Monday, June 9, 2014

I love you more than...

Sheffield Restaurant! 
(Editors note: in the Sheffield house, this is what we call the night when we eat left overs, it make them sound more enticing as if you ordered your own special dish)
We needed a good clean out the fridge day yesterday. I've been trying to be exotic with my fruits here but cooking for one means a lot of stuff goes bad before I get around to eating it! We only can go shopping once a week though. Anyways I have some molding. I've got Terong Belanda (Dutch Eggplant) fruit if anyone wants it!

Go check this out! We are so excited

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GUESS WHAT?! Heny wants to be baptized! She has come soooo far, even from the first time we met her and she is so full of light right now that she can't help but laugh and cry during every lesson. The other day at ward council they were even laughing  One problem, she is from the island of Kupang and only here with her (all-member) family for about a month and now could go home any day now. They are just waiting for tickets to go down in price. We hope she will be here until the end of June at least, so that she can get baptized and then if she still has to go back home, we can do some skype lessons. Is it bad if we are praying that the tickets stay expensive so she can't go back? Haha her poor lonely husband though... unless he comes here to get baptized too!

Our beloved Vita isn't quite progressing anymore. We need to get her excited about the gospel. She is the kind of person that needs to work for something to appreciate it. If it comes to easy, she feels bored. I get bored easily too so I know how she feels but we need to make her WANT to sacrifice for this gospel. Any ideas?

Funny story! So they closed the bus stop right in front of our house. Now we have to walk an extra 10 minutes to the next stop. So on Sunday morning we were run/walking to the stop, get all the way to the ticket counter, turns out it's closed until 10 because it's car-free day! Alllllll of the bus stops are! WHAT? Church starts at 9! So we go run/jogging past two more closed down stops and through these fancy sky scrapers and down to some little neighborhood and finally found a taxi that will take us. BUT we actually got to church faster than ever... haha maybe Heavenly Father really wanted us there on time and knew the only way was if we took a taxi.

Oh we also had a miracle of finding an old potential investigator. We went to a member's house and the member wasn't there but our old friend (her little sister) was there! So we shared a quick message and she started to cry. SHe actually is moving this week and was just staying at her sisters house before they left. What great timing! I LOVE GOD'S PLAN!

We had MLC and ZTM this week (Missionary Leadership Council and Zone Training Meeting) and it was fun to get to be reunited with all the missionaries. It is weird to see some of the old faces go home and have so many new faces that I don't know yet. We are entering the phase when all my MTC group elders are getting made ZL's and now AP too! Oh boy we are getting old here!

P.S. YOU GUYS are getting old! Samuel on the back east trip? Take some pictures for me! And andrew and joshua looking soooo lanky! It's like 7 brides for 7 brothers but real life! Jacob you are going to be the only one left at the house soon and then where will I be? Home? Married? YIKES! I'm trying to pretend I'm still a little girl.

I'm sad if Yuki passes on. I love her. Save me a door handle or something ya?
Looking good on your bike ride momio! I'll have to catch up to you when I get home!
Dad, sing some Wicked for me ok? The high notes too ;)

<3 Sister Sheff

Indonesia Jakarta Mission
Jl. Senopati 115
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12190

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