Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 3

July 8, 2013

FAMILY! Whew what a week eh? I am so lucky to have a family like you. Extended family too.

Tuesday of last week, we went to an inactive members' home. They are inactive because they only have one motor cycle but too many people in the family to fit on it to go church and can't afford to even send their daughter to high school let alone but another motorcycle. We watched a church movie with Indonesian subtitles and I felt so guilty. It showed this family sitting by the fire eating popcorn and playing board games and here we were sitting on the floor in one of the 2 rooms of the small cement house watching this on a borrowed laptop. I am so grateful for what I have been blessed with!

It was kind of weird too to have Sis Soriano tell me she heard something on the radio about a fire in America comparable to 9/11 and not know. I eventually asked the Barnards (a mission couple) but that and 4th of July made me have a renewed love for the home of the free and the land of the brave. We sang the Nat'l anthem for companionship study haha and after our English class I bought brownies to celebrate for dinner, which was Sate (kind of like BBQ kabobs). Good 4th of July I’d say!

3 bule's eating out 4th of July brow nines and Sate (like BBQ...kindof)

July 3rd for my half birthday we had nutella on toast ;)

I am jumping all over the place but one quick funny story: we were at an inactive member's house and she gave us what looked like a mix of refried beans and oatmeal so I prepared myself for either taste but it was actually cinnamon lentils... ya it reminded me soooo much of cinnamon chicken that I almost laughed out loud! But Sis Suryani didn't get it when I told her later so Dad, maybe you just are instinctively good at cooking Indonesian food? :)

We had PLD this last weekend, which was the best ever! I was ecstatic to see Sis Jibson (my MissionBFF ya) and meet the new president. We rode a train to Solo and stayed in a way fancy hotel (hot shower never made me feel so clean after cold water/bucket style for so long). We played futsal with all the missionaries in the zone (like 6 sisters and 20+ elders) and that was a BLAST! I even scored a goal what what!
Zone at PLD futsol

Pres/Sis Donald are fantastic. So loving, and full of excitement to get us working hard. He shared a quote from an apostle that basically said: that which we persist in doing will become easy to us-- not because the task becomes easy, but because our power to accomplish it will increase. His Indonesian is really good too! When we got home it felt like home sweet home until SURPRISE... a rat in the kitchen. Gotta love that haha.

Then yesterday we had fast Sunday and went to a park to contact at night. I get so much attention and people will just ask to get pictures with me so it makes it a great way to contact. Today I woke up with a swollen eye but that went away quickly and we headed with an investigator to the beach. It was a beautiful place but I am so embarrassed... I don't even want to say. I lost my nametag. We were taking pictures of our nametags in the sand and a wave came and I grabbed my nametag but it slipped out of my hand and washed out to the Indian Ocean (probably halfway to Australia by now). I thought of every metaphor and lesson that I was supposed to learn from that. Without my nametag I felt icky and almost sick. Luckily I have an extra and got it once we were home but I think it made me appreciate the fact that I am set apart as a servant of the Lord. I don't want to feel like a "normal person".
Stupid idea, but awesome picture

We had family home evening with a member and it was fun. I ate a pepper thinking that I was tough and it was the spiciest thing I have ever eaten. The roof of my mouth was on fire and I started to cry. I couldn't  drink enough water and it seriously burned forever: not your tongue, just your throat and nose and ears. You know it is spicy when you get a runny nose.

I have been "adjusting to the altitude" here in Indonesia but I am buckled down and ready to work. Thank you for your fasting and prayers. I know the Lord is watching over me, and all of you because of our prayers. He called me here to be successful and wants us to be happy in this life.

The cabin sounds like it was so much fun! Congrats on the triathlon winners! :) I think that sacrament must have been one of the most special experiences. And so cool to have all of the family there for one meeting too. Such great stories. I feel so selfish when I send these emails because I just tell so much about my life and never ask much about all of you. Keep me updated! The pictures were fun too! I know that life is not perfect but I know that Sheffield's can overcome whatever challenges or temptations come our way.

I wish I had more funny stories. With so much bike riding time, I always think of good one liners about indo, like "I've never driven a car here in Indonesia, but I think when you honk the horn it gives you more gas" (you honk to let people know that you are there and it is seriously like driving in a movie set.) 
This doesn't even show how crazy traffic is when you're riding a bike

I have tried goat and chicken foot and a ton of random snacks/desserts that I have no clue the name of. Anything else? Oh satu lagi! (one more) I LOVE MY FAMILY! I pray for you and my friends always. Stay strong and keep smiling.
<3 Sis Sheff
PS just realized I never really type in Indonesian but I sometimes think in Indonesian. Still am jelek (terrible) at understanding and holding conversations but I am learning more every day. I just wish I could be myself since I am so quiet here with the language barrier but someday!
Sister Suryani at Alun-Alun (like a park) after contacting

PSS tell friends to send letters instead of email since it actually is pretty reliable. Address is still:

Sis SheffieldIndonesia Jakarta MissionJalan Senopati 115Kebayoran BaruJakarta 12190 Indonesia

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