Monday, August 26, 2013

2 months in Jogja... today!

Took this while in our neighborhood, so pretty ya?

Whew this week went by quickly! Is that just I? Siap siap untuk (ready for) weekly highlights ya? 

Tuesday: went to lunch with the ward mission leaders from Medan, but we thought he told us this fancy restaurant The Castle. It was funny because we were waiting there until he came past on his motorbike and we followed him to this little hole-in-the-wall delicious indo food cafe ha-ha. We also got a phone call from president, which was kind of surprising, but he was just curious about the situation in Klaten and asked us to focus there more. We taught Alexcia and clarified some things she had seen from a false YouTube video (sad that so many people have misperceptions about our church from the Internet. Satan is so good at what he does. Thank goodness the truth is better!) She gave us all roses again because she is a sweetheart! We taught one of my favorite families Sis. Wuri, Bro. Ari and Sis. Marman then visited my "first referral" the sister of the missionary we met in the MTC. Everyone spoils the missionaries. Funny story! I was so tired that night, that when I was kneeling saying my bedtime prayers, I fell asleep and tipped over! It was real life cow tipping and you would have laughed SOOOO hard to see it ha-ha.
Part of the Carnival, a Parade in Klaten
Wednesday: Cancelled our appointments to go to Klaten. We contacted a TON on the bus ride there but didn't get to meet very many in Klaten itself. There was a parade and so many people wanted pictures with Elder Wood and I haha. Then we had the most crowded bus ride home ever. I quite enjoyed it though because I was smashed against the window and so I had a nice breeze and beautiful view the whole ride home. I love just seeing Indonesia on bus rides! I love my mission! After 2 cancelled appointments we met with Alexcia at her office. Forgive me-- I was showing her how to access something on and she pulled up my blog! It felt like seeing myself in a mirror but from someone else’s eyes. So odd but interesting! But I definitely repented. We had to bike home SO fast and it was a crazy workout but when we got home there was a surprise... MY PACKAGE! It came!!!!! Thank you x 1,000,000 plus infinity. You are too kind. 
At our (the Bule's) favorite Italian Place
Thursday: Tried Gudeg which is really traditional Javanese food and taught two newish simpatico (investigators) who are both so smart. Then for English class we split up and to the more advanced learners I taught/played the game “Do you love your neighbor?” It was so hilarious because all the new return missionaries were there too, and so it was a big group. Then we had an early birthday celebration from Elder Wiradi at that AMAZING Italian food place. The owner was there too and we had them deliver brownies with candles. So fun!

Elder Wiradi's birthday lunch at Super Sambal.
I had telur (eggs), fried eel (too crunchy for me) of course wash pasti
(rice), mango samba, and sayurah peel (vegetables in peanut sauce)
Friday: After District Meeting the elders had an announcement... they are TRANSFERRING! Both of them! Elder Wiradi to Bekasi and Elder Wood to Solo! But it was a sad birthday present for Elder Wiradi and a total surprise for everyone. We had a cake and Sister Barnard kissed Elder Wiradi on the cheek. Too funny! He was so embarrassed. Then for lunch I tried mango sambal, fried eels and sayuran pecel (veggies with peanut sauce). It was a fun but sad day. Plus Elder Wiradi's helmet and presents got stolen from his bike while the sisters were practicing for the YW program. 
The whole district after District Meeting, with Elder Wiradi's birthday cake

But the funniest story of the night. We got home and the sisters2 said that we had caught the big rat and wanted me to take care of it. I took of picture of it (it is huuge) then turned to ask Sis. B. something and I hear sis M. scream so then I turn and I can't see the rat anymore so I shout "what did you do?!" And she is shouting "nothing nothing!" and the rat is running through our feet and out the door! It was that big that it pushed out of the cage! But I was so mad because it pooped all over the floor and had eaten the food inside and had stayed in the cage all day but then decides to just up and leave when we get home. It is not a pet!! I shouldn't have to clean up after its poop. Ugh I'm gonna kill that rat if I ever see it again. 
Sheeesh,  I am so mad at this tikus!

Saturday: change of plans and visited a part member family at the hospital. It was the college UGM hospital and it made me miss BYU a little bit. I love school. But I love my mission more! We met Alexcia and Nurul then went home and roasted my newly sent marshmallows over the stove. (PS did I ever tell you about the person who tried to describe marshmallows to me but they kept calling it roti putih [white bread]? funny ya?) 
S'mores over the stove with marshmellows sent from home

Sunday: woke up really early so we could practice with the YW before church. Then I almost had a heart attack when Alexcia still wasn't at church and since she was just baptized, it was the day for her to be confirmed a member of the church. They did one confirmation... then the other... then seconds before they finished the prayer, I heard the door open and it was Alexcia. She is the spice of my mission lemme tell ya! It was weird to have the Elders give their goodbye testimonies too. The YW did well and I didn't mess up the accompanist part! After church we said goodbye to elders and I made hash browns in true Sheffield Sunday style.  We taught a new member Charlah.
The remaja putri had a program during sacrament meeting
and here they go all out with stuff like this--
sewing dresses fit to each young woman and the leaders.
But they are absolutely beautiful!

Today: went to the pasar and just have had a good day of studying and shopping and cleaning! I also made an appointment to play tennis with these neighbors later... but they are all really good! And have way nice rackets and so hopefully Sis. Manalu and I don't make a fool of ourselves haha. 
Belnja (grocery shopping) at the pasar tradisional (traditional market)
just this morning.
I bought sooo many fruits and vegetables. I am almost broke!

It has been a great week. I really feel like I am growing here. I am a little worried that I got put in the best city with the best ward with the best companions and so it is going to be a wake up call someday when I don't have it perfect like here. But I have been thinking a lot this week about being more of a disciple for the Lord. There are many blessings in store as we try to do God's will. I really, really, pray and try to accomplish Heavenly Father's plan here in Jogja. I also have been reading a lot from Nov 2012 conference (I am so excited for conference this October!) and there are 3 talks in a row about feeding the Lord's sheep. Holland "the First Great Commandment" about Peter's exchange with the resurrected Lord, Pres. Monson "Consider the Blessings" about being an answer to prayers and Hales "Being a More Christian" again repeating Peter's experience. I loved both of your thoughts about entering the kingdom of the lord and that love w/o kindness and service is dead. You talked about being in the world but not of the world. As a missionary I have been set apart or in other words set above the world.  I really feel like this time I have, is going to be a waste if I don't start trying to really consecrate it more. I wear Christ's name always over my heart but do I always do what He would be doing if He were here? How am I worthy to represent the Lord? Maybe I'm not but I sure am going to try to serve as much as I can and take Dad's kindness challenge.
This picture sums up Indonesia so well. Anciently old woman carrying groceries
on her back, a million motor bikes, a food stand on the side and the pasar
is behind the tin wall on the right. So I like this photo.
It is like the old lady was taken
 from a story and placed in a busy city.

What a fun week you have had! I love that things are still the same there. School shopping, birthday celebrations together, Dad working, Mom planning stake dances... The boys look so handsome and already growing up. Jangan terlalu ganteng... Itu bahaya (don't be too handsome, it's dangerous!) Oh I am a little jealous that school starts again. Who would have thought I would miss school ya? But good luck waking up on time to all of you! Say hi to the teachers for me. PS Mom have the hose ready ya? I am always praying for you all. Thank you for being such a great example to me, to the world and to each other. 
PS I just got 2 more letters from you on my way here but I haven't read them yet! dated the 8th of august. and one from the Lloyd's! Sheesh I am so spoiled. Give my love to the ward! 
Alma 34:38
~Sis Em Sheff

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