

Attending my first Muslim wedding

We went to a muslim wedding! It is the daughter of an inactive member, she looked soooo gorgeous. They go all out with makeup and costuming. It was way different the way they said so many prayers and had so many formalities but Sis. Allred and I couldn't take enough pictures haha. And of course everyone kept teasing how weddings make missionaries trunky (especially sisters). I'm just glad I got to see a wedding here because some people go home without ever attending one!
During proselyting this week, we tried contacting some cow owners, picked some berries with a long stick, and the typical way of contacting people- buying food! When we run out of places to go sometimes we just stop and buy a drink or juice or snack from a street cart and try contacting the customers/owner.
Proselyting to the neighbors
I am basically the ward pianist these days and it kinda stresses me. But I think I'm getting better at sightreading! Haha the other day I was accompanying the YW at Sekar's baptism (THE WINOTO'S YOUNGEST! Turned 8, got baptized and confirmed this week!) but anyway all of my music fell on the floor so I just like stopped playing and they stopped singing and I was like, well what can you do haha. They also had the primary program and it was so cute! It felt just like a program from our home ward.

We have a new elder in the district and Elder James couldn't be more proud of "his son". Elder Sadiyono was here for two days and they already have a baptismal date, a couple new investigators and tons of lessons. We went to McDonalds for ice cream the other day and it was just so funny, this group of missionaries praying over their ice cream and trying to not watch the TV's or hear the radio.

Pak is continuing to progress and agree with/accept the lessons. What is holding him back from the true church? Why doesn't he just come to church? Just once? We have been focusing on a family that is part member, part inactive and there is a lot of hope in their progress too.

Some of my "Only in Indonesia" moments of the week: One of the richest members of the ward inherited the Barnard's toaster and asked us to show her how to work it – only in Indonesia. There was a rat just sitting at my feet during this one lesson we had at a lady's shop – only in Indonesia. I have a cold sore that showed up last P-day but there isn't a word or even good explanation in Indonesian because no one ever gets them– only in Indonesia. Weaving through traffic on bikes just chatting with each other and realizing that it doesn't even phase you– only in Indonesia.

Last night Sis Manullang was watching The Other Side of Heaven so I joined in and it just made me cry. I think it is probably like Mothers on Mothers day: you feel so motivated but start to think of all your weaknesses and question why you can't be like them. (But I don't know, I'm not a mother haha) I want my mission to be like his in the movie! I want to go home absolutely changed. Sis Baantjer said to me, "sometimes hard work isn't measured by the drops of sweat that fall" and that has really made me think. THIS MISSION IS SO HARD! Seriously it is draining and every second a rollercoaster. But it helps me refocus on my purpose. This week we are meeting Elder Gong from the Asia Area Presidency in a special Zone Conference. He asked all missionaries to prepare a lesson on the Atonement. It has been such a blessing to just study the Atonement! This is what I know: Christ's suffering triumphed over spiritual death, and His resurrection over physical death. We get to have personal and physical contact with the emblems of that sacrifice every week with the Sacrament. We are here on earth to learn how to achieve celestial glory. The Atonement is for our mistakes but also for any sadness/suffering we feel. I am so grateful for the Savior and Redeemer.

I love you all! I am learning a lot! But that is what Heavenly Father knew I needed at this time in my life. Thank you for your love, prayers, support and example.

Utah’s getting snow? What is that? Haha this week it has started to cloud over and rain a few times which makes it feel like a sauna sometimes but it is not nearly as hot as last week. You planted bulbs. Did Andrew help you plant the tulip bulbs? PS I got 3 of your letters this week and they were wonderfulllllll! Mkasih banyak! I love the pictures, the banner and the letter from the Sheffield gathering!
How is life? Halloween this week! Your costumes are going to be awesome! Joshua should be Vector from Despicable Me!! Haha it'd match his pumpkin! But I forget, does he even wear orange? I love that your normal week is still so funny and busy. Sounds like there are lots of new friends in the neighborhood and ward. And from all over the world!  Speaking of all over the world... I am happy to have you come pick me up OR to come here next Christmas! It seems so far away that maybe it's hard to know what is better for you guys but either way I'm happy! (The whole family coming would be soooo cool. Way more expensive but I would get to play at the beaches too haha.)

Kasihmu selalu!

<3 Sis Sheff

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