Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fishers of men

Nov. 10, 2013

I love you more than…
rain! And man do I love the rain :)

So this week, our mission President let us move P-Day to Tuesday because it was a holiday, so even though we emailed on Monday, we spent the rest of the day working and then Tuesday went as a district to some beaches. It was really fun and pretty. We even contacted a few people about english class! That night we Bule's were thinking about all the "You know you've been in Indonesia for a while when..." things that we could think of. We love Indonesia! But it also is great to be somewhere that makes you appreciate all you had at home too.

Baron Beach

Wednesday: Get this... Pak (who is 60ish remember) said the most smart-alek thing ever. We have been trying every thing to get him to even see the church building within a 5 minute walk from his house. So when he said that he didn't have a DVD player, we said we could watch "Finding Faith in Christ" at the church because there was a DVD player there. Then he said, "Just like Christ told the disciples, 'blessed are those who see and believe but even more blessed are those who don't see and still believe' I don't need to see that movie at the church. I'll just believe you." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just get out of your house and go to the church already! Haha he is too smart for his own good. That day in english we played the "telephone" game and that was hilarious. Then that night... I taught a family how to use a toaster. And they are a really wealthy family too! But it was a great chance to work on the daughter who is still not a member and a little resistant to learning with the missionaries. That was a first though. FUNNY STORY! That daughter is doing a promotion for a skin whitener so she had me and sis believe try it too... I used skin whitener!!! Haha, well if that isn’t the epitome of hyperbole. Luckily it didn't do too much and we just tried it on our hands any ways.
Learning how to use a toaster

Thursday: I am learning how to live in a house with 4 girls. So different than home with all brothers, but so fun! I also am seeing some things in my growth that make me think of promises in my patriarchal blessing. It makes me excited to think of my potential on this earth.
Sister Believe and I at Baron Beach

Friday: 6-MONTH-A-VERSARY! I also sang happy bday for you Mom and prayed extra hard for your trip Dad. Here when it rains, people usually wait for it to stop so it makes a good chance to try and contact people. That night we had a forever long choir practice.
Saturday: Well it was another first for me. A strange man came up to the church steps, stole a Book of Mormon from Sister Believe's bike and started to read it while he rolled doobies on the church steps. Haha new investigator? I also was thinking about Mosiah 4: 17-18 (16-21) and realized that one sin I might not have thought of before is the "serves him right" sin. I should never with investigators, companions or anyone think "serves them right" or "I told them so" or things like that. Christ would've still shown them compassion at every second.

Sunday: Ward Conference! We had to be at the church at 7 to start playing the prelude. I was the pianist for sacrament meeting, played 2 of the choir songs and sang a solo in the other song at the same time I was the chorister for that song. My voice and piano playing has DEFINATELY improved since my mission and the song that I got to sing the solo with gave me and everyone else Goosebumps. It is a Sally DeFord song but Sis Peni translated it from "Make us One" to "Bersatu" and whoa! Made me want to cry when I hit these high notes then the whole choir came in singing "bersatu" or unity. Whew! Made all the practice worth it to feel that spirit from the ward. Then we were given a ton of food that day which is the best missionary blessing :)

The District at Baron Beach
Sweetest jumping picture ever, looks like a scene from the Survivor Show

I have a gospel question for you dad! We were talking about the celestial kingdom. Those who inherit the kingdom of God... do we all inherit the same kingdom? Or just a part of it? And how does that work with becoming creators of kingdoms?
And sister believe sudah mulai rencana  (translation: have started to plan) her trip to the church history sites haha
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I HOPE THAT YOU ARE DOING SO WELL! Sorry I don't have a ton of time to respond to your email but keep up the good times :)
Kasih kekal dan abadi! (Translation:The eternal and perennial)

<3 Sis Sheff

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