Monday, January 6, 2014

My Birthday Week

I love you more than….

I honestly don't remember any of the verses yet somehow still sing that over and over and over. 
Thanks for the birthday wishes! I JUST got my birthday package last night! And Christmas letters/cards!

So remember how I said I lost 7 kilos from Thanksgiving to Christmas from being so sick? Well since Christmas (and the doctor visit) I have gained 3.5 kilos... and this birthday package makes me think that I'll just keep going up from here ;) But I was so ecstatic to get the package with so many possibilities! MKASIH! (thanks!)

I LOVED hearing about your family missionary experience. It is amazing how much I can relate! That is the life of a missionary! Like the other day when we got lost but ended up finding a Christian family?! We try the same tricks! "hey do you know any... good bike mechanics?" haha really though! I am proud with what you have been doing. That is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sad to hear of the 2 funerals, but what amazing comfort that we know where they are now and what they are doing. Sidenote: isn't it amazing how the Muslim religion has become so interesting to us now because of knowing about Indonesia? I really hope to get the chance to talk to that neighbor when I get home too! Please give all the families (especially the Heilesons) my love as well. And I love what they said about her. Don't we all need a little more Blackfoot, Idaho in us?

The photo booth sounds so fun! I think I would use it more than rent it haha. Loved all the pictures too.
I am so excited for our family theme for 2014! 
[editor's note: LOOK is our 2014 family theme: LOOK for others in need, LOOK daily for the blessings given to us from Heavenly Father and Doctrine and Covenants 6:38 “LOOK unto in me every thought; doubt not fear not”] 
I am going to have to research it too so I can apply it to my mission! It makes me think of the talk from last conference by Elder Edward Dube about Look Ahead... Look at how much we have to do, but not do be discouraged, instead to be inspired and excited for all that will come.
PS with the youth manual... kesabaran :) santai aja!

So for my week. Last Monday we had dinner at a family's house which just reminded me of how cute and funny Indonesians are. They litterally scoop food onto your plate while you are still eating and I always try to picture what that would be like if I tried it with the missionaries at home. haha. But the members in Solo are AWESOME at getting involved. Out of the 10 baptisms last year, 9 were referrals from members and I think that has made them excited. 

Tuesday (New Years Eve) we had an English class at a college nearby and played Scategories. Then when my bike tire went flat in the pouring rain, the students just picked up my bike and got on their motorcycle and drove away! Normally that should scare someone but here in Indonesia, not at all-- people are way too nice! They brought back my bike all fixed and wouldn't even let me pay for it! Then we had a party with all the wards but we could only go to a part since we still have mission curfew. But I learned how to bunkus nasi (make the little rice cartons) and then I taught Sister Manurung how to play “speed” with rook cards. And...tried dog again... but anyways!

Wednesday we went to the hospital to try and visit a non-active member only to learn after 2 hours of searching that she had already been home for a week. Funniest thing! I watched this old ancient lady get helped out of her wheelchair onto the back of a motorcycle... Indonesia :) We had another member leave for his mission! His sister left just before Christmas- one to Phillipines and one to Australia! 

Thursday we were having a great day of contacting new people between service (picking up trash at a park) and we planned "olah raga" for all members/investigators to attend but ended up just meeting new friends.
Im going to eat dove
Weird food of the week? DOVE! Haha sounds so classy but here I was eating this lil’ fried bird, on the side of the street, with my hands... oh and then we found that one inactive member that we have been looking for, for the last 2 weeks! 
January 3rd Birthday Brownies for Zone training Meeting
FRIDAY WAS MY BDAY! Guess what? Elder Haws ALSO turned 20 on January 3rd so we are officially twins. I made brownies because it also happened to be a meeting with the whole zone that day. It was great to celebrate because I got to see all the Jogja district again AND got a few letters/presents. Sister Manurung bought me a musical jewlery box, can you believe it?!
My cute music box from "my child" Sister Manurung
In Indonesia, the birthday person is the one who pays for everyone else to go out and eat, Elder Haws picked Pizza Hut and let's just say that it is one of the more expensive restraunts in town haha. The best/worst part? Our family song “LITTLE WONDERS" CAME ON THE RADIO! I started to cry because it was like a brick wall hit me- such an obvious sign of your love being sent off to Indonesia through Heavenly Father's little miracles. So it was a great birthday full of chocolate, letters, bday phone calls (it was so good to talk to Sis Jibson!!!) and seeing the whole zone! 
Birthday night with some members from the Banjarasari ward and the Jebres ward

Saya trakir (I treated) Sis. Manurung for my (post) birthday lunch
Saturday I kept my bday going with crepes for breakfast then I took Sis Manurung to an Italian place for lunch. Needless to say we still stopped at a little place on the side of the road so she could eat some rice before fasting hahahahha. Then we met with two potential investigators, an inactive who is sick, and had just a good solid work day! Funniest moment was when I almost slipped into the sewer next to a public toilet... haha ya just imagine that for a moment. 

Yesterday we had Siswanta come to church and hope he will get baptized before the month ends! It was good to see him fit in so well here. And then we visited a couple of new/inactive members before having a little ward get together. Then two meetings with ward mission leaders and then I opened my birthday package from you! It was really cool to meet the dad of one of our 15 year old new members, because he was SOOO receptive and nice to us. I hope that his heart is softened enough to start investigating the church (and stop smoking). 

But through all of this we have been thinking/talking a lot about the ward/stake/mission goals for 2014. They are pretty high but we just found out that the First Presidency might build a temple here if there is just 1 more stake! FINGERS CROSSED! I really have just decided that my mission is going to focus on building the church here and preparing it for a temple! 
I tried to pick my most intense Ultimate Frisbee picture
Today I made PB cookies and we played Ultimate frisbee for Pday. SO FUN! This district is getting so good at ultimate frisbee :) The sister trainers are coming today to do exchanges so it will be a party (very squished party) at the house later with both Sister Manalu and Sister Situmorang at the house.

I love you all and wish you the best for this next week! Especially going back to school, work, reality :)
<3 Sister Sheff

PS No one floured/egged me on my birthday (not gonna lie kinda disappointed)
but we are definately starting that when I get home.... beware!

PSS I got the letters/goodies from Heber and Trudy and from Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield and from a lot of the family. Tell them all thank you!

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