Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She arrived... Letter from Mission President

Dear family of Sister Sheffield,                                                  
June 2013
 Greetings from Indonesia!
 We are thrilled to welcome Sister Sheffield to the Indonesia Jakarta Mission.  Upon her initial arrival, we enjoyed a welcome dinner and getting acquainted. Sister Sheffield was then temporarily assigned in the Jakarta area until her group goes to immigration to obtain a KITAS (a card that gives approval to reside temporarily in Indonesia). She and her group were all good sports when their luggage was several days late arriving.  Tuesday she will begin in her first area, Jogjakarta (called Jogja in Central Java), with Sister Suryani who will be a wonderful trainer and companion.
 Indonesia is a challenging mission and can be quite an adjustment at the first but we know that Sister Sheffield will rise to the challenge. Already we can see that she is enthusiastic, smart and helpful.  We love these missionaries and will do all we can to keep them safe, healthy and happy in their service to the Lord here.Missionaries are encouraged to write their families every week. On preparation day (Monday) they have one hour to email the mission president and their family and friends. All postal mail can be sent to the mission office and will be distributed.

We encourage families to write each week too. Letters are such a lift and a wonderful source of encouragement for the missionaries.
 Sister Sheffield is already using the language studied in the MTC.  She will be a blessing to the mission. Thank you for preparing and sharing a faithful daughter. 

Sincerely, President and Sister Groberg

 Indonesia Jakarta mission

Jln. Senopati # 115, Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

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