Sunday, November 2, 2014

I love Fast Sunday miracles

Love you more than…RENDANG!
Oh my goodness gracious we had the most delicious beef rendang last night! After dinner was over our investigator turned her back for 1/2 a second and I popped some into my mouth and tried to chew while smiling and acting normal haha.
Matching bags! Totes twins comps

Well another week of highs and lows! One thing I loved about this week was just what Elder Barrus was saying in our DDM. I don't know if we worked any harder than we have been in the last few weeks, in fact sometimes if felt like we were doing less. BUT the Lord blessed us with more people to teach and investigators to meet!
I'll just get right to it!

Monday: we had a few appointments during our P-day but it was nice to visit with some members and see how much they love the missionaries and want to help us! 
Tuesday: We visited an inactive sister at her shop but her kids were throwing a fit and as a missionary we are so limited on what we can do to help. It breaks your heart to see her have to struggle so much and you feel like asking her to come back to church will be a burden, yet what a testimony I have that church is exactly what we need to overcome our daily stresses and to feel of the Spirit of peace! I really hope we can get the members to rally around her and her 2 little kids so they will come back!

Another heartbreaker was when an almost investigator completely refused to take a Kitab Mormon. So many excuses and you know that if she could just read a little bit and see the power, she would say yes! But it was a good day and we met some awesome people while contacting!
Wednesday: We made a "quick" run by the mission home to do some facebook proselyting and got fattened up by Sister Donald and her american candy! Reeses! York! How can you turn those down? But we had the coolest miracle when a person just texted us and asked to meet that afternoon! We met her and her friend who both really loved hearing about the Book of Mormon and wanted to come to church sometime!

Thursday: The newest mission couple arrived from the USA and wanted to go on splits with us! Elder and Sister Williams (Elder Williams served here back in the 70's!) So we took Sister Williams out with us and it was just a blast! She is so cool and it was fun to take her to meet Sister Lely. We taught about temples and it was AMAZING! Sister Lely made the goal to go next October! YAHOO! Now we are going to do all we can to help her make that goal. Oh yeah we also had some random guys ask if they could heal us but when they started chanting about the Holy Spirit we kinda gave them our card and hurried off haha.

Halloween! I was dressed up as "Elder Sheffield" if you can see my name tag
Friday: HALLOWEEN! I made lemon bars (as a change up from the chocolate) that you sent me a while back and they were delicious! Thanks a million from the whole district! We had Sister Williams with us again that day but sadly everyone canceled and no one showed up for the first 45 minutes of English class! Finally for the last like 15 minutes someone came and we had a fun time with that. And lucky duck for him, he got all our Halloween candy!

Saturday: I was kinda having this rollercoaster of a day but we had a fun service activity with Elder and Sister Lewis who are serving in Solo as the Family History couple. They came and did a presentation for a few people here in Jakarta. People were a little bit worried about this "family enrichment program" but those that came liked it! We were able to meet with Sister Sasa that night and help her share the gospel with a friend on facebook (how cool is the internet?!)

Sunday: Guess what?! SOMEONE CAME TO CHURCH! FINALLLLLLLY! It was a fasting miracle! Her name is Tania and we had just met her on the bus a few days before. It was nice to see her come and be so interested in everything even if it was a little bit overwhelmingly new. I think she is so sweet and has awesome potential. Then after that we rushed over to see the baptism in the other ward (they are on fire!) and then had a unexpected appointment with another contact. She turned out to be way cool and fed us delicious food and took us home in her lovely car. I love Fast Sunday miracles don't you? 
Visited Sister Sasa from our ward. She is soooooo cool and so strong!

GUESS WHAT ELSE?! Ya so I have to sign up for BYU classes really soon and I'm still unsure but I just keep praying the Lord will help me do the right thing and put me in the right place at the right time. 
GUESS WHAT ELSE2?! We switched our P-day so that tomorrow we can go to a rollercoaster park with our whole district! I'm SO stoked! I feel kinda on edge lately and definately needed a break like this :) 

Well I sure love you so much! I hope you have a fantastic week and mom... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SENDING YOU A HUGE HUG YOUR WAY! (you know its funny the things that remind me of you. Like yesterday when I used some moose and thought hmm I smell like mom! I pray for you always!)
Let me know about the MTC job and if you have any other suggestions before I pick classes.
Give everyone my love! I can't believe Red got baptized! Congrats cuz! He looked so sharp with that bowtie.
COngrats on the Halloween party! And the costumes look so cool! GO COUGS!
Thank you so much for your prayers and fasts for me. I can really feel the difference. Sometimes you feel like you're on the brink of losing it but then you remember the Savior. The Atonement. Your Family. Your friends. Your calling. Those are things worth smiling about :)
Sister Sheffield
Jakarta at night
They've got so many statues in this city! So cool!

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