Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love you more than....

Oct 20, 2013

…you love me! HA! top that!

OK well for the week! It was a roller coaster what else? In the words of my mission president, "I know when you are on the serious side when you sign your name Sister Sheffield instead of Sister Sheff."

Monday- Klaten was good! We have been trying to teach a referral from there but the past 4 times we've tried she has had to leave so we are still patiently waiting for the chance to start sharing the gospel with her! All the members came and that really made the Winoto’s feel good. Traffic was bad coming home because of parades to start the Muslim holiday. Rough night but always better in the morning.

They're back! Sister Training leaders to do exchanges with us
Tuesday- It was the Sacrifice day for Muslims! I didn't watch them sacrifice the animals because the Sister Trainers came, but I watched a video later and it is pretty crazy! It made me understand the Old Testament waaaay better. But anyway, Sis Manalu and Sis Baantjer came to do exchanges! Oooo it was so good to see them. Felt so carefree with them! ALSO they brought my 2 packages from you! THANK YOU x 1,000,000! I loved the Halloween stuff and the talks and the snacks! I am rationing them so they will last longer :) They brought so much life to us and I went on exchanges for the day with Sis Baanjter. So good to just talk to her and teach with her. That night we ate at a member's house. Cool because all the sacrificed meat is given to basically the entire country of Indonesia so I ate sacrificed goat and cow! Ha-ha that's a first!
Last picture with the Barnards and Elder Kusumarmanto
Wednesday- A lot of cancels and then having to teach English alone now that the Barnards are leaving. We got lost on the way to an appointment and spent 1.5 hours riding around haha. But luckily it was the evening so not too hot.

Thursday- The sister trainers headed back to Jakarta :( we had a morning appointment then weekly planned. We have been better at learning about each other and how to work together! We taught about the priesthood with Hastu that night.

Friday- IT WAS 40 DEGREES CELSIUS so about 104 DEGREES FARENHEIT! Add onto that the humidity and riding around on our bikes forever and fasting and I honestly thought I was going to die. We made plan A-E and maybe it was a blessing they all failed until we headed back to the church to study in the air conditioning.

Saturday- Stake conference so we all piled in a tour bus with the ward and drove to Solo! I wish I understood more of what they said. I feel so fluent until we get to big meetings like this. It was a good time though and I learned a lot. We got home so late though and so tired!
Bus ride home from Solo
Sunday- stake conference was broadcast for the whole Asia area and again I wish I understood more. They had translated it into Indonesia but Elder Hales and Holland spoke and then Primary Pres. Stevens too. But that night we visited a member and I tried fried shrimp and shrimp with green beans... aren't you proud? Still hate shellfish but I did it. Also it was so funny! It was the birthday of a member so after church they went outside and hosed him down in his church clothes! What a Sheffield move! I love Indonesian traditions :)

I loved the talk you sent, “The Very Root of Christian Doctrine” and I can’t stop thinking about it. Read it again when you get the chance. SO GOOD! I have to go so I will talk to you next time! Sister Manullang says hi. Give everyone my love. I am always praying for you!

TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYlor got her mission call?! I have been praying for her all week.... She is too inspiring to not change the whole mission out there. Leaving December 4th! That means she will get back just before she turns 21. OOOO she is making ME wait for HER now! Haha that little scamp!
You'd be so proud, I didn't even get trunky reading all the fun things you're doing for fall break! (well only a tiny bit). So funny because we are planning on playing tennis today and I am stoked! Fun UEA stuff! ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Knew it was coming! Still freaked out... but I was going to ask about that. Hahahahahaha! I expect him to write me a letter now! Samuel's field trip looked so beautiful! I heard that the U.S. government is really on edge right now, which is so weird to hear about but have no part in it at this time. I have gained such a testimony that the Promised Land talked about in the Book of Mormon is America. I know that. I know! So it is weird to hear about all those type of things. What is important to me is that the church can still grow and function. As long as that is fine, let the world try to do what it wants... but we will be the winners in the end!
DAD! I had this flashback the other day. Remember when we used to try switching parts in Sacrament, you would sing soprano and I'd sing bass? I still laugh thinking about it! hahaHA!
I also wanted to ask you guys... are you still thinking about coming to pick me up next fall? I know it is still far... but I really think you should :)

PS haven't taught Pak this week. but we'll see.
<3 forever! Sister Sheff

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