Monday, October 27, 2014

Layering on spiritual lessons--like Kue Lapis

Arrived Oct 26 2014

Love you more than…Banana-peanut butter-milk smoothies. Every morning after we go running :) So yummy!
Spiritual stuff first gpp ya? (gpp=no problem) Well I've said it once and I'll say it again... The Lord calls you to the mission that will be hardest for you personally! I think back to what I expected of my mission before I got here and what I have experienced since. I never could have known what serving here would have been like, but how lucky I am to be here! The Lord keeps layering on spiritual lessons--like kue lapis (its this super delicious layered cake here). I am learning so much through my mistakes, my weaknesses, seeing experiences of others and learning about my Savior! I think Indonesia is a hard mission for me because this is a mission where you don't always SEE the fruits of your labors. I go through mini depression every week when we look back at the "numbers" (how many lessons, how many people want to be baptized, how many people we gave a Book of Mormon). But I have to remember what Sister Suryani always said, "You can count the seeds in an apple but you can't count the apples in a seed." It's hard for me to have this desire to prepare people to make changes in their lives when it seems like no one wants to learn with us! It's hard for me to feel like my testimony is growing but no one wants to hear it. Maybe that is just one of the ways Heavenly Father is shaping me. Helping me be less like Thomas, who had to see to believe. Do I still believe in the strength and power of this work of salvation, even when I don't "see" the results? It was our big zone-meeting this last week and that means a spiritual boost. (And a sob fest when I gave my final testimony haha) Sister Olsen said it best when she said, "aren't you glad that you're not going home this week? Maybe this last month wasn't what you had hoped for but now we have 4 more weeks to make that change". (Pray for Sister Olsen-- I think I've been raising my personal expectations so much that I've let it stress HER out! It's always hard to be someone's last companion because you want everything to be perfect for them before they leave. She is too good to me!) 

Futsol with Indonesians is so hard

OK well for the week's highlights... Monday I finally finished designing the mission t-shirt! Tuesday we had personal interviews with President for PLD (zone conference) and it was so good! First thing president asks... "Sister, are you finishing strong?" Haha that's the goal! We also had the GREATEST lesson with this lady that I met on the bus about 7 months ago! We decided to text almost all the numbers in our contacts and she is one that responded! She is golden! Unfortunately she lives in another city so we gave her to the missionaries there :)
I'm in this  group, on the front row

Wednesday was PLD and I got to be a translator! It was a blast :) I didn't get to take very many notes but it really touched me everything that was said! I get so jealous to hear of all the great plans for the mission for Desember or next year... this mission rocks! And then ya, saying my farewell testimony and I probably looked like a blabbing dork. A lot of people thanked me but I don't really remember what I said!
Our newest sisters right before they went to the MTC

Kamis- we went with the Elders to give them another golden contact! He is really open to learning! Then they came and blessed a member. Then when we went to go to a inactive sister, we saw this girl get her phone stolen on the bus so we played detective and tried to find the guys who did it (they were so sly and flirty and tried to take something from us too!) buuuuut no luck- it’s Sister Nancy Drew here! We had a huge rainstorm but luckily were on the bus so when it flooded we just watched if from the window of the bus (*cough* for three hours *cough*) Anyways! We are like so careful these days against pick-pockets! 

Friday we had to go do a follow-up at the doctor but everything is clear, we're healthy and good to go. We stopped by Sister Lely's and then to English class. I love that now we end English class with a spiritual message. I gave the thought about Jesus Christ and even though it is optional to stay, our student who is Muslim, stayed for the whole thing! How cool is that?

Outdoor movie night. Watching "Other Side of Heaven" outside at the church.
It made is so much more real.
Saturday we had the coolest activity! We set up a projector outside the stake center and after the other ward had a baptism at 5 o clock, we watched "the other side of heaven" at 6 o clock. We even had 2 investigators come! It was SOOO fun to watch it outside with all the palm trees and to be on my mission. It was hard to watch when he went home though.... But LOVED getting to gather with all the members and friends :)
A typical (and delicious) meal -- Nasi Gila
and a drink that I actually don't know the name of

Sunday Sister Bella gave her first talk in sacrament meeting and it was great! It was a tough topic (yehzekiel 18, 34, 37) but I love seeing her get all excited for it. We had ward council, visited an inactive sister and then planned for the week.

Jakarta traffic at night

I think that's it! I hope that you have a great week! I love seeing the pictures and am always so shocked how OLD everyone looks! So grown up it kills me! PS are Gaylin and Teresa coming out for thanksgiving?
Give everyone my love! You guys are the greatest family ever... have I ever told you that before? Make me proud!

Love, Sister Sheff

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