Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I love you more than...

Sis. Sheffield is  left center of the sisters on second row
Arrived Apr 28, 2014
....I love Sis Manalu being home!
Sorry, this is a tiny email because I'm in MANADO!!!!!!! But I'm trying to type on an ipad which is painfully slow. Here is what I sent President.
This week was a humbling week! I knew this would happen after a while because we have had nothing but success for the last few weeks. The pride cycle took its turn. PLD was great though. 

It reminded me of the conference talk about following up! I am excited to recommit myself to our mission goals. But the sad part of the well came when all of our investigators decided to be busy or to ignore us. We really struggled to find people to teach. Yes we did exchanges and had pld but it still is frustrating. Time to do some finding again! Vita is still progressing and we had an amazing lesson about repentance the other day. I taught gospel principles which is like my favorite thing ever!  .  But exchanges were good! Sis Suryani is great at leading and sis Simon is such a good contacter.
Sis Manalu came home and is now the best  fellowshipper ever!
Life is great! I love you all! PS I taught aids Allred is a Web like a spider's Web and she has been singing it all week.
Kasih selalu,

Sis Sheffield

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