Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's play "where in the world is Sister Sheff"

Dec 8 2013
Mengasihi kalian lebih banyak dari pada... (Love you all more than...)

Reeses! (Sis Sperry shared with us the other day and WOW I forgot how good those are!)
So right now we are playing a game of "where in the world is SIs Sheff". Where am I?
First picture with Sis. Manurung
I am in Jakarta emailing from a warnet with the other Jakarta sisters after spending the last weekend with them and the Sister Trainers and apparently we will still be in Jakarta until Wednesday before transferring to Solo! When I got to the mission home late Thursday night, they said I actually had to renew my kitas, so I would be staying until Monday but then no one really knew the plan and so we have been shuffled around like baggage between the poor sisters haha. They have to bring us everywhere and we have no hp (cell phone) and no clue about Jakarta so we just follow them around. BUT I have loved being here. It brings back soooooooo many memories from my first week in Indonesia. I'm sleeping in the same places, visiting some of the same people... the only difference is that now I can understand and enjoy what is going on!
So many Christmas trees in Jakarta! Here it really does feel like the Christmas season

This transfer has been crazy because there was one sister who went home before the others and new sisters/elders who came in 2 weeks before the other missionaries go home and people who need to renew their visa's... so these three weeks there are transfers, exchanges and threesomes and I'm sure lots of headaches for the poor people at Senopati who have to buy all the plane tickets! But we will get to Solo eventually. 
We're taking pictures with every tree possible

Last pday we played futsol which I loved! I maybe get too intense though haha. Then we ate at a member's restraunt. The best part about moving is that everyone gives you presents (or ask YOU for presents haha) but this member gave me a skirt that doesn't fit... yet! haha. Other highlights were when we ordered KFC and had a mini FHE at the house. That night though we found out that there are mice that can get into the laundry room from the ceiling. Weird how the mission makes you so chill about stuff like that though.
Ajidharma family
Tuesday we went out to visit The Ajidharma family and teach a new investigator. (I also got your letter with Jackson and Nicole's emails). 

Wednesday was my last day in Jogja but I was thinking it would be just a normal day and that I wouldn't get to say goodbye to the district, but Sis Believe surprised me with a "goodbye party" at McDonalds with the district. Haha seriously McD's is like a treat here and I am a sucker for their dipped ice cream cones. It was a good day because we had a good english class, a good lesson with Pak, with Sis Tjandra and taught a new contact. Also drowned one of the mice that we caught in the cage. I got donuts, a fan, a little purse and a santa hat. I'd say it was a good last day in Jogja!
Last meal as Jogja district at McDonal's
Thursday we finished packing just in time to get to the airport. Sis Allred and I talked the entire drive, flight and drive again to Senopati. I'm going to miss being with her! Then we waited for Sis Jibson to get to Senopati and then talked until lattttte night (aka 12 but don't tell president haha... mission life= midnight is way late)

Friday morning we went on a run with the new sisters from Indonesia and America. Then after quick traning, SIs Allred/Jibson and left and we went out with the Jakarta sisters.

Saturday we spent with the Sister Trainers, Sunday with the Jakarta Sisters. 
(Sorry i'm typing fast because I have to go get my kitas RIGHT NOW)
Highlights were the primary program in the Indonesian ward and visiting the English ward. I forget what english ward manners are! We visited one of the members from the english ward last night and it was funny to get a glimpse of what an english mission would be like. But anyways I am loving this time with Sis Manurung, even though it has been a little scattered.
She is 19, from Tangerang and her whole family was baptized when she was 13. (Fun fact for ya: her older brother helped teach sister Manalu the gospel!) We will hopefully get to Solo on wednesday and start our work with the people out there. I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope you have the best week. I loved the pictures and the email too. Always praying for you. Read the BOM every night and you can't go astray.
PS MY NEW COMPANION IS A DOLL! She is wonderful, amazing, beautiful, sweet and smart

I'm so lucky!

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