Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am just starting to relax...

5 August 2013
Well I have had an amazing week. Nothing crazy or big but just an overall wonderful week.
I just took this picture this morning because I wanted a picture of the 3 of us.
Sister Manalu, Sister Baantjer and me, Sister Sheffield
Don't I look Indonesian in my nightgown?
Sis Manalu is my new trainer and now I am in a threesome with Sis Baantjer, while her comp is in the MTC. I don't think I've ever enjoyed my mission more actually! I am just starting to relax here I think! Not relax as in not work (I taught more lessons this week than ever before) but relax as in just feeling comfortable. What a great feeling. Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday we woke up early to Sis Suryani just singing and asking sis Manullang to go on a walk (5 AM hahaha) Gila. We taught Alexcia and it was such a great lesson. It was kinda a weird day since we had a lot of goodbyes but also a fun day. We went contacting too and taught Nurul. But not much sleep again that night since Sis Suryani and Sis Manullang both were packing and pulling things together. PS HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realized after emailing that I didn't mention it. Maaf! Sounds like it was way fun! Did you have a birthday party or just parties with the family and things?

Wdnesday: Transfers! Early early morning goodbyes and then sis Baantjer and I were alone for a while. She is so great to talk to and we could discuss things forever. I am so curious to keep in touch with all of my mission friends later because I want to know what they do with their lives! When Sis Manalu came, I knew right away I was going to love working with her. She is just barely turned 22 and is from Lake Toba area, nearish to Medan. She joined the church 2 years ago in Jakarta. Her family kinda resents her for that since they are really strong in their Christian church. Bataknese people are known for being loud and funny and brave and bold and lovable. I think of them as the Bostonites of Indonesia. She is such a hard worker and so easy to get along with. She wants to be the president of Indonesia someday and fix everything here. I just adore her! We went to go teach that night and I got lost trying to remember the way haha. Ngabapa! But teaching with the two of them is amazing. They are so wise and I want to be like them someday.

Zone Training Meeting
Thursday was Zone Training Meeting, so we woke up at 4 to go to Semarang. We rode a bus out there which was more like a touring bus and it was so nice. The driver played Backstreet Boys and mom... I was laughing SO hard when the song The Call came on. It was like I was 7 years old again cleaning the house with you on a Saturday morning. SO hard to not sing along and dance and enjoy "wordly music". We got there much earlier than we expected so we went to eat and just found this little cafe that felt soo western. It was like I was in Villa Bella by Weber State. I had the yummiest garlic bread, cucumber-mayo sauce, tomato, lettuce, grilled chicken, cucumber open faced sliders. I almost forgot I was in Indonesia! More worldy music but they played "You'll be in my heart" from Tarzan and I started to cry. That was the song I used to sing to Joshua when he was just born because I thought he looked like baby Tarzan and now he is almost 14!!! But anyways: I GOT TO SEE SISTER JIBSON! I allllways love seeing her. Sometimes it is hard when she is having such a harder time than I am because I just wish I could help her but I know she is so strong and only growing stronger. 

18 people...1 enkot!

We rode to the bus stop in one enkot with 18 people!!! Three elders were just hanging on the outside. An enkot is like a van with no seats just benches around the outside. It was hot and cramped and hilarious. My zone is a hoot. The ride home we slept a lot.
Friday I was in such a great mood. My language is getting a lot better and SIs Manalu is helping with that too. I got another letter from you! There are men fixing our house (just the roof where it leaks) which is nice but also makes it hard to do much studying. We also have to plan for everything in a 3some which can be kinda difficult. We went to the Hospital to sing to an investigator of the Elders with a really big tumor on her neck/face. So hard to see her like that and try to explain to her that God has a plan for us. But I know he loves each person no matter their circumstance. Touching really to be there.

Saturday we were studying then got a phone call that our simpatison (investigator) went to the church at 7 AM and was waiting for us even though we weren't teaching until 1! Turns out it was Alexcia. She is as miraculous and awe-inspiring as ever. SHE GETS BAPTIZED IN 2 WEEKS!!!!! I got a letter from Grandma and from Hannah Hebertson! Spoiled I know :) There was some heartache with SIs Baantjer's investigators so we got some ice cream and then planned and laughed and studied and talked and did training. We got lost on the way to our night appointment but that just meant burning calories from the ice cream ya? I can't describe how much I love working with these two. We have so much fun that I can't believe how much we get done!

Sunday the ward had a special fast for the missionary work in Jogja. It was really neat and very forward of the ward to unite and do something like that. We got to deliver sacrament for a few members after church and I had never done that before. So neat to see the elders bless it and you can feel the spirit even in humble homes. We had some good time to rest too. When we tallied up our stats I realized that I had taught more lessons this week than any other even though I felt like I had been having so much fun. I know that the harder I work the more I am having and Sis Manalu is such a great example of "What more can we do? Who else can we teach?" Also I finished my first Indonesian daily planner! Hip Hip Hooray! Now 6 weeks officially!!!

Today we went to some small old castle (Candi) ruins with the senior couple the Barnards. So cool. I always love those type of things. Then we went to lunch at this Italian place and it was ammmmmmaaaazingly delicious and so italian! Everyone was pleased as could be. Then we watched Mobsters&Mormons and The Best 2 Years at the church. Turns out they are part of the church approved movies! (basically anything we could have watched in seminary are allowed). I was so inspired while watching the best 2 years during my own Best 18! :) I think I need to take better advantage of this time. I really want to say it was my best 18.
Candi Sari
Sis Baantjer, Elder Wood, Sis Manalu and senior couple- the Barnards
These kids live on the streets here around the castle and they don't even realize
they live at a historical monument! They are adorable too!

Candi "something or other" with Sister Manalu
I am so grateful for the companions I have had that have all taught me so much. I really feel like this week I am becoming myself again. I feel like I am able to share so much more of myself. I am grateful for the guidance of the Lord, that even when I don't realize until after, I know he is pushing me in the right direction to teach and serve and grow. The three of us have really felt like the Lord is trying to show us that He has prepared people for us to teach. We have this goal to open up Klaten (the Winoto family is from there and they have a lot of interested family members). Maybe this is why we are here! To build a branch there! It is about 3 hrs away from the closest ward either way.
We went to a Batik factory today and they let me try a little bit on my template card.
They were also trying to teach my some javenese.

Sorry I didn't share much of my testimony. I don't have a ton of time but I wanted to share my experiences. Sounds like sailing was a blast. Sis. Jibson had a good laugh at the encounter you shared. What are Samuel and Joshua doing for their birthdays? When does school start back up? I think that the package you sent will still come. At ZTM they told us to tell our families to use the US Postal Service to send packages. They said it is the cheapest and most reliable. So if that helps!

You are all so amazing and I bet you are having such great experiences. Thank you for your prayers. I feel them I do! And so often I think of how there has to be something else behind this work: the Lord and prayers! Don't forget to do some missionary work for me in Ogden ok? Be safe in all your adventures! Selamat Idul Fitri! I will talk to you all soon! CTR, Take Luck and Laugh A Lot!
<3 Sis Em Sheff

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