Sunday, April 13, 2014

Love you more than...

Starburst jelly-beans and cadbury eggs...

ACK! Where does time go? I get one to email president and then the 1 1/2 hours is already gone and I haven't even written you yet!

We are seeing the Lord's hand so much in the work! Sis Allred and I have like 5 miracle investigators right now. We are meeting people who are prepared. We are seeing some investigators start to progress and change and even less actives. (2 investigators came to conference and an inactive member came to every session! that inactive hasn't been to church since last conference) Just one example, the other day we were walking home and I saw this lady and thought, She was on our bus but I didn't contact her... I should probably talk to her now! So I stopped to contact her then we got talking then we ended up teaching her a lesson in our lobby. She is muslim but has been searching for a Christian church to go to for the past few months. Long story short, she accepted a baptismal date for the 11 of May! We hope to meet with her again tonight.

We have 2 other brand new contacts that we think will be baptized soon and then the two other investigators that came to conference that we are praying will also be baptized soon. I have never seen anything like this my whole mission! Neither has Sis Allred! We both come home every night just in awe, like what happened? And I know it is because of all your prayers and fasting and faith. THANK YOU ALL! I am so grateful to see the power of the Lord so obvious in this work. The AP's are also seeing so many miracles and our ward is blessed. We have also found 3 investigators for the other elders which are all great and so we are obviously a blessed, blessed district here in Jakarta.

Rundown of the week... Tuesday we went hiking for our MLC (missionary leader counsel) and it was like HEAVEN! Seriously the coolest jungle/rice field/river hike and we had such a blast. Then to top that off with listening to president and it was such a cool day. 

Wednesday- we went to visit a new member and her younger sister Moi was there. We ended up teaching the plan of salvation with the sister being in tears. Our new member was a rock star and explained everything (literally everything from baptism for the dead to Pearl of Great Price hahaha) but it was so full of the spirit in that lesson! That night we met with a girl Desi who is soooooo spiritual and basically begged us for the Book of Mormon.

Thursday- we met with our new investigator Vita who is going to be baptized (hopefully next month) and she was soooo great and is really already changing so much (we have only known her since last Sunday but we are already all so close.)

Friday- we met with an investigator who we really think is so close to baptism. Then we had ZTM (zone training meeting) and I saw all my MTC Elders! Barrus, Heiner, Kyle, McCleary... so cool to meet all up again with them! Don't want to brag but our MTC group is kinda the best in the mission. If I do say so myself :) Then we had a ton of people show up for English class that night and I ended up teaching but it went really well.

Saturday we had that investigator from Friday, Leli, come to conference! And the less-active come! But it was kinda a rough day for me. I really prepared myself for conference and for the first time in my life I made a list of questions and really was so excited to watch it in English. BUT uhhh some people told us we weren't allowed to. So I got way emotional that my prayers were answered (to watch it in English) but then unanswered. I shouldn't be such a drama queen but I was SOOOO ready for this one and then I felt like I was not getting what I needed from it. Really what it is, is that I have this mental block where I tell myself I can't understand Indonesian that is from conference or the Liahona or what-not. So then my brain stubbornly shuts down and I get frustrated that I can't understand. (Grumble in the mornin, grumble at night...”Scripture Scouts”) But I think Heavenly Father was trying to give me the chance to break that barrier and I just blew it and cried.... So anyways that night we met Ella... the one who wants to be Christian now and is going to be baptized next month. 

Sunday we listened to conference in Indo but read it on bishop's ipad in english. Then sis Allred and I planned how to convert allllllll our family and friends after we get home.


<3 Sis Sheff

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