Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Here!

June 19 2013

Halo! I am emailing from the mission home and it is just past 8 PM. We left Utah on Monday, our flight was delayed and then we about missed our connection from SanFran to Taiwan so we did not get luggage. Dun dun dun! S'moga (hopefully) they will come tomorrow. Until then, I am the only person with a change of clothes but we are just going with the flow. I am seriously exhausted right now but it has been so great. I LOVE INDONESIA! It is crowded and is a total sensory overload. So many colors and crazy smells and loud noises. We went out shopping with the AP's when we first got here then had a delicious meal with President and Sister Groberg and the AP's topped off with brownies and ice cream. I just wanted to tell you I am safe and happy... and about to fall asleep! 
Selamat malam! (Good night!) Kasihmu selalu!

June 13, 2013

I don't have the exact times with me right now but we fly out of SLC Monday night. We leave to ride the frontrunner at 5 PM then I think our flight is around 9ish I think? I will probably call home from like 7-8:30ish. (I wrote more specific in the letter.) We fly to San Francisco. Then our next flight leaves around 1:30 AM for Taiwan. Then we leave for Jakarta around 6 AM the next day (local times) and get to Jakarta around 1 PM on the 19th. I hope that helps! I bought a calling card but Elder Wood also was sent a cellphone from his family so I will try to call either home or your cell on his phone first. I hope your week has been bearable! I know you've worked an insane amount. I love you and can't wait to talk to you soon! 
Love Em
PS I had a few other things that I hoped to have you send but I am unsure if you'll get the letter in time to send them. The Lord knows what he is doing.

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