Monday, September 2, 2013

This week flew by

Sept 2, 2013

Just wanted to say good morning and see if this video will work. I'll email later (hopefully) but before I get back... WILL YOU SEND A CREPE RECIPE? I really wanna make some this week but I have no measuring cups but no idea how to eyeball it either. I don't know any of the proportions. WIll you just send anything and I will try to work with what I have? Thanks
sis sheff
Short video {editors note: she yells I N D O N E S I A}
The sound didn't convert over

My week! (this week flew by, is that just me?)
Monday: After emailing, our tennis buddies never showed so I taught Sis Manalu a little bit then our next appointment never showed, so we tracted and contacted around the touristy areas of Jogja. And I was a good bule and took pictures with everyone who asked, even the sketchy ones haha.
The famous Tuggu (statue) in Jogja that everyone takes
really touristy pictures in front of, so why not?

Tuesday: I spent personal study studying about your spiritual thoughts from the email and letters I got. Then we went out to Klaten. We are still trying to balance it but I love the Winoto family, they are too kind! I had a crepe-ish food there which made me determined to make crepes here! We started teaching Alexcia the lessons again as a new member which is so satisfying to hear her testimony about these things she has grown to know.  I love working with Sister Manalu!

Me with some kids in Klaten, waiting for my bus ride home
Wednesday: We woke up at 3 am from a text from the AP/ZL who were going home that morning. Ugh it was the MOST TRUNKY text ever, those cheeky lil rascals. But it was kinda funny, just about the things they are going to enjoy now that they're going home. We spent an hour at a cruise ship school talking about english and they talked me into singing the national anthem... alone! It was kinda awkward but they thought it was cool! Then I finally met the new elders. Elder James is the new DL and Elder Kusumarmanto is from Jogja but grew up in Jakarta so it isn't 100% white washed. We went as a district and contacted at Alun-Alun which is always kinda magical at night with all the bubbles and glow toys and people.

Thursday: lots of study and planning then got lost again thanks to my attempt at finding an inactive member haha. We taught Alexcia about family history and nooone of her work is done so that is cool she gets to start (especially being royalty).

Friday: English at UCP was exceptionally good and makes me want to work there or at least find the branch in Utah someday. They taught me something in english too: "if he has money- good boy. if no money- good bye!" We were laughing soooo hard. Then I got a TL for the church and missionaries. A representative from San Fran was there and he said, "I love working with the LDS church because you guys aren't here to vacation. You are here to get something done!" After DDM I had a renewed desire to use the Kitab Mormon and all the scriptures waaay more in my teaching. It brings the spirit so much more than me alone! Alma 31:5. We also had the ZL's here. But can I just tell you, between them and the Barnard's, I swear everyone is trying to make me trunky! The Barnards are self-admittedly sooo trunky but I also am loving Indo so much right now. Wanna hear something kinda funny? We met with a family who have a son named Alma. But they want to change his name because he is too naughty to have the name of a prophet! Haha isn't that ironic?

Saturday: I got my personalized small Indonesian hymn book and I am sooo excited about it! It is beautiful! We taught 2 investigators that I have soo much faith in. One has already been learning for 6 years but has a baptismal date and the other is such a smart man who just started the lessons but thinks they are very interesting. Then we went to the hospital to visit a part member family. (PS I had a drink that is like hot cider with jellies and chunks of bread... drinks here are way weirder than the food. but the funniest part is that it was so hot that I couldn't really drink it and spilled it all down the front of my skirt, soggy bread and all haha.) Then we visited the family of Elder Wiratma (from the MTC with me) and they gave me a picture with him and Branny! Er Elder McCall! SOOO crazy! I about had a heart attack. THis world is so small. 
Gila ya?
Elder Wiratma is from the Jogja ward serving on exchanges, in Canada,
with my friend from Ogden...  Elder McCall! Small world!

And that night I got Samuel/Jacob's letter! And a letter from Pam Twedee and a packet from Elder Visker with a ton of inspirational talks/stories. So fun to get mail from you all -thanks Samuel and Jacob :) OH! I Also I bought an ace bandage wrap because I have been having the worst pain in my wrist this week. I think it is just tendonitis but the wrap has helped so much especially while sleeping and riding my bike. I've tried to baby my wrist this week. I'll keep an eye on it but it shouldn't be too bad.

Taken at the beach today... THIS IS MY MISSION!
Oh it is so beautiful and so unreal

District at the top
Elder Kusumarmanto and Elder James just transfered to our district

Fast Sunday: we have had sooo many cancelled appointments this week and sunday was no exception. I learned to cook tempe (one of my faaavorite foods here) but I don't know if it is possible in US. Mungkin! (maybe/possible) The highlight for me was when we were at an appointment with an inactive member and I just had this prompting to start praying for Sis Manalu and for the Holy Ghost. THen we read her D&C 68:6 and I started to cry. I was so touched by this image of The Shepherd beckoning this sister to come back to His fold and I was the one to invite her as His representative. Moments like that are not a big deal but are miracles nonetheless. The joys of a mission!

Maybe you can't tell but Ii tried to write Jogja with rocks

Today! We went to a couple of beaches! It was BEAUTIFUL! Wow I cannot believe that this is my mission! Feels like a dream sometimes.
I am out of time but I hope that you are all loving life since men are that they may have joy! PS Don't tell my mission president that I am loving Jogja or he might transfer me!
Here is to eternal happiness yeah? CTR!
P-day (Monday) at the Pantai (beach)

ANSWERS: What scripture did I want on my mission plaque? I have changed my mind from what I originally planned. This is the scripture that answered my prayer to go on a mission so even though it is short, D&C 4:3
Did I get the 2 CTR rings in the package I sent? Yes and Sis. Manalu wears the one that was too small for me!
Did the rat show back up and did I get it? Not yet. Haha but I put out poison after that and today we saw a big dead rat down the road so maybe it was the same one?
Is there a bank next door to the church?  What major street is it on or by?  What major streets intersect near your house? Yes there's a bank Mandiri right next door to the church. Jl. Godean is a pretty major road near our house if that helps. There are basically no google maps/gps things of Indonesia, sorry.
About the missionaries' moms you met: Elder Watson is my current ZL, Elder M.Johnson was in my zone and just transferred. SO the only one I don't really know (besides Sis Allred kinda) is Elder Collett. hahaha so weird to see the picture of all you moms outside the "mission world". And in a restaurant with four walls? Weird! I love seeing everyone's family :) I want to meet all the missionaries families! Especially my companions!!! That is one reason to get rich so I can travel all over and keep in touch with these people.
Indonesia mission moms met at lunch in Salt Lake City, Utah

We all keep BR's (Book of Remembrance) to write down info for later but I am going to have to rely on facebook for a few that already went home. I will definately do that dad!
Do you want something for Christmas? Hmmm I haven't thought about that yet! I will have to email you next week after I've prayed about it ;)
To respond: Wow Andrew is a real teenager taking real classes and having real dance "drama" --ok well not drama but still funny :) Jordan C is getting married? err got married? Had no clue! I love that the Dubois talked about Indo food! It is really good, but everything here is fried so of course it is good and of course it is fattening. I'm trying to learn as much as I can so we will have good times in the kitchen when I get back! I heard that about the temple when I was at BYU because a friend of a friend was helping with that. Can't wait for the temple in Indonesia so I can see it ;). Speaking of BYU... win already!!! Dad, you have been working so much lately. Keep improving yourself a little everyday and then you are accomplishing something for the eternities, no matter how crazy this earthly experience is feeling. I'll be praying extra hard for you this week. There is an investigator who has a lot of questions about little random church facts but has been kinda missing the focus of the gospel and amazingly we have tried to focus on faith like a seed and modern-day prophets. Thank you for your inspired messages for me! 

~Sis Sheff

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