Monday, June 23, 2014

Love you more than...

...Indonesians love giving away food. They LOVE giving away food. Haha lucky us because we have both run low on mission money and so the free food is a definate miracle! Funny story actually! The other day we had been feeling a little sick with a coldish/flu and went out to go proselyte but Sis Allred was fasting right? So we pass by one lady frying some bananas and start to talk to her and what does she do? Give us warm fried bananas of course! Then we go around the corner and see some men loading things in a truck and stop to talk to them. Turns out its a catering business and they invited us in to sample this vegetablely salad thing then after I ate some, we told them we actually had to leave... so they gave us 2 more bags of it to take home! Indonesians love to share and love to give. They are so sweet!

Anyways... how was Lake Powell?!?!?!

Highlights of the week:
Monday- we had a surprise lesson when an investigator of the elders made us an appointment on P-day haha. We'll take the lesson!
Tuesday- We were riding the bus out to an appointment and I fell asleep (like always) but when I woke up, my Kitab Mormon wasn't on my seat anymore so either someone stole it or I left it there... either way I hope it gets read!
Wednesday- we had a sleepover with Sister Jibson! She flew in to get her Kitas and needed someone to stay with her at Senopati so the three of us had a sleepover at the mission home :) AND I got to see my old MTC group!
Thursday- MY ONE YEAR IN INDONESIA MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to visit Vita and Heny (heny got sick and couldn't fly back to Kupang yet) and President gave us an awesome book about missionary work. We had an amazing day of lessons and contacting and ended the night by eating a celebratory meal at an Indonesian Restaraunt. Nasi Kuning, Es Campur, Rujak Buah and Es Krim. SOOOO delicious! Haha but I decided since I am an old hat an being Indonesian, I would eat a whole huge red cabe and then felt like I would puke the rest of the night :) but it was worth it and I didn't even get sick!
Friday- we got to see Lely and she is doing well. But Sis Suryani goes home so soon and it is starting to sink in!
Saturday- We were teaching an investigator and her friend shows up and turns out to be more interested in the church than our investigator! I also started a water fight that night and I totally beat Sis Allred :) You would be so proud mom!
Sunday- we had a great day! We got a referal from a newly baptized member and she accepted a date to be baptized as well!!! She is amazing! Pray for her! Her name is Isti (short for the word istimewa which means special!) And Busway was free because it was Jakarta's Birthday and we got cheesecake because it was E. Collett's birthday! We also had a member from Utah show up and her name is Liz. She is interning here for 3 months and is an RM! She and Sis Manalu are going to be the best fellowshippers ever!

Today we are going to go to a member's house from the english ward. It should be fun :)
I LOVE YOU ALLL! Sorry this was so short. President wants us to get off. But one last thing. I am going to Medan this week! That is every missionary's favorite area so we are STOKED! Also Sis Manalu is from there :)
OH! ONE last thing! You know how I sent that scripture a while back D&C 31:9? Well I was reading more "laden with sheaves" scriptures in Alma 26:5-7, D&C 33:9, D&C 75:5... you know what Sheffield actually means? Sheaves in the Field! And after reading Alma 26:5 I realized "sheaves" in the scriptures meant the harvest! Aka converts! COOL RIGHT?!
LOVE YOU LOTS! Be safe and be good!
<3 Sister Sheff

PSS next year I am definately going to lake powell... already called it!

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