Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day

I am so impressed by the Book of Mormon this week. It has got to be the best story book ever. But its all true! To think that Joseph Smith made it all up is insane. Only the Lord could have had a hand in this book. If all I knew about our church was that we used the Book of Mormon, it would be enough to convince me that this IS Christ's church and there is none other like it anywhere. I KNOW this church is true and I know for a surety that the Book of Mormon is evidence of our church's divinity.

Why does the time feel so short that we get to Skype? I wish I could have heard more from you and explained more to you but it made me more anxious to send some letters your way!

We are still trying to find some really solid new investigators but the ones that we do have are doing so well. Vita is progressing (SHE CAME TO SACRAMENT!) and we challenged her to pray about a baptismal date again this week. She needs time because she has some major trust issues from her past life, but I think she is past the point of no return (if you know what I mean haha). I truly believe she will be baptized in the next month. Ibu Lely has been hard to meet with but after a series of major promptings and guidance* from the Lord, we stopped by her house the other day and still can see the light of Christ in her eyes. She is anxiously awaiting the new Liahona Conference edition. (*So we both thought of her in the morning during personal study, then we got a referal that we need to find who lives in her area and has the same name AND then the elders from another city called asking about Ibu Leli because her brother is a member from that other ward. Basically the Lord was shouting at us to drop our other plans and go visit her!)
The few let downs have been the people that we have met, loaned a Kitab Mormon to but then they become unreachable or ignore us. I shouldn't be so worried because I know the Lord is watching over them. I guess Sister Allred and I are just planting a lot of seeds out here! We have made a lot of goals to focus in on what are most important responsibilities are. A lot of it focusing on seeing Vita, Leli and others get baptized soon.
Oh one more thing, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!
So good to hear your voice and see your smiles!!!!! Sis Donald said she could see where I get my excitement from. (does she just mean my loudness? haha) but also that our family looked so good. Tell the Andersons I love them again since I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. Jus, Alyss, G-money and Teresa too! Give Grandma an extra hug for me!
Also do you have the new ensign yet by any chance?
Keep loving eachother and serving the Lord. It is so much more important than we realize. And Andrew, I'll be praying for your AP test :) cram the day before and then get lots of sleep haha. You will rock it Bro! I mean BRAE!
After skyping for mother's day, she received the mail in the mission office,
and in it was a package we sent with her favorite spring treat...
Starburst jelly beans

Sampai ketemu <3
~Sister Sheff

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