Monday, November 18, 2013

A week of little miracles

November 17,2013

I love you more than….our family's song! "Let it go... let it roll right off your shoulders, don't you know the hardest part is over?" P.S. that is a great missionary song!
SO we had a few miracles this week! LITTLE miracles (but these small hours, these little wonders... still remain... heehee)
Tuesday's miracles: I got my Christmas package sent to you guys! But ya... um... it should be there in maybe... February? I'm so sorry! I really did try! But I also got package from Grandma that day and 2 letters from you and a letter from the Hedricks! Another miracle is that even though the kitchen and my desk flooded from the rain, all my talks were fine after I dried them so nothing got ruined permanently!
Borobudur. This place looked like paradise. 
Wednesday: well this is a funny story. I'm about 2 bucket-pours into my shower and then all the water died! In the whole house! So the miracle is that the owner found the spot where the rats had been chewing the wires and fixed it without it taking all day! Next miracle- we have one inactive member that we have caught literally running away and hiding from us when he sees our bikes coming down the street BUT we ran into him on his way fishing. Even though we didn't get much time to talk to him, we got to talk to him! And the miracle is that he didn't run hahaha. Another miracle, we prepared a message for one investigator about the temple but she cancelled. Turns out we ran into a newish member who was considering getting her temple recommend and our message was just right for her! Another miracle- You know that Pecel Lele place I always talk about and eat probably 3x a week? After almost 5 months of me begging, they gave me a t-shirt! Haha one of their legit, from their closet, workers only, tshirts! That was an awesome miracle for me even though it sounds so dumb. 
My new favorite t-shirt. Brought to you by my
best friends at Sedyo Mulyo's Pecel Lele.

The last miracle of the day! We went to a part-members house and wanted to share a short message with the mom, and non-member 22 year old daughter. Well the daughter, Gina, started asking allll these questions about the church, some of them about the usual stuff (I was already baptized in the catholic church why do I need to be baptized again) but some of them about how she can get the temple to be sealed to her dad who has already passed away. The miracle is that she told us she feels comfortable asking us missionaries because she hasn't trusted the missionaries like she trusts us. WADUH! (translated: WOW!) Four months I've been trying to build a relationship with her that would allow her to feel open with us about religion and soften her heart to the church then BAM she said that she does feel comfortable with us! I think she felt the Holy Ghost too! So worth getting home late.

Thursday: Best miracle of that day was having one of our appointments go better than expected. When you expect someone to get slightly offended but then really love your message and get the promptings from the Holy Ghost, then that is a miracle! Also Elder James got in a bike wreck the night before, on the way home from our appointment with Gina, and had to get stiches on his forehead so maybe it is a miracle that we didn't fall too?

Friday: We had a trip to Semarang (about 4 hrs away) for a Zone Meeting. The miracles of that were from the lessons learned! I have been thinking about promptings from the spirit and that was the theme of the meeting! Also then our driver (we rented a car for the Jogja district) got lost on the way home but miraculously after 6 hours, we made it home! Haha it was a really fun day too and I love getting to hear from the other missionaries in the zone.

Saturday-Today: President came to Jogja with Sister Donald! That is a miracle because they are seriously angels. They are the coolest and so inspiring and so much fun and so amazing and just everything that is good in this world! They are SO powerful and SO full of the spirit! They bought us so much food this weekend I thought that I was in heaven. Krispie Kream donuts from Jakarta, cookies from Australia, Nanamia's Pizzeria, Raminten's (our 2 favorite restraunts in Jogja), McDonalds and more chocolate and paid for taxi's and Borobudur and everything in between!
President Donald, Sister Believe and I on one
of the many wonderful excursions with Pres. this weekend
Borobudur needed some LDS flair.
Sister Believe and I standing in front of Borobudur.
Largest Budist temple in the world, I think.
In Indonesian temples are referred to as candi, so this is Candi Borobudur.
Jojga, Jojga, Jojga (it's got to be President's favorite city)
Our district.

Another miracle- Saturday I was feeling flu-ish but after a quick nap at the church I was ready to go again and we were able to visit a non active family. 

Sunday at church Gina came to church with her mom and came to Gospel Principles with us missionaries! Miracleeee! Then another miracle is that when Pres/Sis Donald and Elder/Sister Lucherini came to inspect our house, they shared the best and most wonderful message from 1 Corinthians 1 (especially vs 10) that just brought the best spirit into our home. We needed a good boost and let me tell you, when president prayed calling upon the blessings from Heavenly Father as the President of the Indonesia Jakarta Mission, there was not a dry eye in the house. I love President Donald! 
A picture of Mt. Mirapi (which apparently erupted a little this morning
 and raining some ash near Solo - cool right?!)

That night after flooded kitchen problems again and chasing a rat out of the garage, I made homemade popcorn on a rainy day! And it was good too ;) I was so proud of myself for figuring that out since I don't think I've made popcorn on the stove since the Logan cabin when I was 4... Miracle! 
Today we were spoiled to death! President asked us if we wanted to go to Borobudur with him for P-day! Miracle! He never does that! But it was the best day ever!!!! We went to Borobudur and a silver factory, a chocolate factory and a basket factory! All the sisters rode together and Sis Donald is going to send me ingredients from Jakarta to make a pie for thanksgiving! Ohhhhh I could rave about them forever but we have an appointment later tonight. SO I have to go! 
I took this picture so mom would do a painting of it for me.
Read Alma 17. I loved the way they described their missions in vs 5. They sufferend much in both body and in mind... I think all missionaries do. But they were the best missionaries ever and those "scars" both spiritual and physical that they had and I will have, are what will make me a better servant and follower of Christ for the rest of eternity! Also read Moses 7. I read until vs 51 and was so touched, did you know Heavenly Father weeps when we don't love his other children? When we don't repent? Oh I love this gospel and I love these small hours, little wonders, small miracles that happen every day! Gotta goooooooo!
Jangan perna sedih karena saya mengasihi anda dan injil ini menyenangkan! (which translated: "Don't have sad because I love you and the gospel is fun!)
Be good and be safe! Praying for you always...

~ SIS Sheff

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