Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week is my six month mark!

Nov 3 2013
I love you more than… 2 months early Christmas package! 
Hahahaha can you even believe it? I got that package in like 2 weeks... soooo now I have to just stare at it but we did eat one of the more melted packages of PB M&M's last night. (Editor's note; the last packageI sent took 2 1/2 months- so I wasn't taking any chances this time!)

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM! I wish I could do something for you but you boys need to give mom big sloppy jaloppy kisses for me ok? Remember the Indonesian birthday tradition? The birthday person gets flour, eggs and water dumped on them? Haha we'll do that when I get back :) I have come to realize and LOVE all of our families traditions and Indonesia traditions now too. I want to have a million traditions in my family when I get back. Speaking of which... this week is my 6 month mark! I only have 1 year left to serve the Lord as a full time sister missionary in the Indonesia Jakarta Mission!

Halloween sounds like it was fun! Ours was pretty average besides eating candy corn that you sent the other week and other candy. Also Sis. Allred dressed up as Sis. Believe and Sis. Manullang like me. It was pretty funny! Sis. Manullang had her hair braided and kept saying, "apa the heck!" and was writing quotes in a little notebook. They said I have too many quirks that it was too easy haha. After english class that night we were eating dinner and YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN IN INDONESIA FOR A LONG TIME WHEN... you watch a rat climb in and out of the place you are eating and it doesn't even phase your appetite. I think I talk about the rats every email haha. Then the power went out when we were about to teach a newer member so we were sitting outside in the dark learning/teaching with a flashlight and her ipad. That's kinda Halloweenish ya?

We had a "Sheffield Restaurant" clean out the fridge meal to brake the fast yesterday consisting of melted Peanut Butter M&M's, mango, made perkadel (fried mashed potato balls), juice from a fruit I don't know the name of, eggs and made cookie dough from a package Sis Allred had gotten a while back. Funny story! I went to put the pan in the oven and BOOM! fire explosion! I guess the fire in the gas oven had died but the gas had kept going and since there were potatoes boiling on the stove it made the gas catch on fire. Scared me and Sis. Manullang half to death! Singed a few hairs on my elbow too but nothing bad happened. Learned our lesson though since this was our first attempt to use the oven. But after that we just ate the cookie dough :) 

"See that little hill on the side of the town,
Go up and climb it and turn back around"
Song I love about missions named "A call to Hear" by Peter Brienholt

Also taught the sisters how to waltz last night. You know the song “A Call I Hear” by Peter Brienholt about his mission? He sings a line, "I remember days when we laughed so hard" and it made me want to have days like that on my mission too. You asked about laundry, we have a small washing machine in the house then just hang our clothes out to dry on drying frame things.
Jojga district at Zone Conference (PLD)
We had PLD last week and we have been much more motivated since. Elder Gong is such a sweet man. He complimented me on my prelude playing and said Ogden is a great place to be from. We also have a new mission goal- selalu minta referral! SMR (always ask for referrals!) Referrals -> baptisms -> wards -> stakes -> temples -> blessings for the people in Indonesia! He really focused on the Atonement. I feel like I am just understanding the Atonement! So simple, but why am I just wrapping my head around it now? According to my studying and understanding, it has 2 parts which everything falls under: victory over spiritual death and over physical death.
Here is Sis. Sheffield's doctrine of the Atonement! Victory over spiritual death comes from Christ's role as our Redeemer when he lived perfectly then suffered for us. It means we will be forgiven if we follow Him and are faithful. Only those who do repent and keep their covenants will be able to receive the full effects of this gift. The sacrament water is representative of that blood spilt for us. Victory of physical death came from the role of Christ as our Savior. He was crucified then resurrected and every single person will receive that gift of resurrection to be able to stand before God and be judged. The sacrament bread is representative of His body and that sacrifice.
It was so great to meet with Elder Gong and his wife (who spoke of her mission in Taiwan and how she overcame troubles with a tough companion. Great talk!) as well as President and Sister Donald. I love our President and wife. Who else has rubber band wars with their mission president? And he is so motivational! On the train and bus ride back home, we were ALL contacting people. Elder James was so impressed that as our District Leader, he bought us all dinner. Scooooore. And like always, sleeping in the hotel with a hot shower and big fluffy bed was way nice.
Caught in a rainstorm and basically felt like we had swam in our clothes
It has rained everyday this week and some of my books got wet from a leak in the ceiling but besides that I have loved it! Sometimes it makes the power go out in parts of the city too and it makes me just want to play in the rain! The other sisters keep teasing me that I act like a little kid when it rains. I guess Indonesians are used to it but it is like wonderland to me!

Congrats on the grades! Seriously Andrew is on the right track for BYU! Don't let little things get in the way of that bud! Joshua is sounding so grown up. I called it, he is going to change the most! Samuel and Jacob! I have been thinking about you guys every time it rains because I need my rain buddies! Or I guess for you guys it is now snow haha weird! Jacob I am SO grateful to you and that you fasted for me. It has helped me so much this week! Mom and dad, I was so touched that my name was on the prayer roll in the temple. The temple seems like such a distant thing, but Elder Gong kept talking about it and also said that I needed to know how many prayers are said every day in the temple for me. Dad, I am praying for you for your trip to Jordan! Last week you asked about the call to prayer here in Indo... you know I don't really hear it anymore! I hear it but it is biasa saja (just normal). I also have been listening to the songs from when you sang in priesthood session at the conference center and trying to pick out your voice :)
I HAVE A T.L. (compliment) FOR YOU ALL! Sis Allred said, "your family sounds so cool! All your stories and traditions."

I think that's about it for my week! Word on the street is that we are getting a curriculum for english class soon which should be different. And maybe the Jakarta sisters will start using Facebook in January or December.
I love you forever and always. Keep up the good times, look for missionary opportunities and make me proud! Laugh a lot for me and tell me all your funny stories.
<3 Sis Sheff

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