Monday, March 3, 2014

I love you more than...Sate

COBRA BLOOD! Oh yeah! I went there! But more of that later...
BUT WARNING: For those of you who are prone to gag (Mom and Jacob)
I don't know, we had a usual week! Maybe I'll go through highlights day-day...
Monday: Spent all morning trying to fix the bike for Sis Fisher to use. Then the district ate at this fancy steak place at the mall while watching a muslim fashion show (pretty good for contacting right?) 

Tuesday: spent all morning AGAIN trying to fix the bike but now it's better than mine! And it's got white wall tires... fancy shmancy! We taught Kartika and Reza and are just helping them get ready to be baptized on the 16th WAHOO! And we have started teaching their friend Ajeng, who is Catholic but has almost no knowledge of church. Then we had english class at the University and literally carried our bikes over these train tracks trying to take a shortcut (haha old Kansas City memories came flooding back to me as I thought "what would I do if the train came right now...") Then after english we went to Papa Ron's Pizza with the district.

We made District jerseys
Wednesday: Update on Ibu Bingar- she read the conference Liahona from cover to cover and loved it. BUT we can neverrrr get a real appointment with her. We eat at her stand just as an excuse to talk to her and try and share some scriptures with her. But she has opened up to us so much lately and I just can't stand to see her go nowhere with this gospel. But the Elders had a referal for us that day so we went together to teach her, and ended up teaching her sister about the Restoration. So from that appointment we now have maybe 2 potential investigators wahoo! 

Thursday: Service has gone downhill since the dust/ash from the volcano are still everywhere and there aren't any cleaning tools there anymore... so we just contact people at the park these days. But we met with a few non-active members later that day and also a referral from the elders. 

Friday: Farewells at DDM so I made a key lime meringue pie. But I'm not gonna lie I had such a hard time focusing that day-- I have been SOO temple sick this week! OH! Elder Putra got home from serving in the SLC mission and it's been fun talking to him (his Indonesian isn't very good anymore!) We taught an inactive who fed us and it is so sad to eat with them because they have no money but they are SOOO kind to the missionaries. Breaks your heart.
This key lime pie was bert than the last

Saturday: I got your valentine's package!!!! Unfortunately the glass of the picture was shattered so I had to throw away the candy just in case, but the picture and notes are the best. The necklace is perfect :) THANKS TIMES A MILLION! We had a lot of failed appointments and random appointments and ended on a great note with Reza. She hasn't had tea in a week!!!!

Sunday: MBAH CAME TO CHURCH! AND SO DID KARTIKA DAN REZA JUGA! AHHH! I started to pack up my stuff to make room for SIs Fisher... weird!

Don't worry this snake is not a cobra
Today: I HAD COBRA SATE! (out of time so this is gonna be rushed) So we go there with this member and he tells the lady we want 2 snakes. Then she takes them out of this dark cubbord in this burlap sack and chops off it's head 
Chopping off the Cobra's head:
She just steps on it's head, then CHOP!
But its still dangerous after it gets cut

and drains the blood and peels off the skin and cuts out the heart (puts the heart in the blood juice) 
Draining the cobra blood for me to drink

Peeling off the skin (the cobra is still moving even without it's head

and cuts some bone marrow (also for the blood juice) and they are still wriggling this whole time! Then while waiting for the snake to cook, I drank the blood. It is mixed with honey and a little grape juice and then the heart and bone marrow too! INDIANA JONES OR WHAT?!  

After downing 2 glasses of cobra blood .... ewww how weird is that?

But get this! Sis Manurung thought she filmed it but actually didn't soooooo I drank the second one too! And the heart was still pumping.... blech I'm still freaking out that it is inside of my stomach right now... It tasted kinda like cough syrup cause the honey she added... the meat was actually pretty good. But really chewy! 
Making the Sate

Finished product
Also I have a tiny cobra blood stain on my shirt that I hope never goes away ;) So anyway... we have to go get ready to pick up Sister Fisher at the airport!
I love you all! The Atonement is real. It is so real! Is it a part of you? Is repentace a part of your life? If not, try it. It works and it is amazing. 

~Sis Sheff

Bear Testimony. Teach. Counsel. Bless. Inspire.

Sate Cobra (I win! I am even more than daring than Dad)
With the Solo 1st Ward mission leader and his gorgeous
(also returned missionary) wife and adorable daughter

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