Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heavenly Father knew EXACTLY how to get me excited!

Arrived Oct 19, 2014
Heavenly Father knew exactly how to get me excited

Love you more than…
Singing opera style!

Well after last weeks excitement-preparing myself to leave the mission on Nov. 2nd instead of Nov. 26th. And not wanting to leave. Now I think I’m a little confused! Dittooooo Mom! DITTO! It was such this rollercoaster to go from planning for 6 weeks to all of the sudden imagining it being less than a month. Yaaa how could you not help but feel a little bit trunky, thinking that I was coming home in 3 homes?! It was like I mentally prepared myself for the 26th for so long and then was prepping for Nov 2nd and so then when President told me it would stay the 26th I almost felt like I had to readjust my brain again. It makes me realize one thing though—the Lord’s plan is perfect and it will happen no matter what! I think it was a good chance for me to practice what it will be like in a few more weeks and yet still have the chance to focus back and get back to work. Ya, not gonna lie… I was pretty excited to give you all a hug in a few weeks but we’ll postpone that just a few more weeks so that I can find and baptize a family first :)

Well I am crammed for time this week so I don’t know how much I will get to share but I’ll just start with the spiritual theme for the week: The Lord’s timing is not our timing but it is perfect! That sums up the whole week! When it comes to my pulang date (my going-home date) Heavenly Father knew exactly how to get me excited enough to work hard and not feel like my time is already up, but that I still have enough time to throw myself into it 100%!

On Tuesday we were on our way to a sick member’s house when we got a text message from an old contact asking us to come by. Turns out she is in the same bus route so we were already on our way to her house without even realizing! Well then we ran out of time to visit that sick sister and felt so stinkin’ upset that we promised to come and couldn’t! Well we finally had the time two days later and on our way to her house this man sees us as he is about to drive away on his motorcycle then he shouts “Are you…” So I turn around to see what he is going to say and he is just staring at our nametags. Well then he starts to ask us where we are going. We tell him we are visiting a member of our church who is sick he asks the funniest/neatest question “Don’t you visit people besides your members?” “Ya of course!” we reply, he asks “Well do you have a message of joy and good news for me?” we are like “Ya!” he asks “How long does that take?” us: “We can be just a few minutes.” Him: “Ok come in right now.” How cool is that?! So we taught about the Book of Mormon and he was like “I’ve never read that I would love to borrow one!” So that was another timing miracle!

So then on Sunday we went to visit an inactive who didn’t come to church and we happened to come right as she was leaving for another church with her friend… good and awkward timing! But we went to visit Sister Lely and guess what?! Her husband has read the Book of Mormon every day for the last few weeks! He said he liked how it is so much more to the point and makes sense. What a huge step! Sister Lely really opened up to us about her life and I cannot believe the things she has had to go through in the past. Makes me hurt to see how scarred she must be BUT she has found a new life in the Gospel. She is the most cheerful and uplifting and inspiring lady. You HAVE to meet her when you come!

Funniest thing that slipped out of my mouth this week: “Those are my two favorite things! Glow in the dark and Jesus!”

PS I have been studying through 3rd Nefi and 4th Nefi and been thinking about how awesome the missionaries the 3 Nephites are! They NEVER went home from their calling! Why can’t I be more like them?! Just awesome eternal missionaries! But after studying 3 Nefi chp 19, 27 and 28 I have one question for you—What one thing do you most desire? More than anything else in the universe… literally the universe. The multitudes desired the Holy Ghost, the apostles desired answers, and to be with God after their ministry, the 3 Nephites desired to “bring the souls of men unto [Christ] while the world shall stand.” Something to ponder about.

If there is anything else to get done, lemme know about your questions and what not. I have been thinking about classes and majors and all that jazz and have started to organize a few classes for next semester! I already have 15 credits planned and organized if you wanna see. But class sign-ups will be on a P-day so I will be able to do that all right from here! PPS What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope that you have a great week and find someone to do something special for!

<3 Sister Sheff
Taman Mini Indonesia
How many times have I held a snake on my mission?
Makes a cute scarf eh?
All the sisters with the snake
Sister Akaiti, me and Sister Manurung

Vespa with Sister Manurung
Goofy district of ours
The whole district! Our only picture all together at Taman Mini

Jakarta Sisters

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