Monday, October 6, 2014

Goal for the week is to be an extra-miler

Love you more than... listening to Kingston Trio at Island Park :)

Mom I think you win the award for the most witty emailer! (And Dad should write a book- Spiritual talks in a minute.) I also really loved the talk that you sent! I forgot about that story.
We haven't heard conference yet! That'll be broadcast this weekend and I'm assuming it'll be like last time where we just listen in Indonesian. SOOOO EXCITED!
At the center of town
Well I really like making lists so I am going to just make a list of a few highlights from the week...
The good:
   We met with Vita twice this week! We didn't get to teach very much since it was too late at night but it just is nice to see her again. 
   Oke this isn't just good, it's AMAZING! We can't stop listening to this!  Oh Davie.... :) Such a good rendition of this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gives you goosebumps and I am stoked for the movie!
   Bought some awesome red shoes, a cool Jakarta t-shirt and an awesome batik pencil skirt! I love souvenirs! Speaking of which... Andrew I'm so confused what you want! A classic brown batik shirt or what?
The funny
   We were going to give a few investigators to the other Jakarta sisters and so I got to go on exchanges with Sister Manurung! We had one investigator make an appointment at the mall with her office for 2 o’clock. Well she showed up at 4:30! So we had been wandering around trying to proselyte and it was too funny! We tried one of those like shaky board exercise things (you know what I'm talking about?) for like half an hour! Haha it is vibrating so fast I either thought I'm gonna lose my skirt or my lunch! But apparently you can burn 120 calories in 10 minutes... sweet!
   We pulled out the jump rope last P-day and got this group of grown missionaries skipping all around haha
   I've been reading the war chapters of Alma and getting WAY into it! I just picture the whole thing like a movie. Well in Alma 44:11, Moroni is angry with the wicked Zerahemnah and says "I cannot recall the words which I have spoken, therefore as the Lord liveth... ye will not return again against us to war." Ok well I was telling Sister Olsen, "isn't that so funny to picture Moroni all up in Zerahemnah's face and just saying 'I can't remember what I said but you're not going to get away with this'" Then Sister Olsen is like "recall means to take back... not remember!" Ohhhh I'm such a smart missionary eh?
"Elder Aleksander and the crew
The spiritual
   Fasting. I usually start Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. What a difference between my attitude on that Saturday and then later on the Sunday! I love how much we are humbled through fasting and attending church! How much I needed that boost. We have spent almost this whole week just proselyting and trying to find ANYONE to teach. By the end of the week, fasting and church are just like a spiritual break. I LOVE OUR WARD!
   Wanna hear a lil’ miracle? We were walking to the bus one night and going up the sidewalk ramp past a few people. I heard someone say in an even tone "watch out" so I turned around to see if Sis Olsen had said it. Well there was someone about to zip open Sister Olsen's bag and I stopped him! Haha it was kinda funny because then it’s us just staring at this guy like "what? what do you want?" And him just like "nothing!" And so we just all keep walking towards the bus. Just glad I heard that voice! Whoever it was... (Holy Ghost?) I've never had to worry about my safety here. We are just so watched over as missionaries!
With Sister Rianah's adorable daughter

Well my goal for the week is to be an extra-miler. Time is ticking and I'm feeling the urgency. I love making goals! I'll be thinking about the MTC job application this week.
Give everyone my love!
And pray for me ya? Keep strong! CTR!

<3 Sister Sheffield

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