Monday, October 7, 2013

Spiritual highlight of my mission so far

Kawit's baptism last week
Halllooooo!!! OOO we are so jealous that you've already seen conference! It is this weird feeling like, "right now, the prophet is speaking" and we are itching with anticipation! It is like the world already knows, the words are already out in the open but it is just us that haven't heard them yet. But we are watching it this Saturday and Sunday at the ward. I think the Barnards will help us watch an english version too. Hooray! I FINALLY got my english copy of conference from spring so I am going to read the entire thing before Saturday, wish me luck! I am so much more excited for conference as a missionary. Like SO much more excited!
I'm great! I have no clue about those pictures I had trouble with last week. I saved the card with the virus because Elder Barnard said maybe I could recover something from it but I would so much rather try to figure that out in english later instead of here and now in Indonesian. I might buy another flash disk soon, but you can get all that stuff here. I like what you said about compensating for pictures... (that maybe there is a reason, just like getting lost sometimes.) I wonder what Heavenly Father has in store for compensation ya?

This week:
Monday- we walked to the church for our crepe day which was beyond delicious! I even made a mushroom white sauce for the savory people and there was ice cream, nutella, strawberries.... ooo! Then we got our bikes fixed and new helmets (amazing how good that feels). I got 2 of your letters too! 

Crepe day! I'm a chef in the mission field

Tuesday we had an interesting day with a lot of cancelled appointments. 

Wednesday: It was sister Believe's bday! We had some more cancelled appointments, but had our usual english class at CPT's club and also taught Pak! Then we tried to proselyte a bit and went to the restaurant "Raminten's" for Sister Believe's birthday dinner!

TO BE CONTINUED! I have to go translate for the Barnards real quick.
I'm back... So Wednesday we squished 8 chairs around a 4 seater table and brought a cake for Sis. Believe's 21st birthday! Everyone thinks she is like 15 and I am like 25 so it is funny to tell them she had her 21st birthday.
Sister Believe's birthday
Thursday we had an early morning trip to buy cold medicine for Sis Allred then started WPS (weekly planning session). It is the most disliked part of the mission, I think for every missionary. It is long and you have to learn to communicate and have to figure out what Heavenly Father wants you to do and whew! You know it is kinda cool though that Sis Believe and I are the most unified when we are teaching. It makes the planning and cancelled appointments feel like no big deal. English class was crazy because all these little kids showed up with no parents and that is not allowed but I taught them Do As I'm Doing and The Eensie Weensie Spider, so if nothing else, at least I was entertained :) OH! I also started your Family Home Evening scripture story grab bag! I just started collecting things so it is still really lame but what are some suggestions of things to put in there? It is hard to buy toys and things if I only want one...
The mission zone
The "real" zone
Friday: After UCP, we went to the train station and headed to Solo for a mini PLD (Zone COnference). Elder Gong from the Asia area presidency will be here on the 30th so we met with president and the zone now so we could do interviews and all the regular PLD things before Elder Gong's visit. I LOVE zone conference. 
Me and my companion Sister Believe on the train to zone conference

Train ride back from Zone Conference
(the train is my 2 favorite colors: coral and turquoise)

President is the most motivating person ever and after interviewing with him you just want to get out and help the work! I also love his wife so much. She made us all banana bread and was talking about the fun ideas she has for PLD with Elder Gong. P.S. I ate a cracker that tasted literally like fish food. I think it is what they use to make them. Disgusting. Then we headed to our hotel (another reason I think we should have PLD every week). It is brand new and so nice that we kinda just stayed in reading scriptures and listening to hymns and sharing thoughts with the other 2 sisters. But when we went to get Sate for dinner, I rode in a Becak for the first time! It is one of those carts with a guy who bicycle pedals behind it. I just feel awkward and like guilty the whole time, regretting all the junk food I've eaten and thinking about how lazy I am compared to him... haha not my favorite mode of transportation. Like riding in the cart at trek. Funny story! We were listening to the song "Rock-a-my soul in the bosom of Abraham..." by Mormon Tab Choir and Sister Manullang thought they said "Makan Bakso in the bosom of Abraham" translation= "eating meatball soup in the bosom of Abraham"
Saturday: So basically President caught the building on spiritual fire and made us all so eager to get to work building up a kingdom in Indonesia. It was the spiritual highlight of my mission so far. "Jesus Christ is the reason, faith is the power and obedience is the price. Believe in this work!" And then the hymn how firm a foundation. And then we had a testimony meeting which was just awesome. The train ride home was nice and air conditioned and I got that letter from Gma/Gpa Sheffield so the whole day was great.
Fast Sunday: Kawit was confirmed and then we taught a referral from Klaten who said she had harships in her life so she came to church to pray. Very touching. P.S. there are some members who said they are going to talk to the stake president to change the rules and let missionaries ride motorcylces… haha not gonna happen buddy. Then we taught Pak with a member and it makes me so anxious for the day when he opens up his eyes and realizes that this is the ONE and ONLY true church and that he WANTS this! Then that night I finished fasting with some of Sister Allred’s vacuum-packed muddy buddies. Lucu ya? :)
Today we helped the Barnards sell their car in prep for them going home to Australia in a few weeks. Then the district treated ourselves to a lunch at mcdonalds and went shopping at Malioboro. All three of our appointments for tonight cancelled... weird because that NEVER happens hahaha. So not sure but we will make the best of it!
McDonald's for lunch today
I have been so inspired by our mission pres. "There is gold in the area book. The previous missionaries may have sifted through and taken out the big chunks of gold but we can't think the rest is just piles of dirt. Keep sifting. Use every tool in your bag." Every chapter of Preach My Gospel, every piece of technology that will soon be given to missionaries, every member, every record in the area book. 
Thanks dad for the scriptures. I always love studying them throughout the week! To answer your questions: How is your spiritual growth? This is another stage of growth for me. A time for me to focus back on myself and fix what I can. I am growing so much everyday but it makes me realize that there is still so much left to learn.  What have you learned from the Indonesian people? Inventiveness, how to make things work from nothing. How to get by with nothing or how to forget about things that don't really matter. Their culture? Everyone is a beloved person. Help that old lady to her seat, give that homeless man some water. Also, smile at everyone Your companions? We all have our different perspectives and missions are a time to learn how to be a good spouse later. A time to learn how to sacrifice some things and just let them have their way sometimes. God loves your neighbor just as much as he loves you.
Ha HA Ha HA, These are instructions of how to use a toilet in the
nice restaurant Raminten's... I about died laughing
Well that's it for my week! I can't wait to hear from you and from the prophets this week! Both should be 4 stars... 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! 
So glad everyone is doing well! So Grandpa Sheffield is feeling a little better? Cousin Nate at BYU :) too fun. Random but how are the Parry's? Jill/Jason? Also how is Jenisy's baby? I was just thinking about them today, do you have a picture of the baby? I just got the back-to-school letter from Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield and it makes me feel so important and special to know that another one is coming now that it's conference season. CAN'T WAIT FOR CONFERENCE! 
Haha so funny about joshua and i'm impressed with samuel's new skill. So funny about your "wardrobe malfunction" mom, you have a funny story to tell, haha.
Selalu dan selamanya,
Sis Sheff
3 Nefi 13:33 "Tetapi carilah kamu lebih dahulu kerajaan Allah dan kebenaran-Nya, dan segala sesuatu ini akan ditambahkan kepadamu."

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